Jackson misdemeanor

  • Vandalism.

    Gotta be a record for charges (not the kind on the court) against one KU team.

  • Glad it is only a misdemeanor. I thought the star had reported there was $3,000 worth of damages to the vehicle but Josh only caused less than $1,000? It will be interesting to see what discipline he will face from Coach.

  • haha other “Unknown” individuals caused other property damage.

    Nice job keeping the damages under 1,000 on Josh.

    Criminal Damage to Property – Penalties in Kansas

    If the value is greater than $25,000, you face a severity level 7 nonperson felony punishable by 11 to 13 years in prison as long as you have no criminal record.

    If the value is between $1,000 and $25,000 the charge is a severity level 9 nonperson felony which carries a potential penalty of 5 to 7 years in prison if this is your first criminal conviction.

    If the value of the property damage is up to $1,000 it is charged as a Class B nonperson felony punishable by up to 6 months in jail.

    Ref: Kansas Statutes §21-3720

  • Is this related to the alleged vandalism a few weeks back?

  • Are there any third party witnesses that can verify this? If not, this is nothing.


  • @HawkChamp said:

    Are there any third party witnesses that can verify this? If not, this is nothing.

    "witnesses claimed to have observed Jackson "

    The article isn’t that long, you could have read it yourself.

  • @KUSTEVE somebody is really trying to derail these players and the team. That’s the problem with the players being out and about - it is easy to be accused.

  • @Blown The article says “misdemeanor”, not “felony”. Do you confirm “felony”?

  • @ParisHawk dude, it’s the same thing from before. I was wondering about any NEW information that includes concrete evidence.

  • @HawkChamp said:

    @ParisHawk dude, it’s the same thing from before. I was wondering about any NEW information that includes concrete evidence.

    Thanks, in your previous post you had written “NEW” in invisible bytes :bowtie:

  • @HawkChamp Victims can be witnesses, too. Interestingly, way back in English common law they eliminated the “he said/she said” quandry by ruling that victims could not be witnesses. That rule went out about the same time as the Dodo bird or even earlier.

    Bottom line: Third party witnesses don’t matter. Especially if the victim witness’s story is first, credible, and second, corroborated by other facts (eg., damage to the car; alleged perp seen in the vicinity; altercation preceding incident; etc.).

    What hasn’t been brought up is that this happened the same night as, and a few blocks away from, Bragg’s stairway event. Related? Or just a really freakin’ bad KU night?

  • @mayjay the timing of the events, IMO, is no coincidence. Soofi is probably involved somehow.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 McKenzie Calvert is on the womens BB team. Timothy Calvert is her dad.

    Definitely an odd situation all around

  • @HawkChamp They aren’t trying to derail the players. They are doing it to themselves. And it is ignorant to think otherwise. He committed a freaking crime. Nobody made him do it. Or framed him. He did it. And I say that because they don’t press charges unless it is highly likely that the person committed the crime or that they can at least convict them of said crime.

  • @Kcmatt7 right, because people never accuse others to get even with them or if they are jealous. How “ignorant” and stupid of me.

  • @HawkChamp You realize that I said that people are rarely charged without enough evidence to convict them? 95% of the time, when you are charged you did the crime.

  • So, when does this suspension start?

  • @KUSTEVE it’s hard to say. The court date is April 12th and he is innocent until proven guilty. I just hope the team is able to fight through this and keep on winning.

  • @HawkChamp What a complete mess.

  • How many of the problems we have had this year relate to this one female?

    The AD and coaching staff better figure out some structure that will help keep our guys out of trouble. This has become friggin’ ridiculous. I’m getting peppered with all kinds of garb from non-KU fans.

    Now prepare for March… and the sports media going wild on all of Kansas’ troubles off the court. Does that represent this team? No… but we asked for it.

  • @drgnslayr Let’s see…domestic abuse and vandalism. This isn’t the Bragg girl, Soofi.

  • @KUSTEVE They will offer a plea deal in a matter of days I would think. Or just let him deal with it at the end of the season. Might get suspended a game or 2.

  • I say rest…I mean suspend all 6 starters for the next 3 games. All that rest…I mean suspension time will give them plenty of time to think about the things they did wrong and allow them to think about the future. They have been good…I mean bad boys and deserve to be rested…I mean punished. For some reason I keep getting my words confused; I keep writing rest when I really, really mean suspension.

    P.S. ISU, WVU and Baylor are going to cancel each other out anyway and KU will not have to share the title.

  • @JayHawkFanToo no that would put the one seed in jeopardy.

  • @HawkChamp said:

    The court date is April 12th and he is innocent until proven guilty. I just hope the team is able to fight through this and keep on winning.

    Looks like fortuitous timing for Bragg’s sudden emergence should Josh face suspension. I swear, if this team can tamp down its petty criminal behavior for 2 seconds and think before acting or reacting, everything seems to be coming together for an amazing finish this year. It would be a damn shame if these boneheaded off-court shenanigans derailed what is shaping up to be a magical conclusion to a history-making season.

