If Wiggins and Josh Jackson switched teams...

  • Just a for fun thread…but what if Wiggins and JJ were to switch teams. Jackson would play on the 2014 KU team with T.Black, Selden, Tharpe and Ellis with subs Mason, Frankcamp and Traylor (speaking mainly late season lineup when Embiid was hurt) and Wiggins would get to play with this team.

    Wiggins is a brilliant player and a freak athlete and his talent has translated to the NBA, however at KU he showed flashes and as most believe he was at KU as a stepping stone to the NBA. Wiggins as a freshman would be great on this team with a senior Mason who is our go to and willing to lead a team in all areas. Wiggins would play the perfect compliment role and would have become even more of a shut down defender. Wiggins would not have to be Alpha. When we needed Wiggins the most in the tourney he had 4 points, seriously 4! He shot the ball only 6 times. He had no impact on that game whatsoever.

    Now imagine JJ on that 2014 team. JJ plays a good 2nd fiddle to Mason and he is able to contribute even if he isn’t the main scoring option. You can even see in the last 6 games that JJ is even finding himself challenging Mason for go to scorer (this is a good thing, not a controversial thing). But does anyone in their right mind believe JJ would have had 4 points in a tournament game? 1-6 shooting, 4 rbs, 1 assist and 1 steal? NO WAY!

    We have been blessed to have two talents such as Wiggs and JJ, and I love them both as a Jayhawk fan, however we just got them in the wrong order. What could have been.

    I will say I am very happy to have JJ on this team and I wouldn’t trade this year, we have 2 players that legitimately can be talked about as players of the year. JJ is picking up pace in this department.

    Anyone else ever thought about this? Or am I just that bored working overnights and lonely haha

  • Definitely thought about it. It is so hard to think about. Wiggs probably would have been better defensively for this team. But JJ is so much better of a basketball player at this stage. All around. Rebounds, Assists, Ball Handling, Driving, etc. Wiggs was a better defender, but that was about it.

    I’d take JJ over Wiggs every day.

    Now what is fun to think about is how good we could have been with JJ and a healthy JoJo together. THAT is a scary team.

  • @Kcmatt7 I watched Wiggs play yesterday, I don’t think very many fans can fully understand the talent he has. Unfair to compare considering the players around them. We probably won’t have better defenders than Wiggs and t rel.

  • @Jayrawks1

    I think a lot of what makes JJ good is the experience around him. Not only because the experienced players know how to use him, find him, exploit his talents… but also because Josh soaks up all the advice from his teammates. He listens to everyone and he is receiving some outstanding help from his experienced teammates.

    Having said that… I would be interested to see the chemistry of JJ with Perry. I think those two would have made each other much, much better. I think Perry would have learned at least as much as Josh through their connection. Perry might have learned to play more aggressive earlier in his career. Josh would pick up the methodical play of Perry.

    Interesting topic.

  • Each would be better fits on the other team. That 2013-14 team had no leadership and JJ would’ve filled that void as the alpha dog and probably averaged 23-24 ppg. He would’ve been the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd scoring options on that team.

    Wiggins would’ve been a better fit on this team because he wouldn’t have to be a leader and his skill set at the time would have been a great mesh for him playing in the 4 guard line up this year.

    I’ve said this before about each guy multiple times and I really do believe each could’ve done amazing things if they swapped places.

  • Imagine if players had to stay. Mason, Selden, Wigs, JJ and JOJO starting. With LL, DG, Diallo, Svi and KO as subs. That would be a nasty team and is the reason CBB was better in the 80s and 90s because guys stuck around and improved.

  • @kjayhawks saw selden play yesterday, not much improved, hopefully it was just 1 game.

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