Protecting the Merchandise

  • Probably never truer than with Duval.

    “My situation is different because I’m planning to play one year of college,” Duval told USA Today. “For that reason I want to make sure I pick the best situation to have success right away. I want to win wherever I go. For me, it’s more of a business decision.”

  • then he needs to come here lol. " the best situation to have success right away" he wants to win wherever he goes - - -WELCOME TO KU Trevon - -your best decision - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • If that is his attitude, I would tell him to take his business elsewhere…I am sure many will disagree.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I stand with you. He sounds spoiled and “me first”. So many of these recruits could care less about going to the final four and representing their school. I don’t want him at KU

  • @JayHawkFanToo I tend to agree in a way. We all know Josh is going pro after this season. Its a done deal. He could be the #1 pick. But, he didnt come here with that attitude. Coach Self even said, “He unpacked his bags.” Id like to get Duval at KU but if that guy is already thinking NBA, his head wont be in it at KU and he will not fit in with Self’s system at all.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I stand with you buddy. I love Wigs and he is a great player but I thought he was hit or miss on effort. One game he was going after rebounds and hustling, the next he would just stand and watch. This is the main issue I have with OADs, Will they go hard when it counts?? I’m not saying it makes them bad kids or anything, I understand they have a huge check waiting why get hurt. If you showcase how good you can be in a few games the NBA will draft you.


    It is a business and that’s not the way a smart business man talks about his next career move.

    Josh Jackson gets it.

    Make an appointment to talk to Josh.

    Or forget about KU. We’re all business here.


  • @jaybate-1.0 yes. but the cat is out of the bag and we all know how he feels - we know he isnt going to put full effort into anything team related and he now has to do some serious damage control. I hope he doesn’t pick KU.

  • Eating turkey was lots of fun,

    watching the Cowboys improve to 10 and one.

    Dak and Zeke are two of a kind,

    but our 2 guards will blow opponents’ minds.

    Josh has been improving each game

    and will put Wiggins’ stats to shame.

    It is great to finally be back at AFH

    to kick some UNC Assh!

  • We want Duval, the basketball player. Business decision only, KU will be better with him then without him

  • @BeddieKU23 said:

    We want Duval, the basketball player. Business decision only, KU will be better with him then without him

    His comments make me prefer Young, but if not Young then Duval is a good option.

  • @BShark

    At least we know his intentions already. Following his situation I’ve always gotten the feeling he and his father haven’t been very mature during this process. Reminds me of Malik Newman’s situation really. They would do better just not saying anything until they decide where he’s going

  • He said he wants to win. That’s his definition of success. I find nothing wrong with that, whatsoever.

  • Well, my assessment, he’s a kid with a brilliant game. Few teens can flap their jaws with much brilliance. Other, perhaps, than a 19 year old named Josh Jackson.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Reminds me of Kris Humphries visit to KU from the story in “Beyond the Phog” ie: I’ll be the star-it’s all about me- yada yada , hit the trail cowboy…

  • Duval will be lucky if he ever plays a college basketball game. He’s the most likely guy, even more than Preston, to not make it through the Eligibility Center this year and be forced to head overseas for a year.

    Duval isn’t worth the effort and hassle to me.

  • I read where young wants to play for a good team w/great atmosphere, that would not be ou! Was dead there last game. Pretty empty.

  • Everyone believes it’s Duke now.

  • @BShark

    why because they offered a scholarship. this one will go into April

  • @BeddieKU23

    Right, the consensus is he wanted the Duke offer. There are other factors though of course. If Jackson is back at Duke, he may not want to go there. He definitely won’t go to KU if Graham is back or Self pulls of a miracle with Young.

  • In all the years of this nonsense banter about possible OADs actually coming and helping Self’s gotta-learn-it-to-shine-in-it system in their 1 year, Ive never seen a true frosh OAD be that year’s “savior”. Wiggins wasnt. He dropped 45 on WVU in a loss. And was gameplanned out of relevance by Stanford (& 2 ref calls). Didnt save nuthin’. Nor did Embiid in his frosh year.

    The ONLY exception may be Josh Jackson, as he has already (!!) picked up the offense, and is a real help to the PG, SG, and has a knack for unselfish play. Wouldnt see frosh Wiggins with 7asst so early in the season.