  • @HawkChamp

    The NCAA has considered injuries and player availability in the past and it would know that the far end of the bench played those games. The starters would come back for the Conference tournament anyway.

    You know I was joking, right?

  • Ok, it’s official…girl ban for the team.

  • @KUSTEVE agreed

  • Where’s DoubleD? We could definitely use a positive post from him right now

  • This is an absolute joke.

    There was over $3000 of damage to the vehicle, but only charged as a misdemeanor. It is a rare instance that a prosecutor wouldn’t charge that as a felony, and then work it to a misdemeanor plea or a diversion in the right circumstance. It appears the prosecutors are using some convenient skepticism toward the damages that other defendants don’t enjoy when cases are initially charged.

    Of course, maybe, this women’s basketball player changed her mind on the value of the damages. – a stinky quid pro quo, which may really be a “JJ will go pro, so collect once he passes go.” .

    The timing is impeccable and embarrassing. We wrap up the Big 12 Wednesday, and now we get the charges Friday. Who thinks this stuff up?

    Again, embarrassing.

    And a perfect time to set a court date, well into April. How many games on the schedule then? How does that work out? Amazing.

    So I’m sure he’ll get suspended indefinitely. And what do you know, he’ll come back in two games or just in time for the Big 12 tournament.

    I love the irony.

  • @ParisHawk it is a misdemeanor. Caught the error you pointed out. Criminal damage to property is a class B misdemeanor if damage is less than 1000. Sorry for confusion.

  • @HighEliteMajor Oh my goodness.

  • @HighEliteMajor Reading the article sounds like there were other perps who also may have done the rest of the damage. In any event, I’m not sure where your hostility comes from. People negotiate disputes down from initial demands all the time if that is what happened.

  • @mayjay I’ll bet you they could get that door dent and the taillight fixed for less than 500 bucks at Earl Scheibs.

  • @KUSTEVE I was thinking the same thing.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    This is really not new, the story has been a round for a while and it is only now that charges have been filed that the story has resurfaced. The damages are very subjective, absent an actual estimate for the repair, and even then, I can take that estimate for $3K to my local body shop in Olathe and they will do the exact same thing for $2K and if I take it across the I-35 to Little Mexico in West Olathe, you can get the same repair done for under $1K cash.

    More importantly and as @mayjay indicated, charges are pleaded down all the time, in most case like this it is restitution and a fine. No need to make this any bigger than it is.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Yeah… It isn’t common for the DA to knock down a felony slamdunk to a misdemeanor the way they did it. The idea of parsing damages to negotiate it down to under a $1000 is laughable.

    It sure pays to wear a Kansas Jayhawk uniform.

    The real story here is that our guys are floating around in this world non-tethered to responsible watchers. For as frivolous as we look at these charges, we should be imagining a much worse scenario in the near future. It is just a matter of time. And along with all of these situations and their promotion to the entire world, bad people read, too, and expect our guys to be that much bigger a target next time.

    I want to hear from someone in charge, letting us know that there will be a better structure in the future.

  • @HighEliteMajor Typically gets charged as a felony and then dropped down to a misdemeanor on a plea deal. They don’t overcrowd prison for this type of behavior. Or give young people felonies if they can help it. Makes it hard to get a job and ends up costing tax payers waaaaaaay more money down the line. I had a buddy do something similar and he got his down to a misdemeanor and off his record 6 months later through a diversion program. Except his wasn’t eye witnesses or he said she said. The cops actually saw him do it in person. The DA probably thought, with the evidence, they could only get a conviction of a misdemeanor because he couldn’t prove JJ did $3k worth of damage and both parties could have brought in an “independent appraiser” and disputed the value of the damage done. Misdemeanor guarantees a conviction.

    The timing does seem a little convenient, but you would be surprised how easy it is to get court cases moved around if you keep in communication with the DA and courts. They don’t want to mess up your life and will work around it if at all possible. Especially if you have a good lawyer and he can prove that a court case on a certain date could drastically effect someone’s life. A chance to be playing in front of a hundred scouts and improve your draft stock is something that they would work around for him. They even do it for normal people. Expected birth of a child during that time frame, huge business trip out of town that could cost you money, etc. If JJ does go to court, I doubt he will, then it is only fair to him to do it after the season. Precedence has been set on this many many many times by other professional athletes.

    Although I do agree, it looks terrible and embarrassing and nobody familiar with how the court system works will understand that it would be normal procedure for any single one of their players to have court after the season in a case like this.

  • @KUSTEVE Well, it was a Ford Focus. Let’s see, new tail light plus one door equals $3,000. At this a la carte menu rate, the 4 doors and 2 tail lights, plus 2 headlights say, would add up to $12,000. The top of the line Platinum with $2K in high tech options went for $26,000. Good thing no mechanical systems-cheap little things like engine or transmission–were involved. And that they didn’t total the car–base starts at $18,000.

