Vick '16 = McLemore @ KU

  • Thoughts?

  • @chriz Not even close in my view. BMac was a 1st rounder after his 1st season, 2nd on campus. Vick isn’t even a starter. BMac was one of our best players that season if not best.

  • @chriz

    Very lofty there. McLemore was one of the most efficient perimeter players ever at KU as a freshman. He was nearly a 50/40/90 player, shooting 49.5% from the field, 42% from three and 87.5% from the line. Basically 2 made FG and 4 made FT from that standard.

    I do think Vick is the superior defensive player, and he appears to also be prepared to be a superior rebounder, but McLemore was likely more athletic and was probably also more efficient than Vick will be offensively.

    That said, I think their impact can be very similar if Vick continues to grow.

  • @chriz Nope. BMac was THE guy that season. I realize he played with a bunch of Seniors, but he was the scorer for that team. Without BMac as a threat offensively, I think we have a huge hole. Vick is the 3rd or 4th option depending who is on the floor. He will be open just because of everyone else. I do think Vick has a lot more room for growth than BMac did though. So Vick has the potential to go and be a better NBA player than BMac.

  • I think it’s a little early to ordain Vick as an equal to Mclemore (based on sample size and all the stats cited above), but I caught myself seeing flashes in last night’s game that brought Ben to mind. Physically and athletically the two are similar but each has certain skills that exceed the other. McLemore was more polished on the offensive end, possessed one of the best jumpers in college backetball and was relied upon in a larger role than what will be required of Vick this year. Although, we’re only a few games in, Vick seems to be more active/aggressive on the defensive end. Time will tell where Vick winds up in the pantheon of long, active KU guards, but if his trajectory continues (and we were able to play LBSU every game), I wouldn’t be shocked if that comparison becomes more common down the line.

  • When BMac was at KU, we had:

    EJ, BMac, Releford, Young, Withey.

    Now it’s:

    Graham, Mason, Vick, Jackson, Doke.

    Perhaps too difficult to compare because of squad discrepancy. This year’s squad is superior at ball handling and offensive ability for basically every single position. Defensively, Vick seems like he could make more of an impact. Also, he may have better intangibles. But we don’t really know yet until we see more competition.

    BMac’s averages: 15.9 ppg 5.2 rpg 2.0 apg 1.0 spg 0.7 bpg

    I can see Vick equaling BMac’s points on a per-minute rate basis while equaling him in the other categories (including turnovers).

  • @chriz Vick reminds me of Mac. Fair comparison, imo. Vick plays better defense, although I’d say that Mac was a better shooter at this stage. Of course, 9 for 9 is nothing to sneeze about.

  • Good discussion. Athletically I see BMac. Have to wait and see more games before I go any further.

    Next year Vick could definitely be the “guy” offensively with Newman and whoever else is left. It’s different when your the top scoring option as opposed to #4 or 5 on the scouting report.

    For this years team if Vick continues to have games like this,only benefits the team even further. Which guard do you focus on, any one of them can have a game like he had last night.

    So far Vick has exceeded my expectations as a rebounder, a defender, and chemistry within the offense. We were hoping he was going to get enough minutes this year to help us next year, he’s already starting and leading the team in scoring for a game. Self was right, he looks like the most improved Jayhawk so far

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