No Suspension? Here's What You Get

  • This thread again … the lack of suspension of Josh Jackson leads to a KC Star sports page headline, and furthering of an unnecessary controversy. Of course the KC Star was going to go down this road. We knew it, didn’t we.

    Easy solution, last Saturday, JJ sits. But no.

    Here’s the KC Star story

    Same hack “reporter”, Laura Bauer. If you read the article, it is clearly an a attempt to create news, and create a controversy, a manipulate a situation into an issue.

    But that is what happens when you don’t suspend a player for damaging a woman’s car in anger.

    It is so silly that folks would suggest no suspension until Jackson gets through the legal process. If the facts are known, then the legal process is irrelevant. The criminal process finds someone guilty by the highest standard – beyond a reasonable doubt. That, many times, has nothing to do with whether someone is guilty.

    So, if a player confesses to a coach, and admits what he did, then the coach should act. If there is significant evidence, then the coach must consider acting depending on the issue.

    This isn’t like a bar fight where someone may be acting in self-defense where context is extremely important. This is easy - reasonable thing to do would have been to sit JJ. That may not end the controversy entirely – I know that the KC Star will try to create more controversy, just in a different manner. But it eliminates a huge and obvious issue.

    No suspension for a clear and unjustified criminal act against a woman is easy fodder. And here we are, front page of the sports section of the rag … er, KC Star.

    And it’s not surprising.

    Be ready. The KC Star will surely be drumming up some article or furtherance of this issue for the day of KU’s Sweet 16 game in Kansas City. Timing is everything.

  • I agree there should have been a game or 2 suspension.

    My speculation on this article is that this young lady had been informed by her coach a year ago to stay away from Vick after the alleged kick in the face incident. She approaches Vick and throws a drink in his face which not only broke rules from her coach but provoked an incident which created another eyesore for the university.

  • @HighEliteMajor Other message boards have been 🔨 hammering HCBS & the 😆 slowly dying KC star ⭐️ is milking every last nickel they can from a hate story. So what’s new? Nada Yesterday’s news is the best they can do in light of JJ being in conversation with Frank about possible Wooden award 🥇 & All American . It’s the best that💩 laden newspaper can do. They wouldn’t even be qualified to be good 💩 paper 📝 .

  • @globaljaybird it is news because it’s the first time the young lady has spoken about it publicly and on record.

    I wasn’t aware she had been suspended for the incident, so it was new to me. It also makes Self look bad (right or wrong) in my opinion that the women’s coach suspended her and self didn’t.

    In an age where violence against women is under a microscope( and rightfully so) it was a failed disciplinary measure imho.

  • She was also involved in a hit and run in the summer. Always more to the story. Her stats are also pretty bad. See Keegan’s story from ku sports.

  • The writers of the article fail to realize that the admission of throwing a drink in Vick’s face in the December incident was an admission of battery against LaGerald Vick. There is no mention in the article about the young woman or her family being glad that law enforcement wasn’t asked to pursue battery charges against her. Nope, just a complaint about disparate punishment for the conduct of the female athlete and the separate conduct of Josh Jackson. Jackson is apparently going to have a misdemeanor conviction on his record when his criminal case concludes.

    It’s certainly fair to debate whether Jackson’s punishment was fair and appropriate. Coach Self gets to make that call. My concern is that the KC Star sportswriters completely overlooked the crime admitted to by the young woman and don’t even mention what an appropriate penalty is for that offense. If the young woman hadn’t committed a battery on Vick, I doubt that anyone, including Jackson would have vandalized her car. Jackson may have felt he was defending a wrong committed upon his teammate. That’s not a valid defense in court, but it certainly factors into the appropriate level of punishment for Jackson’s offense. Young people make mistakes. Let’s not ignore the mistake by the young woman that got this whole thing started. I suspect that because Jackson’s vandalism was in a misguided attempt to retaliate for a crime committed on his teammate, Coach Self took Jackson’s reasons into account in deciding not to suspend him. Jackson was standing up for his teammate. He way over did it as young and immature people sometimes do. Only a car was harmed. All these factor into what is the appropriate punishment for Josh.

