When is "Enough is Enough?"

  • When is “Enough is Enough?”

    At some point the Big 12 is going to have to stand up to Baylor. I have to admit I don’t follow the Baylor situation with the Big 12 closely.

    How about Baylor be put on Big 12 probation? The conference could really level Baylor if they wanted to. I realize the punishment also brings some risk to the Big 12… but Baylor is doing an excellent job of destroying the reputation of the Big 12, all by themselves.

    Baylor associate athletic director Heath Nielsen charged with assaulting reporter

    Maybe it is time for the fans from around our league to stand up and be counted. What if all the fans from the Big 12 stood up and formalized a protest to kick these scumbags out of our league?

    Just from what we know now it is clear that Baylor has systemic control issues and challenges to meet high moral ground in many areas. Might we now just be in the valley of their corruption, still awaiting to expose far worse problems?

    I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t feel comfortable with being reactive to Baylor any longer. It is time to be proactive. And the discipline needs to come from our conference office.


  • football money makes it all go away

  • @drgnslayr They’ve made progress, I thought. No one was murdered this time.

  • I’m not pretending to know what goes on inside the Baylor program. But i do heavily suspect that the culture surrounding their program is corrupt beyond repair.

    I’ve felt for years now that Baylor is a SMU on nitro!


    I just lost my coffee reading that

  • @BeddieKU23 said:

    football money makes it all go away

    Sad but true

  • @drgnslayr said:

    I agree with that assumption and really its not much of one seeing what’s gone on since the scandal started. There has been so much it’s on page 10 right now. The O-Lineman that was stalking his ex. The Title 9 lady that resigned because she was threatened and couldn’t do her job because of the culture. You even had Shawn Oakman, a former player convicted of sexual wrong-doing at a game this year. I’m sure I’m missing others because everything just blurs together.

    Nothing has changed

    At this point the Big-12 is responsible for everything Baylor does now. They know the black eye that is Baylor, they don’t care because there is too much money and stability involved.

  • @BeddieKU23

    "At this point the Big-12 is responsible for everything Baylor does now. "

    At this point, aren’t we ALL responsible for everything Baylor does now?

    Our conference is completely reactive. And we are part of our conference. What is it going to take to create real change? Our conference is proof that they aren’t going to impose real change just from the constant bad events happening at Baylor.

    This is OUR conference. I think we need a movement to kick Baylor out of our conference. This could be started through social media and grow rapidly. Our conference heads wouldn’t know what hit them. The pressure would overwhelm them and finally force them to do their jobs.

  • The issues with Baylor really just mask a bigger problem.

    Football is too powerful.

    Sports in general are too powerful, but football especially.

    I don’t know that Baylor should be kicked out of the conference, because that ultimately harms lots of other students. But Baylor’s football program should be torn down to the ground and rebuilt from a bare foundation. At this point, that is the only way. It’s hard to tell who is bad and who is not because there is so much awful coming from that program. The only option is a complete tear down and gutting.

  • @justanotherfan

    Good overall view of the bigger problem.

    However… Baylor has had problems in several sports, showing themselves to have systemic problems all through their AD.

    Right away that makes me think of academics. I’m not making a claim here… but I bet they could easily have a situation like UNC has with academic cheating. That isn’t good for students (for sure)… but you have to consider the future, and if they are failing then all future students will be screwed, too.

    I think you hit the nail on the head… they need to rebuild from the ground up. Just hard to know where the ground is. Football program? Athletic Department? University administration? Even perhaps Board of Regents?

  • It’s really sad to me. Allow me for a second, to delve into the topic of Christianity. We don’t discuss it much here obviously, but it’s something very important to me.

    About 10 years ago Baylor, partially at least, in response to the murderous basketball team, decided that they were going to reemphasize their Baptist/Christian roots. They were going to take it more seriously as a university. Many of us applauded them for their stance. My daughter became interested in attending Baylor as a result.

    It would seem to me that you such a rededication to all things Christian would impact all areas of life on campus but apparently it didn’t reach the football program.

    I agree @drgnslayr, Baylor should be consequenced seriously. Sucks for the good kids there, but something needs to be done. It’s inexcusable.

  • Isn’t Baylor where Willie Nelson went to school? What are those Bears feeding these people?

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