    But I make my own counterpoint: what’s the chances we land a second wunderfrosh like JJ? One that is talking “biz decision” already?? Please. Note to @jayballer54: why go for every piece of alluring fruit dangling in front of you? Self is a master at avoiding ‘poisionous’ fruit, you know, things that poison team chemistry. Worth very strong consideration, which I’m sure Self is giving to such factors…

  • @ralster

    My counter to your well said post is who is the PG if Graham leaves after this year?

  • @BeddieKU23 And the historical counter to that is: when has Self ever had a frosh PG actually lead the team? I know Calipari can pull that off, but not Self. Self’s system needs a PG who knows the plays, period. Literally the best you can get, is a parttime shared-role PG like frosh Frank, frosh Devonte, and frosh Sherron. I dont think we can count frosh Tyshawn as any successful frosh benchmark. Nor frosh EJ, who rode pine while BStar played…Frosh RussRob didnt start, and barely played. All #1 everything Josh Selby wasnt functional as a PG either, simply calling his own number in the few chances Self gave him.

    Frosh PGs just do. not. know. the. plays.

  • Next year’s ballhandling (if Devonte leaves) is the dual-combos of Vick and Malik. They are long, and have some experience. Like TT and EJ. Neither is a true PG, but then neither was TT or EJ, but the 2 together got us to the NC game. A major lesson in Self’s system.

    Due to the hard lessons of the recent past, I’d absolutely take 2 experienced “combo” guards over 1 frosh PG. The statistical history does not support finding another frosh that can actually function and dominate like JJ can.

  • @ralster

    But we are looking at a freshman PG whether it be Garrett or one of the remaining PG’s out there. A transfer PG will do no better “understanding” the offense

  • @ralster

    I hope we are never in that position to rely on non PG’s Newman and Vick

  • @ralster right - the common denominator amongst those examples is Self’s system. If you are going to get a bunch of OADs, then simplify the playbook like Calipari.

  • Maybe Self raids the commits of places like Towson St and Appalachian St again…but, alas, even Franks and Devontes dont grow on trees. The only guards Self has been able to turn loose from Day 1 have been Sherron and Frank, as well as Devonte. Even McDAA Mario Chalmers failed as a PG, and Self had to move him to 2G/combo.

    It also shouldnt be forgotten that Frank, Sherron, Devonte, Mario, RussRob, Tyshawn, EJ, Selby…none of them were true PGs. They were scoring guards first, who then Self wished to teach ball protection and distribution, to varying degrees of success. But, some of this is Self’s own limitation in simply falling in love with athletic, tough, scorers that can do it all, or so he thinks he can teach them to. So the guard we get will be filtered thru Self’s eyes and parameters. Whoever he is, he’ll have high expectations…starting in about Yr 2…

  • @BeddieKU23 said:


    I hope we are never in that position to rely on non PG’s Newman and Vick

    Self would sooner put the ball in Garrett’s hands over Vick. I mean, we don’t know this 100% unless we see the exact scenario but Vick is just not close to a PG whereas Garrett is.

  • @BShark

    Agreed I think we will see Garrett running the show if we don’t get young or Duval and Graham leaves. Not ideal but the only option we will have unless we find a graduate transfer

  • @BeddieKU23

    I think if Graham goes and KU doesn’t get Duval or Young we are definitely looking at having to get a graduate transfer just to have enough guards for a proper rotation.

  • @BShark

    Right, good thing there is plenty of time and lots of unsettled things.

    We could be in play for everything, from de-comitts, graduate transfers, europeans, OAD’s, projects, practice players. You name it.

  • @BeddieKU23 said:


    Right, good thing there is plenty of time and lots of unsettled things.

    We could be in play for everything, from de-comitts, graduate transfers, europeans, OAD’s, projects, practice players. You name it.

    Could be a wild spring…

    Would be fantastic to get Young on board since he will commit before the spring, but it feels like such a long shot.

  • @ralster

    We are after Young and Duval and each offers something to next years squad immediately. Young is definitely not an OAD but his outside shooting would be an upgrade to what we’ll have. Duval is a dynamic player at his position in the mold of John Wall, Derrick Rose etc. Or for KU comparisons a king’s version of Tyshawn Taylor as @BShark mentioned before. We know he’s an OAD, but the type of player that puts the PG position to rest for a year. If you don’t have the already groomed PG in the program, why not get the most talented one out there?