    Sorry about the long post. But, Tom Keegan’s article on KUSports about the same young woman left me completely confused. Anyone else know what the young woman was referring to by “rat”? Come on, Tom. What was she talking about? A teammate? Maybe I don’t really want to know.

  • @stoptheflop said:

    Anyone else know what the young woman was referring to by “rat”?

    “Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”

  • @Blown Maybe correct about her, but the Dad has been steady blabbing for months already-they’re just trying to keep the pot stirred & in the news to focus on her being a “victim”. Not saying she isn’t or JJ gets a pass either, but also like @Crimsonorblue22 said, Keegs copy stated her stats & reduced minutes certainly are not what to expect from a top notch recruit & disappointing to say the least. I’m sure there is much info we are not getting in regards to her actions & behaviors as well. JMO

  • @globaljaybird I can pretty much guarantee that the DA won’t be too happy with her blabbing about the incident in public if the case is really going to a trial. I am still sensing a diversion possibility here.

  • @mayjay that along with what the ku official said about how they were reporting stuff without knowing all the facts. Its important we dont jump to conclusions.

  • Could the discipline Josh got was the apology and paying for damages and agreed to by the young lady?

  • @brooksmd Good question…

  • @brooksmd said:

    Could the discipline Josh got was the apology and paying for damages and agreed to by the young lady?

    That seems to have been delayed too much, though. I thought HCBS said it was handled internally back when it happened. Seems from the articles that the apology and offer only occurred after it became public.

    I suspect it was more of a suspension of privileges plus a very restrictive conduct probation–anything else from December on, get suspended for rest of season which for someone hoping to go 1 or 2 in the draft could cost him a few mil if he drops a few spots being unable to showcase.

    Anything less seems too lenient. A 1-game suspension would be ridiculed while the severity of the offense is still up in the air.

  • I’m surprised by some of the reactions to these stories.

    The latest KC Star article is so much more factual than what I am used to here in France. I see little wrong with it.

    “Only harm done to a car”, indeed! If my daughter was inside a car while a world-class athlete, and apparently a small crowd, was damaging it I would be incredibly upset and angry. Surely that was a traumatic experience.

    “Throwing a drink in someone’s face is battery” - Jeez.

  • There’s nothing really new in this article, but it’s interesting that it’s drawing some national interest.

  • Try not to believe everything you read.

    Back in April of 2015 when Calvert announced her transfer from USC there was a discussion on a Baylor fans board about whether she might fit in there. The very first post in reply simply described her father as a pain in the a$$. On the second page of the thread a different poster wrote this (emphasis mine): "The main issue I believe stems from the face that she committed to Baylor long ago and then opened her commitment thanks to the guidance from her father. Many programs were not interested in Calvert due to her father’s intense presence and controlling aspect in regard to her playing time/career etc. She has grown up with a father as a coach and sometimes those students are hard to teach in regard to a new system. Kim won’t put up with any of that and that was what many referenced as the reason for her decommitment from Baylor. Doubtful that Kim would even entertain a call from her (or her dad) seeing as now she has Jones and the young talent from LaVega coming in. Calvert is a great player with a lot of potential. However, she comes with a lot of drama and baggage and her success will likely be hindered by her father" Those two posters probably just made a couple of lucky guesses.

  • The team was coached and the coach attempted to let her work out of her funk. Those of us that were at the games were screaming for her to be benched long before we knew anything about the drama. She was a ball hog, was disrespectful to her team mates on the court and abusive to the opposition. She was embarrassing to watch in a Jayhawk uniform. Ever wonder why such a star is not playing in the Pac12 anymore?

    Copied from the phog. I’m assuming you all read ku sports about her stats? I’m also assuming you know she had a prior hit and run? Probably more will come out.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 yep, she is bad news. Our players need to consider staying away from girls during their time at KU. It is just a distraction from the main attraction.

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