Football or Basketball?

  • Just thought of an interesting question:

    We get to pick ONE National Championship. Basketball this March, or football next winter?

    Which would you pick? Jayhawk football pulling the miracle or Jayhawk basketball doing what is expected of them?

    I know the quick reflex is to go basketball all the way… but think about it for a while before you pick which sport, because there would be long-term ramifications.

  • @drgnslayr After many seconds of deliberation, I’d go with Basketball.

    The main reason being, if we won the National Championship in football it would signal the beginning of Armegeddon.

    I want to go to Heaven someday, just not next year.

  • @drgnslayr

    The chances that a 0-12 team wining the NC next season are statistically as close to zero as it gets…and, on the infinitesimal chance that it does, Zenger would likely fire the coach so KU does not outshine KSU; he will not mess with Coach Self. I will take basketball.

    Obviously I hate &^%#$%^& Zenger and will be cursing him while I try to find a live stream to watch the KU-Montana game.

  • Basketball basketball basketball

  • @drgnslayr Basketball. Easy one for me.

  • @drgnslayr I do not accept your premise…I choose BOTH…BB national champs this season & then set the college football world on it’s ear with a national championship next season!

  • Football.

    The gains from a football title at KU in terms of money would be enormous.

    The recruiting advantage for the next several years would be huge. The national notoriety would be insane.

    If KU wins a basketball title, that would be a story, but KU is a basketball school. Nobody would freak out about it.

    If KU went from 0-12 to national champion that wouldn’t just be a story, that would be the story for months. Just being in the hunt for the Big XII title and being in line for going undefeated and getting into the playoff would be a huge story from probably late October on through the bowl season and to the title game.

    The amount of extra coverage for KU would be something that a basketball title just could not match. Not knocking a basketball title, but a football title would be an amazing jump in visibility for KU overall, not just in sports, but in the general view of public opinion.

    I would personally probably enjoy a basketball title more. But for the overall benefit of KU, it’s football by (several) miles.

  • @justanotherfan

    Your conclusion is EXACTLY what I came to, too.

    Of course, we all want another basketball title. But our future, whether we like it or not, will be connected to football. And like you said, the financial impact would be huge!

  • I will always be a football person first and foremost so give me a football title.

  • @drgnslayr

    Both financial impact and media coverage.

    Imagine that in mid October next year KU is 7-0, getting ready to go to Norman for a game with Oklahoma. KU already has wins against TCU, Baylor and Oklahoma State. If they beat OU, they are suddenly in the driver’s seat in the Big 12. Gameday is going to Norman to cover the unlikely rise of KU. They are on campus in Lawrence all week doing lead up stories.

    Fast forward a few weeks, KU is home against Texas. They are 10-0 now with just a home game with the Horns and a road game at K-State left between them and the likely playoff. KU is the lead story on every sports station as people debate if KU is for real and whether they should be in the playoff if they close out the season with two wins. The debate is how KU matches up in a potential playoff and where they should be seeded.

    Fast forward a few more weeks, the season is over. Heisman has been handed out. KU is in the playoff and everybody is talking about KU facing some big powerhouse. The Cinderella story gets cranked up. Every sports outlet is doing some story on KU, whether its Beaty’s history, or Clint Bowen sticking around, or the story surrounding the current stars, or how the program was resurrected. But everyone is covering KU in some way, and the stories run through the entire holiday/bowl season.

    Halftime of every bowl game looks ahead to the playoff. What’s the big story? KU of course. The bowls are basically a running promotional video for KU for two straight weeks, and that’s on top of everything that has run over the previous six weeks.

    A basketball title can’t match that unless KU was undefeated going into the tournament. An undefeated basketball season would be the only way to match any football title.

  • Seems how I don’t follow ku football it’s an easy choice for me. And because my whole sports season revolves around the basketball team it would never get old cutting down the Nets in april

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