8 Years of Frank

  • We’d take it too Frank.

  • @BShark

    Hell yes!

    The reality of us losing him is starting to set in. I was in pain for the entire game last night. He is such a miracle man on this team. We’ve been spoiled with his toughness. Where do we go from here? Where do we find that toughness again?

  • @drgnslayr

    Markese is a pitbull. He is still 2 years away though.

  • @drgnslayr

    It’s why I’m worried about next season. Who’s the leader on the team if Devonte leaves as well?

    And Devonte, where do you find the kind of spark plug that can make 3 after 3 in the clutch. The West Virginia & Oklahoma games bring out his true value to this team for example…

  • @BeddieKU23

    Completely different team next year.

  • @drgnslayr I was talking with a friend this morning and said we’ve had this same conversation about a hundred players over the years.

    Where are we going to find the next Aaron Miles? Jacque Vaughn? Danny Manning? Nick Collison? Raef LaFrentz? Sherron Collins? I mean this list could literally go on for hours.

    But they do it. The coaches are out there constantly finding/making great talented kids who become Jayhawk legends. I am already stoked to see who the next one will be after Frank. (I wish he could stay another 4 years also!)

    I think most people on here know how I feel about Josh Jackson - I think he is by far, without question the best OAD that we’ve ever had, and maybe ever will have. I love when he has the ball in his hands. But he will never in a million years occupy the space in my heart that Frank Mason or many, many other 4 year guys will have. Losing Frank is almost like a death in the family. I hope that doesn’t offend anyone who has recently lost a loved one, and i know i tend to exaggerate, but it’s kind of similar. There’s a grieving process to go through.

    Hopefully the National Championship this year will relieve some of the grief.

  • @nuleafjhawk More like losing a pet…

  • @BShark But Markese is only 5’11"!!

  • Little one asked me this morning why "we couldn’t just hold him back, or something "

  • @wissox

    You are right that’s a problem. I don’t recall the last time Self succeeded with a short guard. We are dooooooomed. 😏

  • Thing about Frank is that he’s been here 4 years. Like, Perry-those who stay longer and we see grow in many ways seem to connect more to us than the Wiggs, Oubres, Sebly, Henry, etc.

    The fact that Townsend truly found a diamond in the rough and then Frank made the most of it will probably seal it as Frank being the Hawk I remember and miss the most moving forward.

    Whomever discovered DG also deserves some recognition.

  • @Blown said:

    Little one asked me this morning why "we couldn’t just hold him back, or something "

    Shave him, cut his hair short, teach him to smile a lot, and then have him enroll under a fake name. Jay Bates II, or something.

    Might need to pluck the eyebrows and use some makeup to change his facial shadows. And about that smiling thing…

  • @mayjay

    I almost named this thread New PG Commit and used the name Fronk Mosan.

  • @dylans good analogy.

  • @BeddieKU23

    The answer should be Devonte staying. I think it is a big mistake for him to leave unless we win the NC.

    He needs his senior year to prove himself at point. If he wants a shot at the league, he needs to prove himself at point. I think he will make a great PG.

    Was Bill actually pressuring him to stay last night or was he sending out a message that Devonte will be our PG next year and Devonte then witnessed, for sure, that Bill won’t recruit over him at PG? Guess I answered my own question.

    Up until now, Bill had the green light going on recruiting a premiere PG to step in next year. That couldn’t have been reassuring to Devonte. So… I think Devonte has kept his cards close to his chest because he didn’t know what recruits were coming in, especially at point.

    It may have been a blessing to lose out on Young. At least, for next year. We will definitely have to sort out something for the following year…

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  • Hey everybody we said the same thing about Sherron after he left.

    Frank and Sherron are so eerily similar in court mentality and their game.

    Frank is better though.

    We’ll get another guard like them again. I believe that.

  • @BShark Mason as John Brown is priceless. And very, very “kansas”.

    I mean just how special has Mason been this year? NO big12 player, and NO KU PLAYER under 14yrs of Bill Self has avg 20ppg. No one can stop him, everybody’s tried, including 2 bluebloods, and 2 top10 other teams. Teams that have the full scout on him have tried.

