Hmm, Joe's early Bracket

  • Well, always interesting to see - -watch Joey Brackets throughout the season. So I’m here asking, getting you all’s input, yes I know really early, and NOT putting a lot of stock, but kind of fun, but yet you know the guy does really good I think his predicts are around the 95% if not higher in his predictions. - -Anyways you might have saw them but list anyways:

    EAST: - - # 1 Villanova - # 2 Kentucky MIDWEST- - # 1 Kansas- # 2North Carolina SOUTH- - # 1 Duke- # 2 Indiana WEST- - # 1 Baylor- # 2 UCLA Sooo? what ya think? - - - Really seems pretty fair, other then I MIGHT switch a couple, flip them, first in the East maybe Kentucky # 1 and Villanova # 2 - - -then I think would a littler easier, in the West flip UCLA # 1 and Baylor # 2. - - Don’t get me wrong, but I feel that Joey might be getting the cart before the horse just a little on Baylor. - - Sure I’ll give them this, they are good, pretty dam good - - -BUT all I’m saying is - -let’s see how they hold up through conference - -will they maintain OR will they slip some? - - -my gut tells me, they will slip, honestly and I know call me crazy it’s ok - -but just me I am not sure when it’s all said and done if they will even land a # 2. my though might be even a 3 or a 4 - -more likely a 3. - - their good and yes they have one hell of a resume at this point - -but I think they may slip in conference, lose a game or even two they shouldn’t lose.

    Kentucky - -Villanova? - -dam Kentucky just has sooo much talent, I feel that come March, gonna be a really tough load as if they aren’t already - -come March I just feel if those two went head to head on a neutral court - - Kentucky gets them, really kind of hard to predict. - -just me, feel maybe Kentucky should be the # 1 in that region, I think the one thing that is going to really hurt their chances, they can’t cut off dribble drive - - penetration. very easily be their down fall - -Calipari has even said as much

    As far as we go and our region. - - Man I wish this was March and this side held form, would love to have this draw, I don’t see anyone there that we couldn’t play with and have a excellent chance of getting to the final four - biggest challenge would be our good ol boy Roy.- - -One thing I am not sure why these predictors have such a hard on for always matching us up with possible Wichita State, Joey always loves to do this. - -So you wanna give me feed back? - - -Dam I love this site, great posts, great guys and gals. - -so proud to be a Jayhawk. - -and as always - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 At this point, especially with the win at Kentucky, UCLA should be a one seed no doubt. Baylor’s biggest win is against Louisville - what has Xavier done in the last three years to warrant a top 15 ranking? I agree - don’t see Baylor getting a one seed, just way too much competition for it.

    Honestly, Kentucky looks like the same team from last year, just substitute Fox for Ullis (though Ullis was better) and Monk for Murray (though Murray was a better slasher). Very little inside scoring from their bigs. The biggest key to getting a W against them on 1/28 is keeping them out of transition. There is a reason Cal wants them to run all the time - they have a hard time scoring against a good team in the half court.

    I foresee only one team in the ACC getting a one seed - Duke. My guess is they will end up having two conference losses - at UNC and somewhere else. Too strong to lose any more than that when fully healthy.

    In the end, Villanova and UCLA, IMO are already locks for one seeds. Why? Because they play in cream puff conferences and will lose one, maybe two games all year. For KU to earn a one seed, which will be very difficult, we need to hold serve at home (do this every year) and win at the places we normally don’t win at - ISU, WVU and OSU. Not a huge deal if we lose at Baylor, but we have to win against teams that aren’t as talented. I think two losses in conference will get a one seed. Anything more than that and we risk not getting that top seed. That loss to Indiana would have helped tremendously but it happened and the only thing to do now is win.

  • For it being this early I agree with all his 1-2 seeds. All of them have a chance to win the championship at this point. We’ll see whether that holds up in conference play and how momentum switches from some teams to others.

    As of now 12 teams stand out to me, the 8 on the top seed lines and Creighton, Wisconsin, Gonzaga & Louisville. One of these 12 teams will win the championship at the end of the year. Nobody has really separated themselves at this point. This could be a banner year for College Basketball if we have this many contenders getting to March.

  • Big thing that jumped out to me was only 4 Big XII teams…





    If those 4 are the only ones that make it, we will need to have a really good showing. The league needs to add teams. Cincinnati and BYU are two easy adds and both can play.

  • @Kcmatt7 I just checked again, after you said only four teams - -I thought what? - - think you missed a couple - - it has as follows:

    West Virginia # 3 in the South- - - - Oklahoma St # 11 in the East - - - Baylor # 1 in the West - - - TCU # 11 in the West - - - - KU # 1 in the Midwest - - - & Iowa State #7 - - - will be interesting - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Bracketology before the new year? LOL

  • @Kcmatt7

    I will be concerned if only 4 teams make it to the dance. But we have a lot of basketball to play still and the advantage the Big 12 has going into conference play is a good performance with non-conference opponents.

    I am definitely opposed to adding teams like Cinci and BYU, which would destroy what little identity our conference has left. The last thing we want to do is become reactionary to the move by other conferences and become an inferior version of what they are doing. I’m not against adding a couple of teams to our conference, but I think it has to be done carefully with long-term goals in mind, and a big part of that would relate to conference identity.

    Eventually, the Big 12 will have to finally tackle the issues we have with killing rivalries.

  • Waaaaaaaay too early for any of this to make any sense. Once conference play starts and top teams stop playing cupcakes, the entire structure will change…of course Kentucky in the SEC will continue playing cupcakes.

    BTW, Joey Brackets is at best a middle of the pack bracketologist; there are many others with much better records.

  • @JayHawkFanToo ummm seems to get pretty dam close on his picks, just the last year or two he missed like 2 out of the 64 teams in the tourney - - still fun to check it out - - -HELL CBS had their bracket made before the season started - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Anyone that follows cbb could get over 60 of the teams right imo.

  • @jayballer54

    Like @BShark said, anyone can get just about guess every team in, the trick is the seeding and location and, like I indicated, Joey Brackets has the biggest audience (ESPN) but his overall predictions are average at best.

  • Yeah, far more pressing things to worry or think about than dance seedings only a handful of games into the season.

  • @Kcmatt7 Interesting you said that because I saw the other day where the Big 12 has all of its’ teams inside of the KenPom top 75. No other league has depth like that. If the tourney field of 68 teams was based on just KenPom’s top 75 we’d have 8 or 9 teams dancing!

  • @wissox Depth is strong for sure. I mean any team could beat any other any given night it looks like. We will have to be ready to go when we are on the road all season.

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