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  • There was a thread on here, about what is your worst nightmare? This is mine. Unrealistic Expectations. I’m so afraid because of all the hype, and it’s happened before, about expectations - - -NOT REALISTIC, but still expectations. Afraid a lot of people not saying all but a lot have this great expectation of Cheick, like he is going to be the 2nd coming, and the real living truth of it is- - -Isn’t happening, and people that are expecting that, are not being fair to Cheick. I’m already afraid that Cheick all he is heard from Social Media, Twitter and different sites how well Cheick is gonna be, How well Cheick will help. & he is I know that, you know that, but some just have outrageous thoughts & that’s not right. There is going to be so much pressure that’s going to be on him, when he 1st steps on the court, people waiting for that outstanding play, that they have waited for , for so long & if he doesn’t end up with like 15- - 16 pts 10- -15 rebounds 5- - 6 blocks then these same people with this crazy expectations will think, DAM what a bust, this is what we waited for. You may laugh, at what I’m saying, go ahead laugh but I’m telling you there are people here that are expectating that kind of performance. IT ISN’T HAPPENING. let’s keep it real for the kid, he is definitely gonna help us, help us big, but please keep it realistic. The kid has enough pressure on him from this whole ordeal the way it is, plus he isn’t gonna see 20 minutes a game from the start, he is behind, raw gonna take time, just enjoy him for who he is, and for what he DOES BRING. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Well said.

  • @jayballer54 Meh. I happen to think that the #7 recruit in the nation should have an immediate impact on the team. Just like you don’t think its fair to expect that, I don’t think its fair to emphatically claim that it isn’t happening. Why can’t it? Our big guys struggle around the rim, is it such a stretch to think that CD with his size, length, and motor won’t give us an immediate upgrade?

  • We all know that Self has his ways with freshmen so when he himself says Chieck will be a marginal contributor until, probably February, you just as we’ll take that to the bank.

  • KU has a fairly easy stretch of games between now and Big 12 play. KU should comfortably win all but maybe 1 or 2 of those next 7 games by at least 20 points. This should afford Self the capability of playing Diallo more minutes early on and letting Diallo work out his role before Baylor comes to Lawrence to kick off conference play.

  • He will brush off the rust and help pretty darn quickly. Patience!

  • Why is it, at Kansas, we will take the #5 Rivals player and lower expectations? Seriously?

  • How long will Self keep him in there? I can guarantee if it’s a close game in the second half, he won’t see the court because he traveled in the first half while Lucas can miss bunny after bunny.

  • @jayballer54 Sorry but I am in disagreement. Based on this team’s talent, experience, depth and 3-pt shooting my expectations are very high to begin with and with Diallo on board they are even higher. Barring any serious injury this is a NC caliber team.

  • One of the largest expectations I have seen expressed over and over again are by people absolutely convinced that Self will screw it up with Diallo. And with that, I disagree. Whether he starts him right away, or brings him along slowly, at some point, Diallo will be manning the 5, blocking shots, and throwing incredible outlet passes that will us allow to run, run run. Heck, he might rattle the rim with a thunderous dunk or two as well. Why folks aren’t totally ecstatic about getting this guy in our lineup…I have no clue.

  • @KUSTEVE I am with you on that

  • Perhaps I’ve conveyed that sentiment. Without necessarily meaning to. I just think it’s unrealistic based on what we know to assume the kid is coming in immediately and averaging a double double with 3 steals and 5 blocks etc… I’d love to eat a big ole helping of crow on that. And I am elated that we have Chieck and I’ll be even more elated when he is at the point that he can produce those numbers

  • @cragarhawk We had 1 blocked shot against Vandy ( Selden). Diallo will fix that category. I think many will surprised how much of a faster team we’ll be with Diallo in the lineup. He will be a furious rebounder. He might not break 10 points a game, but he’ll make every other teammate better by his presence.

  • I’m excited to see what Diallo can become here. A rim protector that can run the floor would certainly upgrade this team. And the points would only be a bonus. We’ve shown we “can” score

  • @KUSTEVE said:

    he’ll make every other teammate better by his presence.