    Rock Solid. Masonry tough.

    Does anybody think he’ll be easy to replace?

  • @ralster I think you mean guards for Self haven’t averaged 20. Simien averaged 20.3 in Bill’s first year. And in the Big 12, it is just no one has averaged 20 pts plus 5 assists. For example, Beasley averaged 26.3 to lead the Big 12 in his year. Durant, 25.8.

    Don’t mean to be a downer, tho! He is awesome!

  • @mayjay Oh, good info! That’s a much better breakdown than I was remembering. Thank you!

  • @BShark think i jsut found my new computer background.

  • @Lulufulu

    He just doesn’t reside on the roster currently, unless Devonte sticks around

  • @drgnslayr

    The answer is definitely Devonte Staying. We’ve analyzed this situation a ton. Self gave Devonte something to think about right there in the moment, it was a smart move to get him thinking in that mentality that Franks Senior year could be his Senior year.

    It was almost like Self was re-recruiting his own player.

    But we have to also realize Self did it to recognize him, almost as if it was apart of the plan all along.

    We also know that after the season Self will do everything in his power to give Devonte an honest assessment of what he thinks he should do. The combine kind of takes a lot of the guess work out of what used to be an archaic process. Kids relying on their coaches and or a committee of who’s? to give these young kids a draft grade. The way the rules are set up today, there’s no question Devonte will be going to the Combine at the minimum. It’s the smart move to get a real hands on assessment of his chances of getting into the league.

    @drgnslayr said

    Up until now, Bill had the green light going on recruiting a premiere PG to step in next year

    I’ve been looking at this whole situation as if Devonte has one foot out the door because of that. Self has been looking for Frank’s (and or) Devonte’s replacement for almost a year. The flow chart of PG misses since that point is getting long. Did Trae Young know something we didn’t? That the uncertainty of Devonte played a role in him staying home. Why did so many other top flight PG’s look the other way if there was at least (one) perimeter spot open? Maybe he hasn’t decided one way or the other, or made his intentions known to the staff. I don’t know, I’m willing to keep an open mind, but I also think the writing has been on the wall that he will pursue his professional aspirations after this season. Whatever he decides I’ll be happy and respectful. Getting 3 years from any player with NBA potential seems like borrowed time in this day and age. It makes those that stay 4 years + even more gratifying. For KU, the golden age of Seniors is going away. We are slowly seeing less and less that choose to stick around.

  • Frank is an all-timer.

    And he and Devonte are an all time tandem.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I should add that this is a pretty heavy recruit class this year. One more reason for Devonte to stay.

    “It was almost like Self was re-recruiting his own player.”

    Coaches do that. Especially on this level. I think Devonte needs to hear how bad Bill wants him back. It is a magical time where Frank hands his team over to Devonte.

    My question to Devonte: Have you ever been THE PG for a team before? You want him to take possession and prove it’s his team. Contrary to what many people say, Devonte still has a lot of room to climb upwards in a draft. He’s a definite PG in the league so if he can show how responsible and good he can be, this can do nothing but help his stock.

  • @drgnslayr

    Another way of looking at the recruiting class is all his friends are leaving and he won’t have the same relationships with the incoming guys. Newman he obviously knows, Cunliffe he’s just getting used to.

    I hope he comes back and runs the team, that’s the best situation for everyone. We will certainly find out if Devonte himself feels that way

  • @BeddieKU23

    Coach Self has indicated in the past that he has some close and long term relationships with NBA scouts and NBA teams and he gets what I would call… off-the-record and very candid assessments of where every players stands and then he talks to the players and recommends one way or the other. If I recall correctly, Marcus was going pro after his junior year but when Self heard that teams were even more interested in Markieff, he recommended that he leave as well and he ended up getting drafted ahead or Marcus.

  • @drgnslayr Just for the heck of it, cause I don’t give a flip about the league, the other day I looked at several mock draft sites and DG was down in the 40’s area on most. One even had Svi in the 20’s and DG in the 40’s. One more year as our PG could do wonders for him provided he has a good core to work with.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I’m sure Self will reach out to whomever he knows that can help gather information. Graham also has the benefit of the Combine with the rules they way they are (if invited) which will give him a lot more information about his stock level.

