A little help here please

  • Due to reasons beyond my own control wasn’t able to see much of the last game. Wasn’t able to stay on line and read much either.

    Now that things are a little clearer, what did I miss in that game besides only using one sub in the second half?

    What is there to expect this week vs Montana? Will Diallo get the start and Bragg off the bench again? Or does Bragg get the start and then the best guy starts against San Diego?

    Thoughts. Insights. Opinions?

    Thanks Buckets crew

  • @JRyman

    This link has a complete recap of the game with game notes, statistics and interviews…probably better than anything I could write, assuming I could find a few hour to do it. 🙂

  • My summation:

    1st half BAD. 👎

    2nd half GOOD.👍

  • @JRyman

    First half- Out-played, Out-hustled, zero urgency. Tres Trinkle a freshman for Oregon St made 5 first half 3’s and a few of them he wasn’t open. Subs were not playing well besides Bragg. Hunter has played very well at the 5 starting. Frank & Devonte missed a bunch of 1st half FT’s and Wayne made a few 3’s to keep the game from really getting out of hand that first half.

    2nd half- Immediately it was noticeable that the halftime talk worked, our starters came out roaring cut the 11 point lead in a matter of minutes. Played with energy, pressured on D, made shots and things just got better as the half went on. Bragg had some key rebounds especially on offense that kept drives alive. I believe he assisted on 3 consecutive baskets at one point? Wayne made more shots along with Frank & Devonte. The back-court really overwhelmed them the 2nd half. Devonte is a straight thief on defense, kind of reminds you of Chalmers instincts.

  • Wayne has actually kept us hanging around for more than one game when the team has been in a slump. He has really turned a corner and its just in time. A couple of games could have really gotten out of hand had he not played well?

  • @Statmachine

    Agreed those 3’s he made in the first half where he just lined up and launched were things of beauty. So much confidence in his shot this year. It’s like what Self says of Greene where he has no conscience of his last shot. Selden has shown that same trait so far…

  • @JRyman

    The main question to be answered for the Montana game: which team shows up?

    Will it be the first half team in the OSU game, or the second half team?

    Will the guys be looking forward to their tough game with SDSU? Or… will they already be thinking about Christmas break and going home to their families?

    I think the next two games are vital for us. It will tell us just how focused our guys are with Kansas basketball within their overall scope of their lives. This is the time of year when players can easily be distracted.

    If we come ready to play these two games, I will feel optimistic about moving forward… knowing the guys want to battle hard in every game and they put effort into not being distracted.

    If we don’t come ready… I will have the same taste I have in my mouth most years in March when we don’t come ready for a lessor opponent.

    Is this team easily distracted?

  • @Statmachine

    This is Wayne’s team. He may not be the most vocal one, or show leadership skills all the time… but our outcomes seem to be most influenced by Wayne’s game performance.

  • @drgnslayr

    Awesome point about these 2 games. If we see a focused team Saturday against an over-matched team then I think it projects well going into Tuesday’s big game. I want to see a 30 point win, we are 30 points better than Montana no doubt.

    If we take care of business and do it well, I will switch my pick for Tuesday which I’ve felt since the schedule came out was a likely loss.

    Most of this team was around for that home loss 2 years ago. We are clearly a superior team but the road digs a lot of graves in college basketball. It’s a major step for this team to win on the road.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I look at the Montana game as a little trap game. We could easily be looking ahead… We clearly know that we have to be ready for SDSU, even if they are not quite the team of past.

    If we play bad at Montana, either with a loss or eek out a victory, Self will be on his guys big time and then I see us handling SDSU relatively easy.

    Once again… the outcomes will be determined by what energy we bring to the game. We’ve all been cluing in on the importance of a fast pace, but to run a fast pace requires guys to come energized and ready to play.

    There isn’t a team in the nation that can handle us when we bring energy for 40 minutes.

    Convincing our guys of that is another story…

  • @nuleafjhawk That’s why they pay you the big bucks with spot on analysis like that.

  • @wissoxfan83 I’m a word-saver.

  • @nuleafjhawk Could you teach that word saving skill to, well, you know who? 🙂

  • @drgnslayr

    It could be a trap game but only if the players take it that way. A good team will blow out Montana and we are a good team so I expect the effort to be there and reflect in the final score.

    I’m hoping Diallo gets some good minutes against their Sr forward, he’s a good one. SDSU has a bunch of Bragg/Diallo type athletes so I’m also thinking they could be important in that game if they can handle the road environment.

  • @wissoxfan83 gasp.jpg

  • @drgnslayr I totally agree this is Wayne’s team. And it’s about time! He has been groomed for this for 3 years. He has talent, size, athleticism, and is willing to make those big hustle plays all game long. I keyed in on a moment from the game while he was on the bench as a big moment in his progression as a leader. And in watching highlights and such I found another. The play where he is guarding the inbounding passer at half court. He is bouncing around doing jumping jacks 40 inches off the floor! That kind of energy is transferable. In live viewing I thought this was silly and a waste of energy. I was wrong. Everyone saw that. Saw that he was willing to give everything he had. So they did the same. We go as Wayne goes and I think that’s going to be a good thing!

