KC Chiefs Fan thread

  • The ugliest loss of KC’s season was to Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. Now we get the revenge game in Arrowhead. Maybe Justin Houston makes a difference vs BigBen? I dont think Houston played in first matchup?

    Must sack the sch!tt out of that sack-o-schitt Roethlisberger, least fave QB next to J.Manziel & that fullback named Tebow…Hit Ben early, often, hard, & x 4qtrs. 6wheel J.Deere carts were made for a reason…haha.

    I hope Andy Reid has a few things up his sleeve.

    Probably what has bothered me the MOST the last 2 weeks, was a comment from ESPN studio guys about any challengers from AFC for the Patriots (I love T.Brady), where they said it would have to be Steelers, since “Alex Smith strikes fear in no one”.

    My counter to that is Alex has not had the protection, nor the weapons. Adding Tyreek Hill has opened up things for the entire offense. Alex would bomb downfield for Urban Meyer when he was at Utah. I think there’s more there than just “game manager”. He earned himself to be 2005’s overall #1 pick QB, and you dont get rated like that just being a game mgr. Now he has a healthy Maclin, Kelce, Hill, more role players, and an improved O-line.

    I know there’s Alex haters within Chiefs Nation, but I beg to differ with their view. When a QB and coach purposely play things close to the vest, you know there’s more beneath the conservative facade…

    Any thoughts welcome.

  • Yeah Ben rubs me the wrong way too.

  • @BShark

    He is a jerk, sexual abuser and one of the most hated athletes in all sports. Aother link here… he seems to be in every list…

  • @ralster what about Ben and the boot?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 he’s already out of it I believe

  • We have a lot going for us since the last time we played them. It is going to be a drastically different game.

    #1 difference right now than when we played them earlier is our CB2. Terrence Mitchell has been fantastic since he earned the starting gig. Instead of a turnstile that we had out there earlier we have some confidence and some consistency at that position. That ability to communicate and know where the safety and other DB’s are going to be is a huge thing.

    #2 difference will be our pass rush. A rested Tamba and a healthy Houston should cause a lot more disruption. Not to mention that Houston shuts down two gaps in the run game and does a very solid job containing when he is in.

    #3 difference is that Hill is now integrated in the offense all the way. And Reid has a bye week to find a way to get him the ball in the open field. Hill changes the game. He has loosened up coverage on EVERYONE else. The problem for defenses and Tyreek now is that we have been lining him up in the backfield. They are too scared to put a linebacker on him so they have to use a safety or play a zone in order to cover him. Taking that safety away from either doubling Maclin or Kelce has opened those two guys up a lot.

    Chiefs are going to win this game. I’m tired of waiting for this to happen. I want to see the Chiefs in a Superbowl in my lifetime. Andy Reid needs a Superbowl. Chiefs need to end the drought themselves. And I don’t see a much better season than this one to make that happen.

  • @JayHawkFanToo hmmmm heard that before

  • @Kcmatt7 Agree with all. Hope Berry is 100% also. We’ve had time to coach up Rameik Wilson LB filling in for Larry Johnson, but it’s hard to replace a veteran Pro Bowler’s instincts, as that’s what made LJ special.

    Agree 100% about KC needing to play like they deserve it. Yes, would be nice to get scenario help by having Pats get beat, so we can then host Houston in Arrowhead…and maybe Cowboys get beat on NFC side, but we can’t rely on all that help…if we’re truly a SuperBowl contender.

  • @ralster heard berry had a very inspiring speech today

  • Banned

    Big Ben doesn’t worry me.

    Bell scares me a lot.

    Yet Chiefs offense is humming right now since Reid took off the leg shackles on Smith. It should be a good game.

  • @ralster Funny thing to me is that I would rather play the Cowboys than the Packers right now. Rogers is doing Rogers type things…

  • @Kcmatt7 Well for me? - -me too BUT I’m a huge Packer fan, My Boys playing really good ball right now, BUT I’m afraid about our Game Sunday. - - I like the Chiefs pull for them too, watch them play hope they pull the win, This Ice might play a huge role in the game with the Chiefs may turn out to be who has a better running game right? - -For my game with the Cowboys just to bad our top receiver Jordy more then likely won’t play because of an illegal hit to the ribs Sunday which they even said was an illegal hit. But we still have TE- - Cook, and Randall, and our other main boy Devonte Adams and then of course Aaron 44 td passes and 7 int’s leading the NFL much better lately. - -Dallas beat us earlier, BUT like the analysts saying GB playing a lot better now a whole different team - -still don’t know - -GOOD LUCK KC - - -GO PACK - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The Chiefs don’t get the weather advantage Sunday, since Pburg is use to the cold. I like the Chiefs to win at home and I think the offense will show up for the game. I expect there to be a ton of excitement in the stadium for the home playoff game, which will carry over to the offense. I very much admire the dedicated Chiefs’ fans who brave the weather and now the evening hour to attend the game. I’ll be supporting the Chiefs from my nice warm and dry home with a beverage and my family. Go Chiefs.

