Josh Jackson

  • well guys ya I know MOST of you think there is no chance he lands here, well good for you. ME? call me blind, nuts, idiot, whatever I still believe we have a very legitimate shot, Read awhile ago he has set his official visit to KU he is going to be here on the weekend of Jan-22 will be here for the Texas game that weekend. the main 3 even though 5 are still listed, the main 3 are Michigan State, Arizona & KU , and I personally believe it’s more Michigan State & KU. Agreed, going to be tough, very tough to lure him away from Michigan State, has friends committed there and they are pressuring him, but I have also seen where the gap is closing between the 2 It was Michigan State at 35% , then Arizona at 29 % then KU at 24 % it is now Michigan State 35% KU 29 % so we went from 11 % down to 6 % down. I think it is still anyone game. get him on campus- - - again, let him experience the real game time feel, atmosphere, experience who knows? ya now quite possibly end run Michigan St but my gut is just sayin- - - -we will see. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The word here in Michigan is that is mother was the influencing factor behind him going to Prolific Prep in Calif. One would guess that could give MSU an edge. But who knows. She did play ball in Kansas, per the recent article. He does know the MSU commits.(certainly Winston and Bridges).

  • I think for us to have any shot at landing Jackson we first need to sign Bolden and Allen.

  • It’s December 11, we’re Kansas, and we have the #99 player inked.

    John Gasaway has a little recruiting write-up regarding Kansas, Bill Self, and freshmen … just info. Here the link

    Here’s a quote from Gasaway’s article:

    “Up until the start of the 2014-15 season, Self was more or less indistinguishable from Coach K or John Calipari in terms of giving playing time to elite freshmen. Now he routinely entombs the nation’s top recruits in escrow until just before Christmas even though doing so hands a potentially damaging negative-recruiting gift to rival programs. Why? A lifetime ago at Illinois, Self’s teams shot an above-average number of threes. Now the coach has what may turn out to be the best perimeter shooting team of his entire career, and he still won’t give a green light. Why?”

  • @HighEliteMajor Sounds like he’s been reading this message board.

  • @HighEliteMajor Damn, all the way to the end of the article, I was hoping he had some answers. Instead, he’s just kicking around the same questions this board does. (Now I know he’s a regular on here.)

  • HCBS doesn’t even need to recruit Josh because he wont play him any ways. Might as well find another under recruited guy that is willing to develop like Vick. Vick, Green, Svi, Graham, and possibly Mason will all play big minutes and Mr. Josh will just f up the team chemistry.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    There we have it… most likely the reason for this fall recruiting flop. How hard is it to realize that if we don’t give OADs minutes then we will start failing to get them?

    In fact… better put players just below the OAD line in this category, too. They still want minutes in their freshmen year. All a recruiter has to do to knock Kansas out of consideration is give them a link to this page.

    I’m amazed we can even sign the 99th player.

    What really stinks is that you can throw Cliff out of the picture because maybe he was trouble… there is still Kelly and he didn’t play a lot until Big 12 play.

    I guess someone can argue that we don’t want to embarrass players by playing them before they are ready. But… how many of these recruits believe they need work first before playing D1? Right… none. They are all the second coming of Christ.

  • jayballer, I like your enthusiasm but I don’t think he will land at KU. Now way will he want to sit on the bench behind Mason & Graham.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Funny… but John Gasaway has picked Kansas at #1 on November 13 -

    Ranking every college basketball team from 1 to 351

  • @drgnslayr guess those OAD’s were ok w/the platoon system?

  • We really don’t have a chance unless Selden and Svi go pro, we cut down the Nets in april, and we sign Bolden and Allen. Unless all those things happen he will play with his buddies in Michigan or stick with Sean Miller who developed a great relationship with him this summer

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    At least they lost minutes only to other 5-star players. And they still received more minutes than Kelly and Cliff!

    I’m pretty sure no 5-star players want to come to a place where they have to sit and watch behind a 3-star player!

  • @ajvan @drgnslayr - In a tweet earlier this week, someone responded to Jesse’s article on the minutes distribution and said Jesse was ridiculous for thinking this effected recruiting; Jesse responded and said he wouldn’t have said if he didn’t talk to folks that were in the know. In this recruiting culture now, where Schnider Herard, for goodness sake, will demand playing time his first year, this is just a given.

    @Statmachine completely agree … we’re better this season without Jaylen Brown messing this up.

  • @SkinnyKansasDude ya couldn’t hurt.I don’t really think we would need both though to sway him one way or another, ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BeddieKU23 Na, I have to disagree with you this time. I’m taking it to the bank your more then willing to climb on, But I’m telling you right now, JOSH JACKSON WILL NOT end up signing with ARIZONA, mark it down, I’ve never been more sure JOSH JACKSON will not, repeat will not sign with Arizona, that ship has sailed, it’s was nice when they were together in the summer but it has cooled down dramictally with them. It will be either Michigan St which more then like yes, OR our hawks but sell the house JOSH WILL NOT SIGN WITH ARIZONA can you hear me now lmao, and on top of the fact whether he signs with us or not, like you say yourself about Seldon and SVI well I’m here to say if Seldon continues to play the way he has this year and with the pro’s drafting a lot on potential - - -then ummm ya very good chance we lose both of them also, but one last time josh Jackson is not, is not going to sign with Arizona. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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