• Keven was apparently reporting on this KC Star article. His words that I remember before he signed off were “With bribery and offering to pay to repair the car, Josh Jackson has played his last game in a Jayhawk uniform.”


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  • Don’t take the bait. Also in general I would recommend not listening to 810 but ultimately that is a personal decision.

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  • Man, twitter is cancer. Enjoying this thread though.

  • @BShark what is happening over at 810. They seem to be falling off if a cliff

  • @Blown

    No idea I don’t listen to them and the only one I follow on twitter is Petro since he is reasonable. I’d listen to Petro if he wasn’t on 810 but I refuse to support KK.

  • KK is a K State homer and a known KU hater, you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. He is right up there with Jack Harry and every bit as irrelevant.

  • I travel nearly half of the week. I listen to 810. I can’t stand the guys over at 610. I would not call KK a KU hater. I feel like since he is a kstater he goes out of his way to schmooz KU and not appear to KSU homer. My read could be wrong. I don’t listen to him as much as I do petro. But in general it feels like the station has been going downhill the last year.

    Wonder what happened to Tj and Doug over there

  • @Blown

    KK is known for being a long time KU hater. He is using hyperbole to get attention and keep 810 afloat since he has an ownership interest. He also has an interest in the 810 Zone restaurant which used to have locations at the Plaza, Town Center, Harras Casino and Lee’s Summit but now there is one location on 135th in Leawwod. He has tried to open one in Lawrence and because of this he cannot antagonize KU fans, but as far as I know he has not been able to open a location there.

  • If we are judged by our enemies–the double Dunciad of Keitzman and Harry, fit us for the best white cowboy hats money can buy.

  • @BShark

    A personal decision that should be scrutinized!

  • KK is a troll. He trolls KU fans, MU fans…even KSU tucks. Anything to get ratings.

  • At least Kietzman had a lawyer on his show to discuss that perspective. Remember, Kietzman isn’t the enemy here. He’s offering his opinion. He gets a little confused, worrying about whether he’s perceived as biased. But his show is his show. It’s his opinion. We know that.

    The KC Star is the real enemy. The KC Star gives no consideration to narratives outside of its own. The KC Star’s story on JJ and the “restitution” issue had no perspective from any attorney on what attorneys do, or why a discussion might have gotten to that point.

    This isn’t over. The KC Star views this as a battle. The KC Star is on the warpath.

    The KC Star has the KING in its sights (Bill Self). They see a guy who runs KU, has done everything right, who is well respected – a good man in a position of power. They thrive on trying to bring down people in power.

    The edge on this story remains that JJ was not objectively punished. That he got away with it because he is a great player, and Bill Self runs the university. I wonder, just wonder, if Jackson would have been suspended 2-3 games, where would we be?

  • @HighEliteMajor I tend to agree. It’s the typical short-sighted anti-authority narrative that helps sell news very effectively. The simple-minded gobble that stuff up. The only way you can add more drama to the best reality TV out there is to… well…add drama. And that’s what the Star is doing, and that’s what KK is doing as well.

    Who knows, maybe KK has pure motives at least in part. I can’t stand his self-righteous tone in general, but I don’t have a problem giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    But we all know the Star hasn’t an ounce of purity. Not only are they not concerned about truth, but they’re also desperate for attention. Bad combination.

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    The KC Star’s story on JJ and the “restitution” issue had no perspective from any attorney on what attorneys do, or why a discussion might have gotten to that point.

    The article and Keegan’s comments demonstrate concerns that underlie a rule of evidence in most civil lawsuits: Statements made in conjunction with offers to settle damages are considered “protected” and are not admissible. The reasoning is that we want litigants to settle their differences out of court if possible. Attorneys know this and they usually don’t go blabbing publicly or no one would ever trust them enough to enter a negotiation.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop a client from blabbing to a newspaper about what his attorney told him about the negotiations. I suspect Calvert’s attorney has cringed a bit through this process. We called it “lack of client control.”

