Terrance Ferguson could still be a Jayhawk?

  • Word is T-Ferg has not signed his LOI with Bama because he is waiting to see where Bolden lands. If KU lands Bolden it’s said T-Ferg will switch and sign with us.

    Thoughts or more info?

  • @SkinnyKansasDude

    Don’t know anything about him. What’s his ranking, position, etc?

  • He is a 6-6 5-star wing that was considered a very heavy KU lean until Bama came in at the last second. They secured his commitment but he has come out and said he does not want to sign his LOI until the spring, raising speculation that he might leave. He is 10th on espn100.

  • Just what Brannen Greene needed to hear…(kid cant catch a break regarding mpg…)

  • Just because he didn’t sign yet with Alabama that doesn’t mean he’s not going to be there he’s going to be at Alabama

  • I heard he couldn’t get all his family to the ceremony to sign and that was the official statement from him. There has been nothing official that he was waiting on anyone, that is internet rumors.

    But it does make you wonder if he is going to wait and see how Alabama does this year and see how everything else shakes out.

    If he does not sign and either Selden or Svi were to leave early we do have a glaring need for an impact guard like Ferguson. Especially with how up in the air the Greene situation has been every off-season we could really need him.

    I wouldn’t read much into it right now.

  • Don’t go out and sell your house that Ferguson is going to change his mind, and commit and come to KU, these are internet rumors that’s all they are internet rumors , it’s amazing how things like this hit and spread like wild fire. Probably started with some guy sitting at home, knocking down his brew, watching a KU game getting frustrated with the wing play, meanwhile getting lit up from his brew and decided to start this rumor up. Terrance WILL be like Blackmild 33 said he will be at Bama whether Bolden lands here or not. need to squash this before it gets totally out of hand- - -control, ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I highly doubt that he is reconsidering his decision to attend Alabama. I’m not quite sure why these elite recruits are still choosing these mid level schools with average coaches. I think its one of two reasons:

    1. PT is more important than winning.

    2. If they do care about winning, (meaning winning an NCAA championship, final 4 appearance, even a conference championship) they have been drinking too much of the cool-aid fed to them during the recruiting process. Its clear that its not going to happen… lets take an early look at last year’s examples…

    Cal: After finishing 8th out of 12 last year in their league, they landed two top 10 recruits. They are currently 4-2 and on a two game losing streak yet they have not even played another ranked team.

    Miss St.: After finishing 12th out of 14 in their conference last year, they landed a top 10 recruit which many claimed to be a top 5 guy. They are currently 3-3 even though they haven’t played a ranked team yet. One of those losses came against the perennial doormat of the Big12 in Texas Tech.

    LSU: After finishing 3rd in their league they landed the top overall recruit and have been at the top of the hype train all offseason. Unlike the other two teams listed above, I actually think this team will make the NCAA tournament this year despite their current 3-2 record (also yet to play a ranked team) and two game losing streak.

    So… lets take a look at TFerg’s Alabama choice. How are they doing so far this year?

    After an early season embarrassment loss to unranked Dayton 80-48, their current 4-2 season is at a historic high right now as they have defeated two ranked teams in a row for the first time since 2006! (beat #20 Wich St, and #17 ND). Wow, almost 10 years since they have last done that. I guess these are the kinds of things one can expect to celebrate at one of these type of programs.

    Of course its still early and teams can get hot late and go on a run but its rare. The early indications that I see tell me that these schools are not changing very much from previous seasons based on these star recruits joining the team.

  • @RockkChalkk

    Nice post.

    I think there is some delusional kool-aid being consumed. These mid-major recruiters build these guys up with hot air… saying that if they come to their school they will be a Final Four team.

    It just isn’t realistic. Yes, it could happen. Once in a while a team like Indiana State (Larry Bird) makes it to the championship game. Steph Curry was great lifting Davidson to what… the Elite 8 before we edged them out.

    I think many of these recruits are used to being the fig fish in a small pond, so picking a mid-major keeps them at the comfort level they are used to.

    Hate to burst their bubble, but do they think they will be the big fish in the NBA when they enter the league? Even a talent like Wigs has had to take his lumps at the next level.

  • @drgnslayr I don’t think they care whether they are on a final four team, just a year to lead to the nba.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 But you have to look what the Final Four does for those kids on the edge of going or staying. Or just having that National stage to go from relative unknown to lottery pick. Sam Dekker got a lift due to his performance against Kentucky. A few of those Kentucky players got a boost from their tournament run and a few others may have slipped.

    Making the final four gives a kid a national stage that he didn’t have before. Sure if he’s considered a OAD before the season he doesn’t need much more to get drafted as long as he plays well and stays healthy (even then they get drafted) but a FF run can boost their pick and paycheck.

  • These kids are used to being at the top. They want to win, and if there is any sign that winning isn’t the most important focus for them, their NBA stock drops (as well it should).

  • I see that Andrew Jones one of the top unsigned guards is not considering KU anymore after this weekend’s games, one in which included playing against De’Aaron Fox which he was stellar in defeat. That was the one guard recruit I thought we could sneak in and get in the spring, tons of upside for this guy but we are no longer an option.

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