jSPN/beakileaks: Clinton, Trump, DEEP Gov. Collaborating to Keep @RedRooster Out of Tonight's Debate

  • After a concerted effort of three self-addressed stamped envelopes sent to the Clinton and Trump campaigns and to the reputed UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEEP GOVERNMENT (USADG?) campaign headquarters (if USADG exists and has one) addressed to ANYWHERE, USA, (since USADG address and phone numbers are unlisted and with the remote possibility USADG might be located off planet, or not even exist) said letters asking KU write-in candidate @RedRooster be granted a lecturn on tonight’s stage at Big Gaming Central (aka Las Vegas, aka as Adelsonville, for the reputed daddy warbucks of DTrump’s campaign), not one single SASE has been acknowledged, or returned.


    Thus the grass-roots ground-swell for write-in candidate @Red Rooster must persevere without debate exposure, despite George Soros, HClint’s reputed daddy warbucks, reputedly owning a bunch of the electronic voting machines through some investment, and the usual gang of Republicans reputedly owning the rest. Note: Neither batch of voting machines reputedly leaves a paper trail and some at least reputedly still have backdoors dating to 2000 reputedly so as to be hacker friendly. Well wouldn’t THAT be being campaign considerate and asymmetrically equal opportunity between the Neocons and Neolibs?!

    Some biased pundits (aka presstitutes) and other cynics forecast more fraudulent votes being counted than legitimate votes being cast and Prez O reputedly stepping in to declare M Law and so becoming our first three term President since FDR, as per USADG directive.NOT!

    Not. Gonna. Hap.

    Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER!

    Not in these duly constituted United States of America…land that We love!

    We here at jSPN FLATLY REJECT THAT LUDICROUSLY IMPROBABLE SCENARIO. WE believe instead that the loser will support the winner, as usual, and that tragic events, or false flags, which ever may come first, after the election, will heal and quickly unite Americans, as occurred with remarkable routinization after the Maine, after the Lusitania, after Pearl Harbor, after Tonkin, and after 9/11, and that another OIL-SOAKED country with water resources IN AN ARID REGION at a strategic pipeline pinchpoint not already possessing a Rothschild-owned bank will be invaded to increase the security of the private western central banking system that our income taxes remain pledged to feed (said taxes having been an ultimate form of OPM since, oh, 1914).

    Note: The @RedRooster write in campaign refuses ALL donations, has no organization, and is utterly peaceful, law abiding and patriotic. It’s only hidden agenda is KU BASKETBALL!

    Rock Chalk!

    (Note: all satiric fiction for KUBuckets.com aliases’ amusements. No malice.)

  • P.S.: Some may wonder why there will be no M Law crack down in the face of all the reputed corruption? That is easy. Because we the people of these United States of America understand that our system is imperfect and that it does from time to time get exploited and manipulated by the worst kind of weasels, and so instead of threatening (or engaging in) senseless acts of rebellion, we tolerate occasional egregiously corrupt elections, and roll our sleeves up afterwards and seek the necessary reforms needed to force the weasels out and back under the rocks from whence they crawled. FWIW, I grew up in Kansas City but 30 short years after it had been one of the most thoroughly corrupted towns in these United States, and I was fortunate to meet some of the persons that helped clean it up some, and when I lived there it was hardly pristine but it was better. This country, this America that I so deeply love will one day again be above this level of. corruption, too. But it will only happen by the slow, arduous work of changing by rule of law about that which afflicts us now.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I am not sure your campaign has the correct candidate. Although I have often enjoyed @Red_Rooster’s posts, they are rather infrequent, so he does not have many chances to pick up votes.

    However, he does vote quite often and so in one sense certainly wins in “total votes” in that respect, so you might have something!

  • @mayjay

    That’s the spirit! You brought yourself around! Rock Chalk!

  • @mayjay

    Vote early, vote often or vote from the grave…a vote is a vote.

  • @mayjay I’m thinking of writing in Bill Self, I liked his message. The other 2 make me puke!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    The vast majority of thinking voters share your feeling about the candidates…and every Jayhawk fan is with you on Coach Self. The choice between the most corrupt candidate in my lifetime and the man who cannot remember he is a politician now and not a playboy is sickening. Like everybody else, I will hold my nose and vote for the lesser of the two evils.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Voting for the Lessor of Two Weevils has always seemed troublesome to me, and a failure of the electoral process.

    Why would people vote for someone who rents out a couple of crop destroying bugs?


  • http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/sports/sixers/Sixers-Joel-Embiid-Ben-Simmons-talk-Donald-Trump-on-Twitter.html

    Emiid told Simmons that Trump would deport Simmons if he wins via twitter LOL!

  • Joel Embiid ✔ ‎@JoelEmbiid

    If he wins, he’s gonna deport you… https://twitter.com/bensimmons25/status/788914303239917568

    Ben Simmons ✔ ‎@BenSimmons25

    @JoelEmbiid I’m a dual citizen 😳 bye bye jo

  • @Statmachine embiid is the gift that keeps giving! There’s a great story about ladies pm last night on the phog. Some great stories, wasn’t sure I could copy it

  • @mayjay

    “Although I have often enjoyed @Red_Rooster’s posts, they are rather infrequent, so he does not have many chances to pick up votes.”

    I think he/she is spending lots of time prepping for the upcoming debate or is getting caught up on sleep. One of those two scenarios…

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