KU Takeaways for Wednesday

  • Make your pick:

    1. Lucas has got to think on defense to limit fouls.
    2. Composure was a huge KU factor.
    3. Attack the rim with awareness.
    4. Ignore the distractions.
    5. Team ball wins every time- Not a 1-3 man show.
    6. Maintain win at all cost mentality.
    7. Understand and adjust to your opponents strengths.

  • We are going to need Lightfoot, Coleby and Vick to play strong defense and contribute something on offense on Wednesday. Lucas avoiding early fouls will be a giant factor. I’m really impressed how well Jackson is playing in the paint. I think KU will be fine on Wednesday after getting past such a difficult week last week.

  • @stoptheflop Josh has done a superb job of filling Perry’s role. To me, it looks like the two do similar things, particularly in driving from the top of the key or pick and pops. Couldn’t have asked for a better player

  • I’ll take JJ vs this zone, get it to the middle or base line, drive it. I said earlier this year that triangle and 2 was a big part of the 12 team getting to the FF. I don’t know how much we wanna use it this early tho (giving guys tape on it).

  • Big 12 does not have a fast/athletic/talented team like UK needing zone D to slow it down. Self started the game with M2M but very quickly realized that KU cant keep up running M2M with this UK team and switched to zone and it worked perfectly.

  • @stoptheflop

    We just have to avoid this game becoming a trap game. I don’t think it will since Baylor is right there at the top.

    We do miss depth in the post, but otherwise, we match up well with Baylor. JJ should SMASH the Baylor zone, and then put him with Frank and Devonte… wow!

  • @AsadZ KU will be playing a lot more zone going forward to protect Landen and keep him out of foul trouble and to keep everyone’s legs as fresh as possible. KU is basically a 6 man rotation with only Vick off the bench. Any production KU gets out of Lightfoot or Coleby is a bonus because Landen is going to start playing 38 mpg when fouls don’t get in the way.

    We are getting ready to see Bill Self run more zone than we have ever seen him run in the past because KU’s current depth situation necessitates that KU will have to play zone to have any hope of getting to Phoenix.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 w/all the 3 pt shooting teams in the league?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are the only two teams whose 3 point shooting would make me nervous, but Self would likely go triangle and 2 to minimize the 3 point shooting when needed.

    I’m not saying KU will run nothing but zone because we all know that won’t happen, but we will Self utilize his zone packages much more this year to rest guys so they aren’t chasing players all over the court and to keep LL out of foul trouble because there’s nothing of quality behind him with Bragg out. Lightfoot will develop into a solid role player for KU before he leaves here, but it’s not going to be this year and Coleby is still playing on 1.5 legs and is strictly a below the rim guy with his knee now.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 ISU shoots a lot of 3’s, but they’re a low % team and we already beat them in Ames. I don’t see them winning in AFH this year so I’m not concerned about them.

    We still have to go to Stillwater which has been a house of horrors for KU and OSU is making just under 40% as a team and we still have to go to Lubbock and even though Tech doesn’t shoot a lot of 3’s, they still make 39% of the ones they take. KSU worries me more than ISU does.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Super Bowl at ksu!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Coleby had a put back dunk last night - I’m not certain that is considered “below the rim”.

  • @HawkChamp Perry Ellis was a below the rim player as well. Being a below the rim guy doesn’t mean you can’t dunk.

  • With the way he kept Adabayo from getting a shot off with clean hard fouls, I give Dwight an A for his ground control game.

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