    Now, if it was the $35 grand sports car model of the focus, well, ahem, the damages could really add up.

  • Well, this is definitely bad publicity that will be discussed all through March. I think there will be a suspension, probably tomorrow and maybe Oklahoma. Fortunately, this is a very tough team that has played in a lot of big games and has dealt with a lot of adversity this year, plus one of the toughest players in basketball, Frank Mason. Cant really sugarcoat this, but Coach will hopefully be able to keep them positive and looking forward to more accomplishments.

  • @Kcmatt7 When it takes the police two and one-half months to investigate a damaged automobile, it is probably acceptable for a seven week delay to get into court. Especially if the prosecutor uses potentially dropping the charges as a bait to encourage a civil settlement.

  • @mayjay

    Many years ago I was driving on the right lane of a busy street and just went through and intersection with the traffic light on full green. The car behind me ( a couple of hundred feet behind) was driven by a teenager and friends going to prom and he tried the beat the light and accelerated so much that he came barreling behind me and instead of rear ending my car, he tried to go around the right/sidewalk, scratching the right side of my car and hitting a light pole. The Police issued everybody tickets even when I was not at fault at all.

    At the court date, the prosecution attorney got all of us together ahead of time and asked if we all had the same insurance company…which we did; he said that since the insurance company would cover all the damages he would drop all charges and let the insurance company deal with it. It happens all the time and prosecutors don’t waste time on cases that can be easily resolved among the parties and that don’t involve personal injuries or serious violations. This was just a stupid and misguided action by a young man that probably deeply regrets it…I would think we have all been there at one time or another.

  • @HawkChamp I’m really beginning to think there is SOMEONE at the newspaper - -( THE KC STAR ) that has a pardner on campus and have a vendetta on these guys, just idol bullshit. Never.Ever, has there been so much crap going on. About the only player that hasn’t been mentioned in anything this year is FRANK but give them time – he will be - - -I CALL BULL SHIT PERIOD Your not telling me that it has gotten this out of control, something smells here, it just doesn’t get like this with all these kinds of things going down in ONE year, It’s time someone stand up and say what’s REALLY going on. I think some one or some ones really trying to make these guys look bad. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @KUSTEVE LMAO, I’ll repeat like what I read off another site UK lol, when they posted about Devonte, one dumm ass said Devonte should be suspended for 2-3 games lmao, – then there is obviously a KU fan that has joined their site to rile them up, - he comes back on that comment and says – HELL kick him off the team roflmfao. - -soo just for grins I’ll say the same - -HELL kick Josh of the team lmao I mean no way should suspend - -just kick him off lmao - -some peoples reactions are sooooo whacked. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL ADY LONG BABY

  • @HawkChamp Josh will not be suspended. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @drgnslayr said:

    It isn’t common for the DA to knock down a felony slamdunk to a misdemeanor the way they did it.

    Let’s call it “a very close friend’s son” and his buddy found another guy’s mother’s purse in a car. They took the credit cards and went on a crime spree. Bought gas, bought hundreds of dollars in clothes, thought they had been really clever.

    The deputy investigating the incident went to the other kid’s house and the kid denied everything. He went to “my friend’s” house. (We will pretend I heard this from someone and wasn’t there, but then we also have to pretend I didn’t dragged him aside and tell him his entire future depended on the next few minutes). The son admitted everything and said where the booty was hidden. The deputy left saying he would refer the case to the local prosecutor.

    Later, the deputy reported that the charges identified as possible included some 6 felonies for identity theft, forgery, false presentation of a credit card, god knows what else, plus over a dozen misdemeanors for theft of the stuff bought with stolen cards. All a clear slam dunk, with video and a confession.

    He called back later and said that the prosecutor decided not to press charges. The reason was how impressed the deputy was with the kid’s remorse and honesty (and no doubt with a parent who–ahem–might have been there). All the stolen stuff was recovered. The other kid was sent to JD.

    We later had the deputy take our little miscreant through a booking process. Everything must have worked. He has gone from uncharged felon to being first a state correctional officer to now being a federal law enforcement officer. (And he, by the way, credits a certain warning he got for helping to turn him around.)

    My point is that prosecutors sometimes exercise discretion. They can even give a nobody teenager a break. Giving a break to a celebrity should be the same as anyone else, without everybody crying favoritism.

    When was the last felony conviction imposed for car damage in a single incident?

  • @JayHawkFanToo HELL ya, rest - -umm dam - -I mean suspend all the starters, they need the rest - - -dam, dam dam see now you got me twisting these words - -dam I mean suspend, suspend, shame on you. I’m suspending you for twisting words. how many games would you like? 2-3-4 - -Oh hey you don’t TRIP players do you by chance? – just asking - -NO? – ok how well can you act? - - FLOP? never mind we will just stick with your suspension for twisting words naughty naughty you. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I would not count on that. He will likely be suspended but if he can reach a quick deal and resolve the issue, he will be quickly reinstated as well.

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