Davidson matchup

  • Hawks have a full week to prepare for this team.

    Davidson gets 10 days after losing a close battle to UNC.

    This is the best team KU will have faced in its last 8 games. Davidson might be 5-3 but they have the type of team that can test KU and potentially play us to a single digit game. In Allen this would probably be a game KU pulls away, in the Sprint Center anything can happen.

    Davidson has two 20 point scorers that are every bit as good as any we will see all year. Gibbs has over ten 30 point games in his career, Aldridge has gotten even better this year. The rest of their team fills a role, nothing more. We are a superior athletic team to Davidson.

    This would be a perfect game to see the next step in the overall teams development. Going to have to play really good defense on a guard and a big.

  • @BeddieKU23 Just dawned on me I’ve gotta go the whole week without KU BB. Think I still have the world games on TIVO.

  • @brooksmd just saw hacksaw ridge, pretty good!

  • @brooksmd

    yes the struggle will be real this week. I believe its finals week?

  • While Davidson played UNC somewhat close, it also lost to Clemson by 18 and College of Charleston by 15, neither teams is particularly awe inspiring. While they are a very good FT shooting team, FG and 3 point shooting is nothing to write home about. Aldrich at 6’-8" and 6’-0" Gibbs are their main weapon; Margarity at 6’-11" is their only big and has an 8.3 PPG in about 23 MPG. KU by a comfortable dozen.

  • I have lost track. Is it our turn for revenge against Davidson this time, or have we gone back to their turn?

  • @mayjay

    I believe it’s their turn

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    The College of Charleston game took a turn you don’t usually see. Davidson was up 11 after the first TV timeout in the 2nd half and then missed 11 straight shots and CofC went on this huge run to win. Clemson isn’t bad- they have a future NBA’er on their team in Blossomgame and could be a tournament team from the ACC.

    I do agree they have been blown out in games but I do think given the timing and where the game is that it potentially opens the game up to a closer then expected affair. We’ve seen KU struggle in Non-Conference play against decent teams at the Sprint Center ( 1st half against Oregon St last year, 2nd half vs Utah few years back). Gibbs is 4th in the country in scoring and I believe Davidson is the only team that has two 20 point scorers on its roster. Defensively I think this is KU’s biggest test since the Duke game and that is the side of the floor that I’ve been waiting for this team to take its next step. The defense has gone through the motions at times against easier competition and Davidson will come in looking to upset us. I’m certainly not predicting an upset, just expected a closer than expected win

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