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  • He did an Q&A interview with Evan Daniels a few days ago.

    From this I gather that Duke is still the leader if I’m reading in between the lines of his comments from each school.

    He also says a decision could be coming in the next month… It’s Bolden or Bust for this class, same as last year with Diallo…

    Who is it really down to at this point?

    Kentucky, Duke, Kansas, TCU and Oklahoma

    Do you think you’ll do any more visits? Probably not.

    When you say you’re getting close, are you thinking a month? Two months?

    I guess you could say a month or four weeks or so.

    What sticks out about Kentucky?

    Just really the way they do things and the success they’ve had with the previous players at my position. That’s really the biggest thing to me.

    What about Duke?

    Duke is just playing and learning from one of the best coaches to ever coach the game and just coming in with a great recruiting class and being able to play together and help them win.

    What has Kansas’ pitch been to you?

    Really just being able to come in and play. They are losing a couple of guys so they are just looking for a post presence to come in and play.

    What stands out about Oklahoma?

    Really just the chance to start something new instead of being just another one of those guys, just being able to come in and start your own thing.

    I know you visited those other four schools, have you been by TCU?

    I went there last year, but I haven’t been by since.

    Is there a draw to stay home?

    There is, but then again there’s not. I just want the best situation for me

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  • @BeddieKU23 Isn’t Bolden affiliated with the same guy that advised Julius Randle and Terrance Ferguson? If so, bad sign for KU, just like anytime MoKan Elite has a top level recruit.

  • @jaybate-1.0 specifically NOT adidas

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    Pretty obvious where he should go…

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Yes but he’s not being steered to Bama with ferg. But his comments he singles out dukes coach and their recruiting class and all the others us included got the generic response from him.

  • @BeddieKU23 I wasn’t really implying that Bolden was being steered to Bama, just being steered away from KU like Randle was after KU appeared to be the perfect fit for Randle.

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  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Then yes your right, he’s had the same handler/mentor that Randle had. His family want him to go to Duke and I’m sure up until the KU visit that was his thinking. Kentucky already has 17 bigs so it just seems impossible he’s going there. I wish I felt more confident that he will come here.

  • We have to be optimistic still on Bolden, Allen or Azubuike, right? Just one of them? I still think it will be Bolden.

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  • Here are the latest trending picks for Bolden.

    The two Duke experts had been Duke leans until they landed the kid who tore his ACL…can’t recall his name…Hiles, Maybe?. They then switched to Bama before finally picking KU late last month

    KU leads at 60% and Duke has 35% of the picks.

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