Burnt Orange Predictions

  • Since I doubt DG or JJ sits (“in house discipline will remain in-house”–B.Self), I’m betting the farm, the Mercedes, and 2 Dodges, that Self ShakandAwe’s coach Smart down yonder in Austin: KU by 8-10pts. We would have heard about any suspensions already. “PLAY ball” is Self’s response, specifically to temper & quiet the discontent. Handled.

    TX doing PG by committee of 2 SGs–> with mixed results. Lackluster actually, hasnt translated very well… They are about to meet the best guard tandem in the conference and top 3 in the nation. Ask Duke, KY, WVU, Baylor.

  • It will stay close in the first half but KU pulls away in the second half, 77-67 good guys.

  • No doubt we win. 79-71.

  • My prediction is that KU finally gets to .500 (4-4) when I see them in person in Austin today. And KU really did lose the first 4 times I saw them in person in Austin.

  • Curious game to see how the guys will respond after yet another week of distractions. I was surprised by the trophy ceremony after the TCU game and worry it will take some of the motivation out of today’s play. Our defense is doing better at preventing the career scoring days we were enduring earlier in the year. Jared Allen will be in top form today, so it’ll be interesting to see how we defend him. With Villanova’s loss on Wednesday, our tournament one seed is more secure. It’s time for Josh and even Frank to amp up their games since they only have a few college games left.

  • @ralster I agree with your prediction, sounds about right. - -I’m still asking this as have others, would it be a good idea to give our starters some kind of rest? - -With the Big 12 title locked up, I was thinking in these lines, probably way off base but like the following scenario: Say lets start Bragg, Vick , Coleby OR Lightfoot & Svi, rest our starters of Frank, Landen, Devonte, And Josh quite a bit tonight - -use them in spot minutes, like these others have been doing all yr for us - -only Visa-Versa… - -Then when we play our last Home game , player the Starters more for that game, and then at Okie St play the starters say maybe 10-20 minutes. - - -As far as the Big 12 tourney. - -Is it a necessity that we win that thing? – I mean that’s a what 4 day affair? - -We have already proven who the Champs are over a 3 month period - -not 4 days right? -I don’t feel our # 1 seed is in jeopardy. - - Say we Win today, win at home against Oklahoma, and possibly lose at Okie St - -I may be whacko, just some thoughts, try and help refresh some legs. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’ll bring the luck 🍀 and with all my support 👏 we come away today with a big statement win == 84-67. This is the only game that UT will sell out. This will be their “super bowl” but try as they might, UT is just not a cohesive unit and HCBS will go 4-0 vs Smart. 😃

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!

    I’ll take my phone and see if I can post anything/pictures from there. Have my camera for afterwards getting guys to sign my sign that says “13 & Counting” and some pictures that I printed out. Living so far away we are leaving my house at 1:30 to get a parking spot and have time for lunch at Scholz Garten and then go meet the bus when they arrive. Wonder who is calling the game?

    The time on this is WRONG. It’s at 5:00 PM: UT.jpg

  • @stoptheflop I’m wondering with Villanova’s loss if that helps Frank even more for the possibility of POY, as long as he just continues to do what he does - -FRANK just being FRANK I think he has a good shot. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Bill said no suspension for Josh. I haven’t heard, but serisouly doubt any suspension will be handed down for Devonte.

    Someone needs to rub out the hard on the the LPD has for KUs players.

  • @dylans I ordered a #BIFM tshirt. Really cool looking. Too bad it didn’t arrive for me to wear today.

  • @RockChalkinTexas Is it one you designed? With the 13 making a B? Hope you have a blast today!

    I washed my filthy KU hat hoping for a more clean finish. Remove the filth of the past and move forward clean.

  • @dylans NO. Someone actually made the original #BIFM.

  • @jayballer54 Here’s your answer:


  • I am not worried about this game. I am more concerned about the OKST game. KU has lost the last 3 at OKST and we are playing them on their senior night.

  • @Statmachine Ironically there are about 4 OSU fans around here. One has been talking trash for a month now saying they’re going to beat KU. I can’t say anything back because he stutters so badly you can barely understand him. I can’t undress him as it wouldn’t be fun (or nice college educated or not).

    Here’s our typical conversation. Warning it hurts to be a part of.

    Me, “KU is awesome!”

    Him, " mumble mumble OS OS OSU mumble."

    Me, “What?”

    Him, " KU mumble mumble OSU going to mumble mumble."

    Me, “How do you figure?” Rubbing temple as my brain is beginning to hurt.

    Him excited now, “O O O OS OS OSU gonna, mumble and mumble the mumble mumble! OS OS OSU gonna mumble mumble KU!!!”

