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  • Famous Morgan Town residents and outlying folks. Pearl Buck is the Woman.


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  • One time, Moonshine was the drug of choice in West Virginia. For the last 6 years, 780,000,000 have used Oxycontin or Hydrocodone in the state, That comes out to 433 per resident.


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  • Rest in Peace Yordano. You were the next Juan Marichal.

  • @wrwlumpy I don’t know who Juan is?

  • @wrwlumpy is the weather forecast suppose to be better this year🤔🌨🌨?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Juan was one of the early Dominicans in the Majors. He played for the Giants with Willie Mays. Same body, same pitching motion and lots of strike outs. Juan was his hero.

  • @wrwlumpy thx lump!

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  • @wrwlumpy said:

    Same body, same pitching motion and lots of strike outs. Juan was his hero.

    Same temper, too!

  • @mayjay sometimes that fire is part of that edge. I heard from HUD, ace didn’t have a dad growing up. Part of a problem, but not an excuse. I like to think ace had his teammates backs and his neural nets were extremely late developing. I know in my heart we were going to see him mature.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Absolutely! My post had a link that disappeared. Was to Juan Marichal’s fight with Johnny Roseboro. I meant no disrespect. I loved them both and saw so much of JM in Yordano!

  • @wrwlumpy

    I shed tears today. I was a huge Yordano fan. That really tore me up.

    Concerning our game coming up in Morgantown… we are toast if we don’t take care of the ball better.

    I’m thinking we will improve a lot faster if we lose one or two now anyways. There are parts of our game that has declined over the past weeks and we should be improving now, not declining. The focus has been on our bigs, but don’t listen to people like Fran. Kansas isn’t going to make it to the Final Four because of Carlton picking up his game. It is our guards that count most, and they have played weak ball pretty much throughout conference play. Our best game was Ames.

    I think our entire team is playing with a healthy level of motivation. And we have a reasonable amount of focus. Our biggest problem is mechanical. We need to better control tempo. I can pretty much guarantee to you that we won’t be blowing out any more teams this year if we don’t control tempo.

    You have heard others explain WHY we didn’t blow out the worst teams in our league… “they had their best game all year.” So let me ask you WHY did they have the best game all year and WHY against us?

    There is the possibility that they are most motivated to play us over other teams. That could be a bit of it. But the real reason they are staying close is that we are playing THEIR tempo, not ours.

    We do need to get better in some areas moving forward. No question. But if we just solve our problem controlling tempo, we will become as close to “unbeatable” as possible. We easily have the talent and experience to run the table and not lose a single game the rest of the year! And you know what that means… NC!

    Unfortunately, I have my doubts we are ready to control tempo and I expect it to cost us, once again, in Morgantown.

  • Almost unfathomable to think we would have that hard of time with, or numerous TOs breaking their press with the likes of Mason, Graham, Jackson, Svi and Vick. I mean, come on. No excuses for that this game . . . please.

  • The WVU version of KU highlights, At least they don’t print T-Shirts and sell DVD’s of the victory like KSU.

  • @wrwlumpy Marichal was also known infamously for beating the catcher for the Dodgers I think over the head with a baseball bat. A brutal attack during a game which didn’t draw too much discipline.

  • IMG_0755.JPG This is the New River Bridge. We were there several weeks ago. The US’ 2nd tallest bridge at around 900 feet. Yes, we drove over it too.IMG_0760.JPG

  • @drgnslayr I think there is some truth to our guys not playing with full effort all the time in an effort to prevent wear and tear. I would like to see us blow out teams by 25 every night, but that requires a lot of energy and there is a lot of battles in the middle and end of the season.

    I agree about our guards. While it would be a great boost to have Carlton playing better, and I think we will start to see more and more every game, guards rule the tournament. I think people quickly forget what Nova, Michigan and UConn have accomplished the last few years due to their strong guard play. People always seem to be so paranoid about getting destroyed by teams that have multiple bigs, but in reality, you only need to play one big at a time. I would take four out one in over the traditional two big set as it is more versatile and any advantage a big lineup has is negated by another guard on the floor. I really don’t think people remember just how brilliant Nova was last year - most if not all of their tournament games are on youtube and I recommend people rewatch them.

    When you take an in depth look at it, that Nova team was at a major disadvantage to both us and Carolina, yet they won both games. Most people thought Carolina would dominate inside, yet they didnt. Why? Its a little concept called team defense. I know our guys can play final four caliber defense - we saw the energy necessary on Saturday, against Davidson and for moments against Iowa State and Siena.

    I’m not sure I agree about losing games in order to improve. Landen, Svi, Frank and Devonte have all taken some bad losses in their careers and I don’t think they need any more. The West Virginia game tomorrow is a very winnable game. We have lost to them three times in a row because our guys always seem to be panicked and completely out of sorts. I hope it changes this year and our upperclassmen take charge and get the W.

  • WTF do these 🤡 s come from- another planet ? Whoda thunk it ?