  • @ralster The Derrick Johnson loss is bigger than most realize.

  • @dylans Yep, that has me worried the most–hard to replace a veteran ProBowler MLB “eyes” for the defense. Gashing type run plays that pull Berry into the box, causing secondary to be more isolated. Derrick Johnson was also great in pass coverage, as well as a sideline-to-sideline chaser. He was KC’s “Ben Heeney”.

  • @ralster

    Agreed on Derick Johnson; however, the Chiefs have Eric Berry, Tamba Hali, Justin Houston and Spencer Ware back. Other than Johnson and Jamal Charles, this is as complete as the team has been…unless I forgot someone.

  • Surprise surprise…

  • Go chiefs

  • 2min warning end of 1st half: KC missing run D presence of DJohnson. Will need to catch a break, & offense must own their possessions

  • Offensive plays ran approx.

    Steelers 3294349382 Chiefs 10

  • Need turnovers!

  • @ralster

    Steelers are figuring it out this team can’t stop the run right now. I get a sinking feeling about this game but I still can’t turn away or stop watching. I’m holding out some hope if the offense can get it together!

  • A break

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Ball was tipped, right call.

  • Defense just doing enough to keep the team in it.

  • sdkgfre;gndgned

  • Shot ourselves in the foot in offense too many times. Defense didn’t really get any stops but did enough to keep us in the game. We never dictated the tempo though and that killed us.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Should have won with that defensive effort. It was good enough. Didn’t sustain a drive until the last one which required 2 4th downs.

  • Over and over! Get our hopes up!👎

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Andy is not dissimilar from Marty in that regard. Finding an elite coach is hard though. Hell Denver just fired a coach one year removed from a SB win. Not sure what the answer is fully but I think it involves a different QB. A shame that DJ was hurt though, really felt it in this game.

  • Banned

    To win a Super Bowl you have to have a top notch defense or QB. Chiefs have neither.

  • @BShark dropped passed and penalties killed at least 2 drives just when we had something going too.

  • @Kcmatt7

    That false start to get it from 2rd and 2 to third and seven was a killer but it shouldn’t be a killer. The offense is structured in such a way where consistent execution and explosive plays are pretty difficult. Hill is an exciting player going forward though and Kelce if he can get his head out of his ass has a really bright present and future.

    Overall I do not put this loss on Alex. Defensive injuries and the oline was struggling at best.

  • Well, just saw some gripe sessions going on over on Arrowheadpride.com, where I dont post, just read occasionally. There is a thread sniping both Reid and Alex Smith.

    Well, Alex Smith isnt the reason we lost this game.

    First: the announcers reminded everybody that most of the D-line other than Dontari Poe is 2nd string and 3rd string. Jaye Howard, Bailey, DJohnson are all MIA. Lets not forget that Jamaal Charles, one of THE best RBs in the NFL was also MIA. So, yes, the Chiefs were as healthy as they were going to get, but clearly not 100%.

    Second: Pass rush? Initial question is just how healthy was Justin Houston? Having Houston, Tamba Hali, Justin Reed ALL in the game, yet BigBen gets touched 1 time all game??? That is inexcusable. No pressure on the QB.

    Third: People just need to STOP throwing Alex Smith under the bus. Why? Because BigBen gets pass protection, so he can find his weapons. But how good has KC’s O-line been the WHOLE time Alex has been here. This year they were a bit better than last year, but still had injury issues of their own. I mean everyone that saw the game last night saw a huge difference in play quality between KC’s and Pitt’s O-line. Which translates into less opportunities for plays to develop downfield (and everybody asks about Smith’s downfield completion stats). The other key fact to remember takes us back to SF49er Joe Montana days and the entire WestCoast/Bill Walsh offense, which Andy Reid is a disciple and practitioner of. Partly because thats what he knows, and partly because KCs O-line doesnt allow enough time for downfield atts., as much. At least not consistently. And before Hill and Maclin, didnt really have downfield weapons. Dwayne Bowe, anyone? So the Dink & Dunk short completions…the same thing analysts used to be critical of SuperJoe for, are actually the cornerstone of that style of offense. Along with a good RB and ground game, A good TE. And a competent defense.