    Me looking for the exits,“Uh yeah, I don’t see it that way, but we’ll just have to wait for the game…” eyes darting around the room.

    Him,"mumble mumble O-O-O-O- OS OSU gonna win mumble mumble.

    Me,“Ok buddy see you next time.” runs for the exit.

    I have no clue what he says during those mumbles. He needs subtitles. I’m fairly sure it’s not flattering though.

  • @ralster Since Texas has no true point, I would like to see us press a little say after made free throws 4 or 5 times in the game to shake them up and maybe get a turnover or 2. But not so much to wear out our guys.

  • I’m thinking a win but Josh doesn’t play great.

  • Texas Gets the win today.

  • @jayballer54

    KU will play the line up it usually does and if it gets way up it wil rest the starters some. The staff and players are way too competitive to risk giving the game away… I can’t recall, of the top of my head, any team in college ever not playing competitively after clinching the conference title. San Antonio did it once in the NBA and Popocich/teams were fined by the League.

  • Ku by dd! Just for our bucket fans in attendance!💙❤

  • @JayHawkFanToo maybe - -but this isn’t the NBA and we are not San Antonio.,and you don’t think with starting Vick & Bragg & SVI we wouldn’t be competitive? and then Mitch and having the starters playing spot minutes - - sorry I disagree. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Keys:

    1. KU plays KU bball
    2. Keep that composure and win at all cost attitude
    3. Lockdown Allen and limit his points (like to see a real Bragg showing to cover this point)
    4. Limit fouls
    5. Guard inside and limit the touches in the paint or drives
    6. See what they can do in the first half beyond the arc
    7. Discover the player that will have a breakout game and target him
    8. KU by 10+ pts

  • Hopefully the guys just go play and have fun, remember why they are here. I agree with coach Self that the next week the guys have no pressure at all. The key to me is Bragg, with them starting 2 bigs in Claire and Allen we have to stop them to win. We all remember how Allen destroyed our defense in the early match up. LL can guard Claire but idk if we have a guy that can contain Allen, that’s why Bragg must show up. Svi or JJ probably start on him. But we can still win if we contain everyone else. That being said I’ll take KU 80-74.

  • @stoptheflop said:

    I was surprised by the trophy ceremony after the TCU game

    If memory serves, the Big 12 has always brought a trophy to games where one team could clinch at least a tie. They don’t wait for outright.

  • Let’s go grab the B12 title by the HORNS today.

  • @ParisHawk don’t want to celebrate after a loss or interfere w/sr pm.

  • Reporting from the hospital in Austin. No worries just visiting the cafeteria for my adult beverage of choice, coffee, no other food choices near this place. Waiting for my friend to show up with tickets, hopefully she isn’t late.

  • My cracked, murky and unreliable crystal ball says Josh has an off night, as does Frank, but still have respectable numbers. Carlton shows up to play to much board rat rejoicing. Sieve, I mean Svi, gets yanked early for poor shot selection and letting his man blow by him. Overall, It’s close and sloppy throughout, but the good guys win as usual.

    It’s good to be a Jayhawk these days.

  • @Statmachine Now that we have taken care of UT, we need to now focus on OU. We can win one game at a time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but since BU fell to ISU, we should be fine. We should be fine even with an Okie St win. We beat UT and if we beat OU, this gives us a 3-4 game edge over BU. We lose to OSU, we are still 1-2 games ahead of BU. There aren’t enough games for Faylor to overtake us for the B12 Conf Championship.


  • @dylans He doesn’t say much, but when he does it’s to the point and I salute him for it.

  • @truehawk93 KU clinched the outright title today with their win. KU is 3 up in WVU and ISU woth 2 to play so no chamce of being caught even if KU got swept next week.

  • @jayballer54

    I disagree. There is a big drop in talent and production once you get past the top 6or 7 players. Also, there are heavy implication when a drastic change in the lineup affects the outcome of the game. The NCAA would have a serious issue if any program tries to pull a stunt like this. To the best of my recollection no program has ever done anything like this.

  • So…I predicted the exact score…did I win anything? Perhaps tickets to the next home game?

  • (PostScript, ie, “Texas Epitaph”) Frank has a subpar day, complete with egregious turnover under own basket during the 12sec span of the entire game that Texas managed to emulate poor shaka-mouse’s 2011 “havoc” defense. Devonte Graham, also with learning moment of his own regarding turnovers on a KU fast break, as well as cold first-half shooting. Josh with 4+ missed layups…but, still, KU wins one of their easiest BigXII games, despite only a B-level outing for KU.

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