  • Sure Thought we beat em last Winter when I was in the hospital ??? Musta been the drugs …

  • @globaljaybird keep those thoughts! Send me money u owe me too!😉

  • @Crimsonorblue22 quit school abt 14 to support family . Certainly not over educated

  • @Crimsonorblue22 yada yada nice try

  • @HawkChamp

    You are smack down on it!

    People have already forgotten Nova from last year. They have also forgotten the UCONN dominance.

    I saw some good things in our game with Texas. Josh squeezing down low to help on double-teams with Landen. They still have some bugs to work out with that. Josh still has to tame down the bad fouls. He is too valuable to get into foul trouble.

    Think back to Nova and how they shut down Perry Ellis by having a guard double-down on him.

    We are not that far away from playing some stellar ball. I think all the TOs is a side effect for not tuning into the right tempo.

  • i wanna win this game as I do every game, but their fans rushed the court after beating Baylor and chanted we want kansas. I just want be like you got us pumpkin lol

  • WVU will be as pumped up as it ever has been. It has now lost 2 games in a row and neither opponent was a top team in the conference. If WVU loses to KU, for all practical purposes and with 2 home loses it would be pretty much of of contention to win the conference…this is THE one game it does not want and cannot afford to lose and the $25K are also a big incentive to Huggy.

  • The toughest part of the UWV press is getting the ball in bounds. K State had three 5 second TO’s. Once it get’s inbounded, Frank, and Devonte can handle a double team. Players must run to meet the ball. A transition fast break should be the objective of each out of bounds play. Here’s one way to get the ball inbounds. I really think that frank and Devonte are the best at handling the ball against the press in the Big 12.

  • Is this the game where we see Mason, Graham, Vick, Svi and Jackson on the floor together for extended periods of time? Lucas is fine against the press and I like that his experience brings a cool hand. And, Svi, Jackson and Vick have been prone to turnovers lately during frantic play. Whew, this is going to be fun.

    I say the refs in Morgantown will whistle Jackson for at least two phantom fouls during this game. The man just can’t get a break from these Big 12 refs: He got called for a foul while standing flatfooted against Texas when the opposing player tripped over Jackson’s foot. That was a travel, right? Jeez. Clearly, I need to yell a little louder at the refs from my home. RCJH

  • @stoptheflop it happened at ISU.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Well, you totally outdid yourself this time, Lump. This is a fabulous montage that captures the uniqueness of WVU the team and school and West Virginia the state. It is hard for me to explain why, but of all the states from Appalachia east, there is something about its defiant streak and tortured history that I like the most. They are one of the strangest breeds of Americans and have retained more of their local flavor than most places I know. And I want one of those rapid transit systems installed at KU!!!

    I mention this nearly every season since the Mountaineers joined the B12, but everyone should take the time to drive waaaaaaaaay the hell off the beaten path to Burning Springs, WV to see the true first commercially producing oil well accidentally created in the 183os by brine drillers looking for salt brine for pickling, etc. The West Virginians didn’t make a big deal out of it. They just refined and used it for illuminant for about 30 years BEFORE the Titusville Johnny Come Latelys, who were themselves a year behind the Canadian oil strikes in Petrolia, Ontario across the lake. And remember, St. Jimmy grew up not far from Petrolia. But I digress.

    Why drive way the hell off the interstate to a holler along a river in the middle of no where in Burning Springs Oil and Gas Fields? To see some historical truth long obscured by the winners (John D. and the Standard) in Cleveland and Pittsburg in the bid to control the world’s oil supply along with the Crown. Titusville, which brought its crude to Cleveland to be refined to be exported to be used by Abe to back his green backs, was the more self-serving version of how the OHL BIDNESS began. And they pawned the fake news off as verified history for purt near a century and a quarter afore some hard head in WV said set the record straight. We started pumping 50-100 barrels per day by the mid 1830s. In our little holler, we didn’t need no camphene burning fluid made by slaves on turpentine plantations and we didn’t need no quick to get rancid whale oil eye-lluminant neither. Mountaineers are self sufficient. Hell we made our gun powder primers for our rifles from our own damn salt peter back in the revolutionary war. And if’n Abe hadn’t his coal/rail/ohl boys from Ohio and Pennsylvannia swoop down and steal us from Bobby Lee the first year of the war, well, we’d uh become the tail that wagged Virginie the way Pittsburg become the tail that wagged Pennsylvania and Cleveland become the tail what wagged Ohio, and then the whole damned country. Cleveland = Rockefeller. Pittsburg = Mellon. Wheeling = what they done to us that we went along with to get out from under them high fallutin Washingtons and Jeffersons, and that Lee bunch, too. We’z mountain folk and we didn’t need no slaves, and so we got that part right. But we been under the thumb of the Rockefeller’s and Mr. Peabody’s coal bidness ever danged since. But somehow, we’ll get out from underin’ em yet. We don’t fergit.

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