Josh vs, Officiating

  • At season’s end someone needs to do a video documentary of Josh’s involvement with controversial whistles, esp. those resulting in technicals or instances of his racing away to avoid such. Obviously, the kid is too wired competitively to absorb perceived injustice from the second tier of gametime opposition, the striped shirts. Is comforting to coach, teammates and fans to see him taking steps to avoid the extra foul count. He will glean more favorable treatment by keeping his mouth shut and distancing himself from the whistles. That said, I’ve a feeling that his reasons for outrage are probably right on target.

  • @REHawk Josh was the beneficiary of some close calls in the OState game. As much as I want to complain about the calls that go against him, it probably does even out if a less biased observer watched the calls for and against Josh throughout the season. I love the guy. I’m glad he’s a Jayhawk. Hey Josh, go score 20 and pull down 10 rbs against I State. RCJH

  • @REHawk Related to that in yesterdays game was the fascinating episode where OSU player was starting something with our guys and Forte puts his hand over the kids mouth to shut him up. That’s great leadership!

    Yes, Josh has matured even over the last couple of weeks. We all knew coming in the kid had a mouth on him. He had a rep as a trash talker. Glad he’s trying to let that not be what he’s known for here.

  • there’s a difference between trash talking and getting pissed at the refs. Talkings are directed at opponents. Josh has been on the wrong end of some bad calls. Coach Self will take care of those. Josh knows his reactions hurt the team and he’s a 100% team player! I think it kills him to know he’s doing all he can and some dumbass ref can negate that.

  • Josh handled the yank by that Waters kid quite well yesterday. I think he probably was as surprised as all of us that he got levered so rudely and noticeably to the hardwood. Of course, there was little question that Waters would be assessed a flagrant. If Waters actually had any size to him we might have experienced a reactionary donnybrook. As it went down, the incident was somewhat comical. Fortunate, though, that Josh did not get hurt. He hit the hardwood hard more than once yesterday. Probably spent this morning in a whirlpool…with Frank!

  • @REHawk had to google donnybrook, figured someone would tell me that if I asked🤔

  • @wissox

    I was laughing at that since Forte was probably on his tippy toes trying to cover his teammate’s mouth. 😃

  • @REHawk said:

    Fortunate, though, that Josh did not get hurt. He hit the hardwood hard more than once yesterday. Probably spent this morning in a whirlpool…with Frank!

    What are you implying about Josh and Frank? (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that”) Just Kidding. That last sentence just made me chuckle.

  • Gosh… can we really complain about a single thing with Josh?

    I guess his FT%… but most freshmen don’t shoot a great %.

    He certainly does make the argument for recruiting more OADs. At least… with some level of caution.

  • @drgnslayr my only complaint is that it’s so sad to let them go! I understand but still, we’ve had some pretty upstanding kids. It will be hard for him too, he’s having a good time.

  • @drgnslayr love JJs motor but he needs to continue to work on his shooting I believe he is at 24% from 3 currently. That along with FTS probably drops him to 5th pick

  • I can’t believe that kid Dillard didn’t get a T after that play where Josh tried to dunk over him. That right there tells you that officiating will never be consistent.

    The play with Waters was just plain stupid. I’m sure KU fans will let him know about it for the next 3 years and rightfully so

  • @drgnslayr The type of OAD that appreciates Self is the kind that will rise to the surface and commit to KU/Self. It tends to sort itself out. Of course, the jury is still out on McDAA Bragg, certainly not a OAD. I say this concept from time to time: Remember K.Tarczewski? Big softie that chose AZ after he told Self “ya, I’m coming”. And look at his career at AZ. Lackluster. If you say, ya, but Self coulda made him better…but the kid has to be receptive to that and actually show up, or else it just doesnt matter. Just like some lotto ticket you never actually bought, or that girl ya just never quite got the nerve to ask out…

    See, JJackson has the stones to take the constructive critique from RedFacedAngryMan (Self), while many OADs many not be able to take that. One can say that most of the KU team, since they committed to KU, are able to handle Self. I recall it took Tyrel Reed quite a bit of time to get used to Self’s demeanor…just didnt know how to take him at first. Which I find amusing.