  • @HighEliteMajor WHY?- - -WHY? because for a lot and I do mean ALOT no matte how good Cheick does it’s not going to meet your expectations. I’ve heard so many before so, so, so, many say oh you can’t go off how they rank a player, they have to prove it on the court. So let me get this, now if he is ranked the so called nu 5 then of course it’s true he is gonna be huge he is the bomb, The kid hasn’t touched the floor yet. he may have been really really good in high school, and I believe he IS really good but there is a huge difference in basketball between high school and college, some of the things you do, the moves you make in high school, you try that in major college and it’s not happening. You seem to forget there are other elite players that are there too because like you they too are good, really really good. He is still raw, Coach said it’s gonna take time he is not just going to step out and it’s just going to magically happen it is going to take time screw what rivals says let the kid work and develop it will come but so many, maybe your one that think yep that’s it he is gonna be automatic Stud from the go. okay good luck, hopefully ya, but me I’m gonna let him work at HIS PACE, NOT MINE, NOT YOURS, enjoy the kid for who he is not for who you want him to be

  • @AsadZ agree, and there is nothing wrong with expectations, or your opinion that’s whats so good about this room your entitled to your opinion, and I agree we are a NC caliber team, even more so with him. All I’m saying is there are some, and that includes in this room that thinks as soon as the guy hits the floor he is going to be an automatic double double and anything less is a bust. how stupid is that? it is going to take time, patience, he is so far behind, hasn’t been able to practice Coach said he is raw, very raw very good but raw very raw Coach Self says that, a lot of the analysts say that but what the hell what do they know right? No problem with expectations, it’s the unrealistic one I have issues with. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @KUSTEVE Definetely going to manning the 5 hands down, no question about it, but he isn’t going to be in the starting 5 Tuesday like some think that’s for sure, he is going to do very well, just going to take some time and will be commanding the boards just as you say and that will be fun to watch just have to have patience that’s all looking very forward to him being in the line up ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @KUSTEVE as far as the scoring end of that goes buddy is we don’t need him to score ALOT, we have others that carry that, who can do the scoring Seldon, Ellis, Graham, Mason, Svi, Brennan, as far as Cheick goes what we really need and I think we will get is the rebounding, the rim protection, as far as scoring if he even contributes 7,8,9 point s agame we are good to go. We don’t need for him to be a middle to high double digit scorer , if he hits the boards, protects the rim we should be fine. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I don’t buy self saying it’s going to take time. If he’s not going to play Diallo and start him once he gets in the game flow then there’s no point of all they went through for him.

    I seriously doubt he’s been the player we expect in practice with all that has gone on. So now that he’s got nothing weighing him down he will play free and begin to help this team. Luckily we have some easier games for him to get some serious pt.

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    Sorry this isn’t high school anymore. College basketball is the end of the road for most guys. Diallo is a highly touted recruit with a high chance of making a living playing the game. It doesn’t matter what we as fans do. The expectations are already there. Media types had pegged KU as a final 4 team before Diallo and now with Diallo KU has become the favorite to win it all.

    Besides I’m not sure high expectations will bother Diallo.

  • @DoubleDD exactly my point thanks- - - you just solidified my point- - - it’s not high school, so when he tries to pull the same things he did then he is going to have to LEARN other things - - -which takes time HELLO is anyone listening? Anyone who is anyone other then here it is 100 % unanimious the kid is raw- - -raw it is going to take time, not only is he behind because of this crap but just plain raw a lot of the ranking goes of potential not experience just as the same as when you see projected draft status to the pro’s it’s about the potential some people are going to be really disappointed if he doesn’t come out and have a monster game right off thte bat and that’s sad. Got to many people with the crimson and blue blinders on time to be real

  • Banned


    Do to your recent claim that I do not read and listen. I went and reread you point.

    I stand by my comment.

  • I can see people having wrong expectations for the kid considering the hype, but only because they aren’t familiar with his game. Expect to see a Kevin Young type of player but HULK-ified. He’s bigger, longer, faster, stronger and doesn’t ever seem to get tired. He isn’t going to be the next coming of TRob. He isn’t going to shoot the ball like Cole did. He is a guy that is going to do damage around the rim by rebounding, put backs, blocked shots, etc.

    I do expect that he will have struggles, especially with staying out of foul trouble, jump shooting, and things like that. Regardless, I truly expect him to be a difference maker when he is on the court because his strength is where the KU team has its biggest weakness. I’m very excited for Tuesday!

  • @RockkChalkk “His strength is where the KU team has its biggest weakness. I’m very excited for Tuesday!”

  • @wrwlumpy I like him! Thx.

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