    This would also let Garrett play a reserve rotation role instead of being forced to be the PG from the start. If we are able to get one of them its a safe assumption we’ll be starting a freshman at PG next year. We might be starting one even if we don’t get either PG signee. I think we all need to be aware that our starting PG will be young next year. How young and how talented remains to be seen.

    It’s historically not the situation we want but consider how we got there. We didn’t sign another ball-handler in the 16 class to groom. We signed Newman to sit and play next year. Graham is old for his class (having did a post grad year), if the rumors are true that he told the staff he was gone after this year then this is the situation we are in. The way Self has recruited the position leads you to believe Devonte is gone regardless of his draft position.

    I know you mentioned Vick & Newman but just because they are guards doesn’t make them lead guards. Newman would definitely be a “PG” before Vick but in that situation your not getting a natural floor leader. I know the rebuttal is Mason wasn’t a true PG but he’s had 4 years to develop into one.

    Newman is looking to be a OAD at KU and his best attributes don’t include passing the ball or being the “lead guard”. Newman is a scoring guard and for KU, next year, is probably best in that role. We’ve been spoiled with how poised and tough Graham & Mason are.

    I’m sure this discussion will be the most talked about when spring time comes around

  • @BeddieKU23

    My understanding is the staff preferred Newman to Thornton. Probably could have had Thornton otherwise.

    And yeah we need a PG to pair with Newman. Newman can get buckets in general, and should be a really good spot up shooter but we don’t want him being the primary ball handler.

  • @BShark

    Interesting, I think Newman is a better overall player anyway but had we landed Thornton we wouldn’t even be talking about the PG position as a worry.

    I think Thornton ended up at USC because of his connection with the coaches more than anything. What hurt KU in that situation was not being involved with recruiting him first time around which I thought was crazy because we recruited his teammates.

    I also agree that if you have someone else to play with Newman he can be that 2nd guard in the offense. Who we get or end up with is important

  • @BeddieKU23

    Young would be really damn nice. Young/Newman/Vick/Preston = hand down man down.

  • @BShark

    Young’s ability to stretch the floor would be something. I don’t want him doing that at OU against us. OU’s offense definitely favors his style of play more then KU/UK does but KU definitely would need his shooting to go with Newman.

  • Copypaste.

    Trevon Duval’s recruitment has taken a lot of twists, but after a spirited game against Collin Sexton at Holiday Hoopsgiving, he was a bit more open about it all. IMG escaped a super gritty Pebblebrook squad 99-94 in what was a spirited battle between the two five star guards. Sexton finished with 39 points on 11-18 from the field, but also had six turnovers. Duval, on the other hand, had 24 points, six assists, five steals, and just two turnovers. Sexton’s scoring mentality did not come as a surprise to the nation’s top lead guard. “I knew he was gunnin’ for 40,” Duval said with a laugh after the game. “He played good and did everything I expected him to do.‎” After we got done talking about the game, we briefly touched on his recruitment. There was a bit of uncertainty about whether or not the Blue Devils had put a scholarship on the table. He ended that in Atlanta. “Yes, they did,” Duval said confirming the Duke offer. “I plan on taking my official to Duke and to my other four in my final five.” The other schools that he was referring to were Baylor, Arizona, Seton Hall, Arizona, and Kansas. While many were drilling him for exact dates, those are far from set in stone, but will be in the near future. “Not really, but I know it’s coming real soon,” Trevon explained of his visit to Duke. “I sent in all my stuff to get everything straight so I can take my officials. We’re just working on a date right now.” While there have been many changes throughout his list, it is quite evident that Trevon Duval is ready to get his college decision over with so he can move on to the next chapter of his career. In fact, he wants to do it ASAP. “Really as soon as possible just to get it over so that I can sit down, think about it, and make the right decision.”

  • @BeddieKU23

    Yeah it would be tougher if Garrett has to start because he is not a great shooter.

  • Andrew White III should be ready for another transfer next year…He’s not a ball handler though.

  • @dylans

    haha good one!

  • @BeddieKU23 Man, really good discussions.
    I saw Newman’s Div.1 stats at MissSt, and they were not OAD-like. He also was playing hurt most of that year. KU staff has told him to work on his handles.

    Why couldnt Newman be a more aggressive version of EJ?

    And I see Vick as a bit more skilled and slightly longer version of Tyshawn. And he has that Memphis-baller “nasty” intangible quality about him. Why cant Vick function as a slightly-better Tyshawn?