    Third: Run defense. Cannot get gashed on the ground in any playoff game, ever. And still be considered a contender? We’ve all watched NFL long enough to see those continual gashes up the middle to know that’s just going to set up BigBen for a big play later. I feel awful for Derrick Johnson, his team needed his total skill/experience/speed in a MAJOR way, and Achilles injuries truly do suck, I’ve experienced that myself.

    In summary: I’d grade KC’s special teams a B. No major mistakes. Nothing spectacular, either. 1-for-1 FG. I’d grade the KC defense a B-. If they’d attacked BigBen, then we’d have seen the A-rated version, but we didnt. Dont know if that was Sutton’s scheme. The ONLY reason they’re even in the “B” range is they kept Steelers out of the endzone, which is a maddening fact that KC still lost. Which leads us to the offense, which gets a B- or C+. They did move the ball, they did score 2 TD’s, but they also had 3 or 4 dropped passes. The whole pass protection thing (cant keep a 38y/o pass rusher from making plays? While steelers controlled Hali + Houston + Reed?) sunk us. And if that same O-line cannot open holes for KC running back, then what? Well, then its 3rd and long for poor Alex’s O-line. Recurring theme.

    I’d leave a final lesson for diehard KC fans: Remember Trent Green? And Tony Gonzalez and Priest Holmes/Larry Johnson? That was a SuperBowl offense, held down by a pisspoor defense, and when that ProBowl O-line started to be lost to retirement, trades, etc…Trent Green started running for his life, got that concussion, and it was the end for him. Larry Johnsons stats plummeted, he got a bad attitude, and left in disgrace. The final lesson, to be a contender is: O-line. O-line. O-line. We already have a smart QB, who absolutely was a gunslinger under Urban Meyer, so no…he aint the problem. It always is “what do you put around your QB, to allow him to succeed?” He’s got Hill, Maclin, Kelce, and RBs. Improve the O-line. See Brady’s O-line. See BigBen’s O-line.

    Painful loss.

  • @ralster dumbass penalties

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yes. Kelce’s penalty was stupid. He went off on the refs after the game, so I never knew how much he may have been held throughout the game, and it may not have been called? But, of course he cannot just shove a player down to the ground, he should know better. Seeing Justin Houston booming at him on the sideline was a truly ugly scene. I bet Houston was getting held, too…

    Our DBs played decent. Not any pass interference calls, that I remember.

    That final holding call on Eric Fisher, that took away the 2pt conversion, is debatable. I dont think that the pass rusher would have got near Alex even if he wasnt taken down. Some analysts said Fisher HAD a good leverage position, and Harrison slipped & went down, so it of course looked like a take-down/hold.

    But, all those run gashes and too many 1st downs, allowing 6 FGs all game long by the KC D, is what set up KC needing a 2pt conversion. Simply too much to overcome by KC’s offense, saddled with a subpar O-line.

    Also see those weird wide open receivers as Pitt WR’s got behind KC’s zone D? Where was Eric Berry? Probably up in the box trying to shore up the run D. Its give and take. Playoff teams can expose your weaknesses. We became much weaker against the run once Derrick Johnson went out. Yes, you can try to coach-up Ramiek Wilson, MLB, but he isnt a ProBowl veteran MLB with speed, that DJ was.

    Although I’m a Patriots/Brady fan also, I do think Pittsburg has a chance, because they showed they are a solid team. I’ll be pulling for Brady or GB Packers. I guess I dont mind the Falcons. Not a Steeler fan, though, never have been. Dont like BigBen as a person.

    One could boil the game down to one thing, actually: the fact that KC couldnt “get to” BigBen, then we dont deserve to go face Patriots. If we cant get to Tom Brady, then everybody in the world knows what Tom Brady will do to ya…Denver got to Tom Brady last year, thats why they went on to the SuperBowl. Denver’s D was healthy last year. KC D has been not 100% for 2 playoffs in a row. This KC offense needs a dominating D, and for the 2nd year in a row, we go into the playoffs a wounded duck.

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