    @BeddieKU23 On Devonte, I think his defensive skills are even better than Mario’s. I heard Self talking that he would always put Chalmers on the worst player to allow him to anticipate and get into passing lanes. What is amazing about Devonte is he is being put on the TOP offensive player EVERY game. And his steals aren’t anticipating a pass, or getting in the lane! He’s just taking the ball from people! That is pretty amazing! You can tell at the beginning of a game if Devonte is locked in. You can see it in his face and his defensive stance. Even though we played like crap in the first half, you could see Devonte’s focus on D vs. GPII. He locked him up. I haven’t looked closely but I doubt Payton got many of his points on Graham. Devonte has to be one of the most annoying people to go against. He just hounds his man. Doesn’t even let him get the ball. I LOVE IT!

  • @BeddieKU23

    Important to note… we have only 3 games left before we suit up for B12 play. We have Baylor, in-house, on January 2nd!

    A big part of our successful B12 winning streak is our ability to get out of the blocks fast and make everyone else chase us.

    We better be 3-0 when we play away at WVU… which is always a tough game. Then we will have at least a one-game lead on Baylor and OU.


    Nice post and insight on Devonte’s defense. He seems to know that a big weapon he has is to “disrupt the flow” of the guy he is guarding. And he does that by jabbing at the ball and mixing up his footwork to both overplay and underplay driving lanes. I am expecting a very good year from Devonte and am very excited to think of how well he will play by his senior campaign.

  • @drgnslayr So I know we didn’t get who you wanted to improve our guard play but do you think Miles has something to do with our back court this year? Or is it just experience?

  • @drgnslayr

    “We better be 3-0 when we play away at WVU… which is always a tough game. Then we will have at least a one-game lead on Baylor and OU.”

    Don’t forget ISU, they play Oklahoma first game in Norman. Still trying to figure out what’s better, ISU winning in Norman or OU holding serve and losing in Allen. OU could start 0-2 with losses to the 2 best teams in the league.

    Meanwhile Shaka gets to play the 3 creampuffs in our league to start out.

    A side-note I’m glad the Big-12 went to round robin. I’ve looked at other conferences especially the ACC. All the good ACC teams barely play the top teams ONCE. Some teams in the ACC will go 6-7 games playing bottom dwellers. Meanwhile KU will barely get a few games all conference to breathe. How can a conference work that way…

  • @BeddieKU23

    I have always been a fan of the 10 team league which I believe is the perfect size. Home and away games with all conference teams in most sports including basketball and play everybody in football alternating locations and have 3 non-conference games…what could be better?

  • @benshawks08 I’m guessing both!

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    It really is the perfect way to determine a champion and it can develop rivalry games easier. I don’t think our games with Iowa St would be as interesting as they have been recently if we played them every other year in their gym. Knowing you get a home and home every year is a great thing for conferences.

    Duke for instance at this moment won’t play a ranked team for 10 games or until January 25th.

    UNC after playing UCLA will play 10 games before playing a ranked team or February 1st.

    Virginia’s schedule has less cake walks, but plays only ranked Miami twice all year.

    Louisville will play 2 ranked ACC teams twice, Duke & Virginia and gets favorable matchups at home against UNC, Miami.

    Either the ACC knows what they are doing, or the size of the conference isn’t really helping these teams out.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I believe that the 10 team conference is the optimal number so every team play every other team in all sports. However, money rules and the super conferences have been the trend in recent years. Having said that, the Big 12 has managed to be very profitable while staying with 10 teams…I know other members are in favor of expansion, I am not.

  • @BeddieKU23 I usually figure that when the other competitors for the league title play, it is better for the home team to win. Otherwise…the road winner is one up on us. So…I would hope that OU wins.

  • A huge THANKS to all who have some insight from last weekend.

    Looking forward to tonight’s VB game and Saturdays Men’s game against Montana and next weeks vs Sdsu.

    If I’m not on before, A Merry Christmas to all and to all ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK

  • @Hawk8086

    I’m with you. As long as no one else “breaks serve” then all we have to do is win one or two big away games to win the league.

    Everyone always says “the road to the B12 title goes through Lawrence.” Ha… truth is… it COULD go through Lawrence, but doesn’t have to.

    Lawrence is the toughest place for teams to win in. Let them keep focusing on that and then they lose at TT… Turns out that the TT loss is what cost them a chance at the B12 title (or to share it). And also… they have to “hold serve” at home, like when we visit. Instead… they just keep thinking they have to win in Lawrence to win the B12. Nonsense, but why should we help the rest of our league understand basic math?

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