    What tantalizes me, is we all saw what we got when we added EJ + Tyshawn, something we waited 4 years from 2008 to see again, and it proved Self’s multi-guard concept yet again, just like Devonte and Frank are doing now. And honestly, if Newman wants to be a OAD at KU, then he’s gotta show the whole pkg, a complete repertoire–as he is nothing but a 6’4" guard with an NBA body right now. He’s got some questions to answer, and he’s got a year to think about it and work on it. Im betting he answers the call.

  • Not protecting the merch. Hurting the rim instead.

  • Just to reiterate my view on non-committed prospects: I havent said a word about Duval or Garrett, since it is an utter waste of time to project them in the lineup or pontificate about it, or wax on and on about it–> until they are actually on the roster. Its like Deandre Daniels, or Kaleb Tarczewski again, he even told Self he was coming, but then backed out at the last second. So, I could care less about some high school kid until he actually shows up on the roster. Then I’ll pull for him for life.

    Besides the next-man-up rabbit out of the hat, is usually out of Self’s own hat (returning players). JJ, Frank, Devonte are all exceptions. I guess you can hope and pray that some new frosh comes in and just gets it all right away. I look for efficiency of play, which an exceptional frosh (like JJ) could do, but such finds dont grow on trees. Usually KU people know to expect more from returning players, as thats the pattern we’ve seen in this coach’s system.

  • @ralster

    You make a good argument.

    I agree with most of the things you said about Newman. He could become better versions of EJ or a skilled version of Taylor. If he hopes to be Transfer and Done in one year he’ll have to show off a more rounded game then he’s showed so far. I think that’s ultimately why he ended up here after passing on KU the first time around. He realized the mistake and is now getting a chance at redemption.

    Miss St wasn’t the best situation for him, style wise, injuries, the step up in level of play etc. . He’s a shooting guard stuck in a point guard’s body for the next level. He’s not your typical transfer that is looking for a new home to revitalize his career. He’s a good player looking to get back in the good graces of NBA scouts. Most transfers become 4 year players because they need to, I can tell you now this isn’t Newman’s plan. Newman with a good year will be in the NBA after next year.

    I suppose I’ve been hard on Newman but I have watched enough of his games to see what I don’t see in him. Maybe he’s able to pick up enough things during this off year from Devonte/Frank that he’ll be serviceable.

    Is Serviceable enough?

    I do think he’d make a great 2nd option as a ball-handler, just as Graham has made Mason a better player and vice versa. Newman is going to need someone running the show with him who’s unselfish and has the ability to make teammates better. That has also been a question with Newman- does he make the players around him better?

    By the way Garrett is already signed to KU. We can include him, he’s a Jayhawk. We are going to love Marcus, and we may need him to run the show right off the bat because he might be the best and only option to do so. Known for good leadership, passing ability, defense and ability to create offense. Self found his next gem, a guy who can guard 1-3 positions at 6’5-6’6. It’s not ideal to hand the keys to a freshman but we may end up in that situation. He might also be the type that can handle the job as well.

  • @ralster

    Vick as a better Tyshawn is where it fell off the rails for me. Vick doesn’t have that kind of ball handling ability.

    I think we can live with Newman handling the ball, but the primary ball handler is far from desirable. I really was NOT a fan of EJ the PG for a lot of reasons. We will always have that ISU game though. Heh.


    Agree. Garrett is everything Self wants in a player. Tough, athletic, long, versatile.

  • @BShark

    Can Newman do what Frank is doing this year? Absolutely. Go back and watch what he did in high school. He’s not a pure shooter, but he can get his points. The mistake at MSU was trying to make him a spot up shooter. That was never going to work.

    The benefit is that Newman should be running the point for the scout team this year. I hope that the KU staff is taking full advantage of having Newman in practice to get him ready for next season. Newman will be a load to deal with next season.

    Vick isn’t going to be Tyshawn. Look for him to be a better scoring Releford instead. Vick has some natural explosiveness scoring and, unlike Releford, he hasn’t lost that scoring instinct even though he hasn’t been a primary option at KU. This season is all about developing that outside shot to round out his offensive game.

  • @justanotherfan you can bet they are working w/Newman! I don’t think Vick is done growing either.

  • @BShark Vick is more McLemore than Tyshawn, imo.

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