Jan 11: Game Day Headlines for KU vs K-State

  • Embiid dunk

    ###Self, KU wary of Kansas State defense###

    Bill Self knows how tough it can be to go against a defense run by Kansas State assistant coach Chris Lowery.

    The 11th-year Kansas coach only has to think back a few years to March 22, 2007, when the Jayhawks survived a scare from Lowery’s Southern Illinois team in a 61-58 victory in the Sweet 16.

    ####Jayhawks face confident ’Cats today####

    Self, who has led KU to a 21-3 mark against the Wildcats through his first 10 seasons as Jayhawk coach, said more discussion of the series would be on tap for Friday.

    Self will not only discuss the past — KU is 186-91 all-time versus KSU and 43-18 all-time versus the ’Cats at Allen — but the present. The No. 25-ranked Wildcats, who tied No. 18-ranked KU for the Big 12 regular-season title a year ago, enter 2-0 in the Big 12 and 12-3 overall. KU is 10-4, 1-0.

    ####Keegan: Assistant coach has KSU playing sharp defense####

    If college basketball had the same assistant-coaching titles and endless studio analysis as the NFL, the men in suits would be tripping all over each other talking about defensive guru Chris Lowery of Kansas State.

    ####Haskin: Coach-speak aside, schedules serve KU, K-State well####

    Expect history to repeat itself and Jayhawks to claim another comfortable win

  • Alas, I have to add the link to this story which is a candidate for #justhadonejob :

    Kansas’ hoops teams making Sunflower statement

    Premise of the story is that Kansas is the epicenter of basketball with 3 D1 basketball teams in the top 25. No other state has as many, and only two – Kentucky and Iowa – have two teams…

    The story is fine until it starts to kick sand in the face of the more populace states like Texas and New York (1 team apiece…)

    And then, trying to land the coup de grâce, it offers the following statement that either reveals a journalist lacking geography skills, or looking so hard that they look past the facts:

    In fact, the state with the most Division I programs — California, with 24 — failed to land a single one in the poll. UCLA? Nope. USC or California or Stanford? Nowhere to be found.

    At the very least, it highlights some sloppy editing… or else Breaking News: San Diego has left California.

  • Fran “the shilla” is calling our game. He is ALMOST as bad as that DB Gottleib. Watch all the negativity.

    Roch Chalk!

  • @RockChalkinTexas Who are favorite color guys? From a non-irritating perspective, I don’t mind Fran. I also think Steve Kerr is pretty good. Maybe my favorite is Jimmy Dykes.

    I know I’m in the minority, but I really liked Bobby Knight. He didn’t over-talk. Made great coaching points. Some of these guys, like Stan Van Gundy during the Atlantis deal, just have to talk to fill every moment of space.

    Another guy I think that does a good job is Jon Sunvold … now awaiting that crimson and blue lightning bolt to hit me.

  • @HighEliteMajor +1. If Knight called our game today he’d actually talk about the game and strategy not "Embiid may go #1 in the draft…or Wiggins…blah, blah, blah…

  • @HighEliteMajor I’d like Izzo, Hoiberg and Coach K as color guys.

  • @ParisHawk or Dennis Miller!

  • @HighEliteMajor I’m with you on this one HEM, Knight & Dykes are hands down my picks, because of their game knowledge & brevity of accounting & meaningful commentary. Bilas talks too much & overstates simplicity of the game. It’s really not that difficult to digest-unless it’s Bilas doing the talking. JMO

  • Following is a pejorative ranking of the Top 40 national college basketball commentators/analysts: Sound Off: Ranking the Top 40 College Basketball Commentators

    1. Bilas 2. Dykes 3. Raftery 4. Dakich 5. Wrong 27. Jon Sundvold

  • @RockChalkinTexas I like Franschilla. I think he calls them as he sees them. As far as our Jayhawks…he says a lot of complementary things and points out some things that maybe we don’t want to hear…but are true.

  • @HighEliteMajor I also really like Dykes. I like the analysis that Knight provides, but I don’t really care for his “delivery”.

  • @VailHawk Good point about Knight vs. the others.

  • @Hawk8086 and Knight also forgets names!

  • My preference is Knight. I like his delivery and actually would like to see him screaming at refs all over again. It would be really something to see him throw another chair onto the court now since he doesn’t represent a team. Who are they going to T-up for that?

    I never miss a Bobby Knight game if for no other reason than to see if he has forgotten his own name.

  • "KSU senior Shane Southwell on his opinion of KU: “Discipline and bigs … they always have really good bigs. Now they have good bigs and good wings. I just think of a good program, they are always one of the better teams in the country, and they always play hard. It is going to be a bar fight.

    “It’s crucial,” he added of the game. “I never won there or even got close to winning there. I want to get a win there. It is going to be hard to look back on my life and say I did not get a win in that arena.”"


    Wasn’t it Southwell who blasted Kevin Young’s manliness then later had to eat his words?

    I kind of remember this:


    There is no way in heck we better lose to Southwell… especially in our own building!

    We need this one for Kevin Young!

  • Live blog is up a little early for those who want to join in the conversation.

  • I know I’m more than a little late to the party. I’m also not sure who I really like as commentators, but I’m not a Knight fan. I get that he knows his Xs and Os better than anyone else out there, but his cantankerous old man schtick grates on me over time. Plus, he seems to think all plays would be improved if you’d just ball fake, dammit! It doesn’t help that he can’t keep players names’ straight, even mixing up who plays for which team. I also can’t stand Dickie V. HE’S ANNOYING BABY!!! Raftery is just a poor Dickie V knockoff, so he’s on my hit list too. Onions! is a terrible catch phrase, as is Man-da-Man. I kind of like Sir Charles as a halftime guy when CBS season comes. He’s a bit ‘turrible’ too, but his goofiness is part of his charm.

  • Fran wasn’t bad yesterday. He’s shown an anti-KU bias ever since his son walked on at Okahoma, which has bugged the crap out of me, but yesterday nothing he said really bothered me. Probably didn’t hurt that we were destroying the kitties most of the game.

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