• MRI on swollen knee 🙏😭

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Rats, Joel is my favorite player to follow in the NBA. I may have to join Twitter just to get his posts.

  • My 100 bucks to buy the nba ticket just to watch Embiid was not worth the money! I hope they are just being cautious, shutting down Simmons and most likely Embiid, hope for the future, trust the process

  • @Jayrawks1 Joel has stated that is very unhappy that the 76ers stated publicly that his knee was day-to-day while telling him it was going to be at least a 4-5 game hiatus.

    No doubt to keep ticket sales up.

  • And so the 10-year rebuild plan by Philly continues… snagging every top recruit they can while remaining in position to continue to snag more.

    Sorry, but it just doesn’t feel right. I can’t get excited for a team that tanks every year while hoping to recruit their way out of it many light years from now.

  • @drgnslayr The front office really set them back to the point where now, they don’t have a lot of other options. They let Iguadala and Vucevic go for Bynum (or nothing) and that killed them.

    What should be 76ers roster:

    • PG - Jrue Holiday
    • SG - Nik Stauskas
    • SF - Andre Iguadala
    • PF - Ersan Illyasova
    • C - Nikola Vucevic

    That team could make the East playoffs…

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