Questions & Contemplations about Basketball in an Apparently Rising Tide of Fakeness in the World

  • Imagine how ambivalently happy one would have been after the massacre in Morgantown to be sworn to secrecy by a fixer that promised, “Big Julie says KU will beat Texas and Baylor, but lose to ISU in OT. You can central bank on this. I, Joey Kansas City, can assure you this as certainly as Sky Masterson can assure the delivery of sinners to a mission.”

    What must have beeen the odds of KU beating not one but two straight teams–each arguably with more talent–especially with injuries and suspensions–one on its home floor–and then losing in AFH to ISU–a team with arguably less talent than KU. The odds would have to have been comparable to the odds of Brexit, Trump and Marine Le Pen winning (if Marine does) and Bernie Sanders losing to Hilary Clinton in California.

    In a world of apparent fake news and apparent fake probabilities, does a fake loss hurt more than a real loss, or less? Does a fake win feel less good than a real one, or better?

    When a player fakes left and goes right in the contemporary game, which is fake–the fake, or the going right, or both?

    When a referee makes a “no call,” is it a fake no call, or a real one?

    What are the odds of the Big 12 becoming the best conference in the country in February, when it arguably has neither the best talent, nor the most Top 100 players among the power conferences, and when it started the season as NOT the best of the power conferences?

    Who has the most fake looking hair–Bill Self, or Bruce Weber, or Donald Trump? Which would have the more usefully traumatizing effect in destabilizing America: if all three of their hair do’s were fake, or if they were all real, but just appeared fake?

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

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  • @stoptheflop I go to a college bb chat room, and it was recently discovered that one guy had 6 different aliases, each from a different mid-major school. He would routinely have long conversations with himself. I have deemed him Mr. Hat, and his aliases Mr. Garrison.