Stop the Storming

  • ISU has won 4 0f 6 against us…but we’ve won 178 out of 241 against them.

    Jesus was from Nazareth. Watch out for Nazareth. He’s averaging almost 18 a game last 8 games.

    ISU’s 5 starters are all averaging at least 4 RB’s a game. They have a 6’5" guard averaging nearly 7. He weighs 250. That’s a jail guards body, not a basketball guard.

    ISU has only 1 player on their roster from Iowa, but he is averaging 0.0 points per game.

    ISU starts 3 kids from Wisconsin, more than the Badgers who start 1.

    ISU is 83-8 in the last 8 seasons in Hilton.

    If ISU wants to be considered a nationally prominent program they need to stop running on the court when they beat us every so often. Ditto WVU.

    Little used Dwight Coleby has managed to foul out of 2 games.

    (non basketball item I found fascinating this weekend) Warren Spahn won 363 games in his career and had 363 base hits in his career.

    JJ leads the team in steals, and blocks. LL’s shot blocking prowess he developed last year has taken a back seat to the need to avoid fouling and exposing our thin front line.

    Shooting .413 as a team from 3 is amazing. What’s more amazing is we were at 19% after two games shooting a high volume of threes.

    I used to have a grudging respect for ISU when I was at KU. Johnny Orr was a classic old school coach that had Grayer, Hornaceck, Verge and others playing us tough.

    But ISU’s pitiful existence is trying to beat us every year. Beat KU and who cares what else happens. That is ISU basketball in my mind, because what else have they done nothing nationally, making 1 elite 8 with Fizer way back.

    It looks like Prohm is imitating KU by playing 4 out and 1 in. All feelings for ISU at Hilton, it’s a fascinating matchup. I think JJ will have plenty of room to operate and could have a big game.

    Vick is our best FT shooter at 89%, 17-19.

    Not sure if you’ve heard this before but Bill Self has lost 9 times at AFH. Would love to break that down to see how many top 10 teams that’ve come in but it’s quite a few I’m sure. I know it’s a road game tonight so that factoid is irrelevant to tonights matchup.

    If you haven’t had a chance listen to the Seth Davis podcast and listen to his interview with Larry Brown. Fascinating.

    Basketball on MLK day. Living in the Deep South has exposed me much more to his influence and the work still to be done. Sports is a uniter among us. While hoops doesn’t resonate here at all I’m always fascinated by those with underdeveloped attitudes about race, about African Americans in particular, who will overlook all of that when those African Americans are wearing their favorite teams color out on the football field.

    We are getting into that best part of the sports year for me. College hoops, NFL playoffs (sorry Chiefs fans), pitchers and catchers report in less than a month, college baseball at LSU’s spectacular Alex Box stadium, March Madness, opening day and finally the Masters. The TV/DVR gets quite a workout here.

  • @wissox Ya, exactly. If IowaState wants to be considered nationally prominent, then I’d be curious what their little b-tch, Fran Fraschilla would say about that mentally inferiority court-storming move.

    Honestly, it would be pretty easy after some KU loss and court-storming, to pose as Iowa people and send in an op-ed piece to the local paper, as well as on IowaSt fan sites, just to get the msg about “it is sooo beneath us Cyclones to storm the court, we make ourselves look like the little guy, when we really want to be considered one of the big guys, right?” Again, posing as a Clone, you could be as merciless as you want on their board, and most of them would know your argument was correct.

    Hoiberg had a big-time feel to his program, as well as the way he carried himself and the respect people have for him. Prohm is going to have to earn it. Thus they truly are the “little guy” again.

    Basically, win or lose some 1 game, we got em by the balls either way, depending on the logic line you wish to use–NICE that as a royalty program, even if we lose, we still are on “top”.

  • I have to ask, is there a team in the Big-12 that won’t storm off after beating us at this point?

    It’s a way of life for Big-12 teams when they knock off KU, to them its that big of a deal. I don’t see it stopping unless the penalty for storming the court was stiff

  • @BeddieKU23 Well, somebody will get hurt, then the BigXII will outlaw court storming.

    Coming up on 13straight…so we’ve made minions of them all, who have nothing else but to court storm. Totally pathetic, of course…

    In the ACC, UNC is counterbalanced by Duke. The SEC has no one to challenge KY, just as BigXII has no one to challenge KU.

  • @ralster

    Someone almost did get hurt, Jamari Traylor. It’s sad that it would take a player getting hurt for change. That would be the most unfortunate set of circumstances. Most people see it as meaningless fun until there is a stern example of why it shouldn’t happen. I think if there was a serious threat of fans being arrested that might work. Or if they wanted to let it keep happening, at least wait until the opposing team has left the court then fans can celebrate with their own players.

    Until that day happens every KU road loss will be celebrated like it was the greatest day in history

  • I’ve always been totally against court storming. I think most Jayhawk fans are against it, probably because we are usually on the receiving end.

    What about field storming in football? Didn’t we storm the field after beating Texas?

    I think basketball is different because the space is so much smaller than football. And football players have shielding on and are basically there because they are into full contact.

    @ralster is right… we are systematically making minions out of our league opponents. I don’t see that as a positive in the long run. We need a vibrant conference full of tight, heavy competition. @ralster is also right about our opponents not having much else than to hold on to “beat KU” as their only real goal for their season. Yes, it is pathetic. And court storming is their way to celebrate. And they need to celebrate, because it is all they have!

    For those reasons, I’m starting to think that I’m okay with our opponents court storming. It helps them stay enthusiastic for their programs which don’t really have a lot going for them. Let’s not forget we are still considered a football conference, though with the recent decline of some of our football programs, I think we are the most balanced now than we have ever been.

    We need to keep fan enthusiasm high with our opponents. We have experienced some poor enthusiasm in the state of Texas and that is not good for us.

    What I want to see is stricter regulation of court storming, and make the penalties for failure quite high. Control it for safety reasons and then let them have their party event. It ends up being good for us in the long run.

    I didn’t feel this way until this past year… when I also changed my opinion on playing the morons in Columbia.

  • @ralster ISU teacher or reporter broke his leg

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Well, ISU people are too stupid to let 1 broken leg stop them…

  • For the record, I’m against all court and field storming. Win or lose, the players deserve the respect of the spectators. Yes, you are just spectators; you didn’t contribute in any way to the victory. You just watched it.

    The best way to avoid storming is to win the road games and stay classy at home. The February 6 game against K State is the game I think will be out of control. I saw a lot of posts about the hatred at Hilton, but I don’t think it compares to the hostility and hatred that will be on display at Bramlage. It still infuriates me that a mere spectator bumped shoulders with Jamari in Manhattan. The Big 12 must protect the opposing players and coaches. It won’t take much for an opposing player, who just suffered an emotional loss to lose his temper and react to an out of control fan. I won’t blame the player; I’ll blame the fan and the Big 12.

  • Funny how I titled my post about stopping the storming, but made the post about all kinds of things Jayhawk related and no one replied about anything else!

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