  • @HighEliteMajor if JJ would have been suspended the Star would not have this case for discrimination between treatment of male vs female student athletes. Then likely not as much of a threatening position. I thought Keegan ( who totally lost his cool on the show yesterday also had some good points re: strike one and strike 2 as it pertained to the players discipline.

  • My perspective: This is gonna turn into a Title IX settlement, costing the university much more than the reported $100K invested to get Diallo off the NCAA meat hook. Ongoing saga of Div. 1 dealings with McD All-Americans and university OADers.

  • @HighEliteMajor You nailed it days ago that the ⭐️ was a already plotting their next move. Also just before selection Sunday. They’re as unethical & trashy a periodical as the National Inquirer. KK has lost his ratings to 610 & clawing like hell to hang on to a sinking ship 🚢. Brad Fanning at 610 is kicking his kstate ass!!!

  • Does anyone remember when KK tried to get Roy fired for the Color Guard incident. He didn’t back off until the commander of the Guard apologized for their screw up. I think he’s afraid that KSU is going the way of Missouri. Bruce will probably be back next year. Right now, it would be a mistake to find a better coach that would want to start over at this late date. We’ve seen that Josh has a fire to win. All of the best players do. Frank has it, but Frank is a Senior and a father and Josh is a Freshman that could use another year of guidance from Coach. I remember Frank as a Junior having to be held back from the ref after being called on a non-foul against Buddy last year. These are kids living in the mansion and worshiped by a flock of fans that, according to a survey, when asked why they came to KU, the answer was - Jayhawk Basketball. It is very evident that each punished player has endured individual shame for their transgression. Heaping pious outrage does nothing but fuel responsive outrage. I remember when Morningstar was suspended for an entire semester for a DUI and KK thought it wasn’t fair that his friend got one after a wedding. People make mistakes and there are punishments. None of this would be news without notoriety. Josh knows he cost his team an embarrassing loss. He is paying for his transgressions. Finally, remember his broadcast where he told us that the kid that suckered Jamari from behind and also yelled to Bill Self “I hope you die” was a wonderful boy that was best friends with his daughter. He was just acting in the moment.

  • I listened today when Tom Keegan was on the podcast with Keitzman - -I thought right on Keeg’s - -he flat got fired up about the whole Josh Jackson situation - thought he said it quite well. – Keitzman is an idiot. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @mayjay said:

    The reasoning is that we want litigants to settle their differences out of court if possible.

    That’s exactly what I thought when I heard that JJ offered to pay for damages. I would much rather settle with someone that way versus lawyers and court costs. Unless of course you have the desire to publicly embarrass somebody (JJ) or something (KUBB).

  • @wrwlumpy And 75% of the time homicide is a crime of passion in the moment… Kietzman is a dandy isn’t he?

  • @mayjay

    Hopefully you can clarify the following. The Calvert girl admitted throwing a glass of something to Vick’s face, doesn’t this constitute battery and is by extension a violent crime whereas Jackson’s actions were damage to property and not a violent crime and hence the lesser offense?

    Next, apparently she was taken out of the starting lineup before the incident and while she was originally suspended, the suspension was lifted shortly afterwards and she was cleared to play but chose not to play the next game but continued to play extended minutes afterwards and it was only after her numbers dropped considerably during conference play that her playing time went down. A clear misrepresentation on her part of what transpired after the incident.

    Last, according to the father, the attorneys indicated the desire to settle and indicated that “money is no object as long as it is within limits” and they wanted to keep the amount under $1,000…so much for money is no object. The entire statement seems to contradict itself and anyone with half a brain can see that this appears to be a gross misrepresentation of what the attorney likely said.

  • @JayHawkFanToo The dad is a first class ____ (insert controversial “Brannen Greene Move” word here). That is my learned professional opinion.

    Can’t opine on drink throwing because don’t have all the facts. Sounds like simple battery.

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