The Mayor, Citizen Kane Join Growing List of Liars

  • My top ten list of big, fat lies:

    1. Any boss anywhere: " Our people are our greatest resource. "

    2. Johnson’s: " No tears shampoo. "

    8 ) 50%(+) people who marry: " …for better, for worse. For richer for poorer…"

    1. LJW: " Google questions will change nothing about our site."

    2. Any weatherperson: " Looks like we should get a trace to 1" of snow."

    3. Bill Clinton: " I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman. "

    4. Richard M Nixon: " I am NOT a crook. "

    5. nuleafjhawk: " I always root for other Big 12 teams when they’re not playing KU"

    6. Roy Williams: " I don’t give a SH*T about North Carolina."

    7. The Mayor/Citizen Kane: " It’s a horrible sprain, there’s no way he / I can play against Kansas."

  • As jaybate posted on the cjonline live blog:

    “The pain in Kane is mainly in the brain.”


  • @ParisHawk that’s fantastic!

  • somebody on here called it yesterday that they were trying to pull a fast one. He was evidently in pain after his shot wore off.

  • @nuleafjhawk Haha! Great laughs. Even better win for our Jayhawks!!!

  • No pain, No gain, No Kane.

  • When Satan lied to Adam and Eve. If that doesn’t happen, they don’t sin, thus there’s no evil in the world. If there’s no evil, there’s no Missouri, ISU fans, coach K, east coast bias, Bob Huggins, Billy Tubbs, and Kansas football.

  • @wissoxfan83 Dude, I was with you until the Kansas football thing. It’s not evil, just really bad…

  • @nuleafjhawk Ha, I knew that mention would raise some eyebrows! When I was at KU I knew some KU football players and they were evil!

  • Kane was not Able.

  • @iowajayhawk2005 - Dang it, man - that was a good one!

  • The Mayor tried all kinds of psy-ops prior to the game. The injury-gate and convenient hire of Doc Saddler were all designed to rattle KU.

    In the end, ISU proved to be that they are exactly what they are, a team with no depth that lives and dies by the three. Only 7 ISU players saw the court and if Kane did not play it would have been only six. You cannot go though a Big Conference schedule with a roster that shallow. By the end of the season, the players will be physically spent; not a good way to go into the NCAA.

  • You all said this so creatively! I can only say that Kane and Hoiberg now have a big credibility issue the rest of the season.

  • I don’t know if this is true… but it feels like Fred is a bit too focused only on beating Kansas. For example… talk about a trap game in Oklahoma!

    I don’t think there is any doubt that Hoiberg is a legit coach. He’s put ISU on the radar. But if he has a downfall it is his desire to skip too quickly to the top.

    It seems he wants to model his team in a Kansas mold without going through the 116 years or so of Kansas legendary basketball that got us to where we are today. He would do better to model his team after Marshall at WSU, who has taken their growth one small step at a time and it has been coming on for more than a decade. For that reason, it isn’t totally shocking that the Shockers made the FF.

    If Fred keeps pulling fast ones, he’ll lose the respect he was starting to earn by grinding out tough seasons and posting modest gains in victories.

    “The Mayor” is a good name for him… because he is full of political ambition!

    Slow it down, Fred… embrace honorable play and methods… and work hard… before you know it, you’ll have a shot at your goals! Respect Kansas, because without Kansas in the B12, this league would quickly become a dog league going nowhere. Respect us and we’ll respect you back! It is a win-win situation unless you continue being a trickster!

    There are a pile of bones of old coaches from other schools in our league that thought they could pull a fast one on Kansas… do any of these names ring a bell?

    Quin Snyder, Norm Stewart, Billy Tubbs…

    Right… they don’t ring a bell!

    Now look at some old coaches from other schools who do ring a bell, and didn’t make a living pulling fast ones:

    Eddie Sutton, Henry Iba, Tex Winter, Jack Hartman… to name a few!

    Only YOU can decide which pile you end up in.

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