  • JJackson = gold.

  • @BeddieKU23 Josh would have got one

  • @ralster you can tell how much Josh respects Self, he’s mentioned it several times when talking about half time speeches, etc. said its one reason why he came here.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @BeddieKU23 Josh would have got one

    Exactly Josh has gotten one for less. That kid was having a meltdown and somehow 3 refs just blindly looked the other way

  • Maybe refs felt sorry for Brad Underwood. Or maybe Self told refs to “dont be soft on my guys”, just to let them labor.

    Brad Underwood is the real deal, as is Chris Beard and Jamie Dixon.

    Now lets see what Steve Prohm has for us in the WeathermaxDome…

  • @REHawk

    Prepare to step outside the box with me.

    Hypothesis phrased in a series of questions: What if the powers that be that appear to prefer their champions to come from places other than low population red states in the CST are using the referees to condition the nation’s fans during the regular season to view Josh a certain way come post season? What if the powers that be want him viewed as a “problem athlete” who tends to have conflicts with referees, so that if KU does not falter in the March Carney before the Finals, referees can without raising a critical mass of cocked eyebrows simply eject him from the final game, or even an earlier game, and so induce a KU loss?

    Now remember: the above is NOT a conspiracy theory, because we know use of “conspiracy theory” as a descriptor/epithet, while referring to potentially real conspiracy phenomena in some cases, refer in most cases to disingenuous smearing.

    And I personally hold that conspiracy theory is for suckers in most cases that I hypothesize about. My hypotheses assume no criminal activity is involved; that the activity can be conducted in a legal realm, or at the very least within a legal grey area.

    So: I am just proffering a hypothesis.

    And it explicitly assumes nothing illegal would be going on.

    This would be “tournament engineering” in the regular season in preparation of for enhancing entertainment value of the product in post season.

    This would be a form of expectation management likely within the technological capabilities of media strategists, public relations management science, propagandists, and psychological operations specialists.

    And lord knows we have a ton of these persons running around thick as well-poisoners in a thirsty country sitting on huge sweet crude oil reserves in need of grabbing through regime change.

  • @ralster

    "Brad Underwood is the real deal, as is Chris Beard and Jamie Dixon.

    Now lets see what Steve Prohm has for us in the WeathermaxDome…"

    Right on! Makes me excited about the future of the Big 12.

  • @drgnslayr

    The conference has 3 top tier coaches: Self, Huggins and Kruger. 2 above average and proven coaches: Weber and Dixon. 2 up an coming coaches: Underwood and Beard. 1 potentially up and coming: Prohm. 1 below average: Drew. 1 under achiever Smart.

  • @Hawk8086 Nothing untowards intended. I am certain that Frank must spend whirlpool time after every game, the way he so often bounces off the hardwood. On this particular outing Josh looked to be in need of the same cure. Our guys are really throwing their bodies into some brutal action. Not a sport for the meek and mild!

  • @JayHawkFanToo HA! Poor old Drew, he cannot get a break from our crowd. That huge misjudgment several years ago at AFH has cost him dearly in esteem by devoted KU supporters. If he lives to coach another twenty years at Baylor he probably will still suffer harassment by Jayhawk faithful. Most of us now admit that the guy can recruit. Where and how he pops up with kids like this current proficient point guard (LeCompte?) is beyond me. But vs. the gametime coaching of a Bill Self, Drew is bound for maybe 20% success. He had might as well sit quietly on the bench with Tark the Shark’s towel clasped tightly in his jaws, allowing his players to run the show freelance!

  • @REHawk

    Yes, Drew has been successful at recruiting but many, including the NCAA, believe he is breaking the rules and Baylor has been in trouble more than once.. Also, there is talk that lot of the success is due to Drew badmouthing other coaches and programs and former Texas Coach Rick Barnes was very open about it and left no doubt on what he thought.

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