    Given how insanely stacked this draft is going to be with freshman and the sheer number of point guards that will be drafted ahead of him (at least 5) in the lottery he’s going to be in that next tier of potential PG’s. Depending on who declares I can see that group including Donovan Mitchell (Louisville), Monte Morris (ISU), Juwan Evans (OSU), Kobi Simmons (Arizona), Isiah Briscoe (Kentucky). Maybe a few others I’m missing but any of those could be considered 2nd round/fringe 1st round to the right team types. Next years draft will come back down to earth and doesn’t seem to be littered with game changing PG’s so he’s potentially got a much better chance of being a higher draft pick after next year…

  • @brooksmd

    It is extremely unlikely that Devonte is a lottery pick this year. That means no guaranteed contract. Few players drafted this late make it. He has a better shot waiting one more year if for no other reason to enter a weaker draft.

  • @drgnslayr I think lottery is only the first 12 picks, every team not in the playoffs (unless trades affect who picks). But my understanding is that all first rd picks get guaranteed contracts, not just lottery.

    That’s why it was so cool that Chalmers got a guaranteed contract after being out of the first round. Riley really wanted him.

  • @mayjay

    The first 14 picks are “lottery picks.” These are the teams that didn’t make the NBA playoffs, even though an actual lottery is only used for the top 3 teams to pick (the lowest 3 teams in the league).

    There are 30 picks in the first round. From what I understand, all of those picks are guaranteed a contract. Once the second round starts, all guarantees are off. That doesn’t mean players in the second round can’t sign a guaranteed contract.

    The draft goes 2 rounds for a total of 60 selections.

    If Devonte goes 40th in the draft, he isn’t guaranteed a guaranteed contract.

    This is the way I know it… if I’m wrong, someone speak up!

  • @drgnslayr Different note on another great Hawk, but Danny Manning and the Deacs are hanging at home with L’ville.

    Danny Manning and the Miracle Deacons…Can they do it?

  • @truehawk93

    I hope so. Danny can sure use a break about now!

  • KSU and Texas Tech live to fight another day, TCU just about done.

    Wake Forest will take the win over Louisville; great win for Manning.

  • @JayHawkFanToo ksu reward, 1 more year👏👏👏👏 w/weber👏👏👏🤢

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    If KSU misses the tournament and with Currie gone Weber is likely toast.

  • @drgnslayr

    you got it correct. If Graham’s value is really around #40 that’s tough to swallow but in this years draft that might actually be true.

    Let’s look around for a minute at the various sites that offer their opinion on the draft.

    ESPN’s latest board has 19 freshman in the top 30. Draft.net 18, DraftExpress 16.

    8 different Sophomore’s are listed , 5 different International players, 1 Junior & 1 Senior make appearances among the 3 different mock sites.

    It’s going to be incredibly difficult for Graham to secure a guaranteed contract without fully believing he could play himself into one between now and after the combine

  • @BeddieKU23 I’m starting to hope.

  • Frank is now 9th on the all-time Kansas scoring list. He should definitely pass Perry for 8th. He would need 122 points to surpass Sherron and get to top 5…certainly doable.

  • @BShark Its unbelievable, almost. But then not really, since Frank has been in attack-mode mindset from Day 1, in every game–period. Relentless. Skilled. Unstoppable inner drive. And outwardly, on the hardwood, who has stopped him? Nobody. His 3ball wouldnt drop vs Nova, but he still ended with 15+ pts, found other ways to score. And he used that loss to spend countless hours in the gym, working on his 3%, like Buddy Hield did. Work ethic. Something tells me he’ll pass those qualities on to his young son. Its how one stacks their chances of winning at everything. Winner.

  • Correction: he is one point behind Paul Pierce.

    BOLD CRAZY PREDICTION: He passes Paul in the first B12 tournament game…

  • @ralster

    Sherron with that work ethic would be playing in the NBA.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I would say more weight issues than work ethic as far as Sherron Collins goes.

  • @KansasComet if he worked that weight might not have been such an issue😀

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