• Well guys as the saga continues, beginning to believe that we could make a reality show out of this but the thing I have to say, believe is that if the NCAA is allowing Cheick to practice with the team, and going to allow Cheick to travel with the team, then it for sure looks like the end result is he WILL be cleared, but once again is WHEN? why do they continue to drag their feet, their butts, free the guy already, this is lunancy. They just cleared yet ANOTHER player yesterday that’s at St Johns, who is left to clear? Ok, now if and when Cheick here is a little concern of mine, not huge but has crossed my mind and I hope and feel that most won’t but I know there will be some that do. And that is I sure hope that when Cheick is finally cleared that we as Crimson & Blue rabid fans don’t put so much pressure and out of reason expectations on this boy, which he is still a young man, that it just gets just so out of hand by some thinking he is going to be the instant miracle, that instant fix, that’s going to solve all this teams problems, that it is going to be a no win situation for him no matter how well he does. We all know, and have heard what a great motor he has, I know from watching tapes of him a well as a lot of you have how he plays with reckless abandon, how he will definitely help big on the boards, help be that rim protector, but guys we just have to realize it still will take a bit for him to get in game playing condition. Huge difference between practing with a team then playing in real game time conditions. the key is going to be a little patience, unfortunely there are going to be some that want him once he is cleared to be that instant STUD. not happening, and there are going to be some, not a lot, but some that are going to call him a huge bust, a huge disappointment, no matter what he does on the floor if he doesn’t meet some expectations when he hits the floor, and that’s really sad that’s unrealistic. The kid is going to be good, may take just a bit but we just need to sit and watch him grow and be glad & excited that yes our boy has FINALLY hit the floor. have a great day my fellow Jayhawk brothers. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I think KU lobbied to get something out of this deal. It would have been a terrible thing for a kid to miss out on that kind of team experience traveling to Hawaii. It does maybe signify a decision is coming one way or the other and if its favorable of course KU would want its player with them and not sitting thousands of miles away helpless.

    If he does get to play we will have to be patient, but it won’t take long at all to see why he was such a coveted player.

  • @jayballer54

    To be fair to the NCAA, put yourself in their shoes. You know a lot of folks are wanting to take the NCAA down.

    KU is reputedly a high probability for a Final Four.

    What if KU were to win it all and some booster paid some bucks and found out Diallo never went to the grade and high schools he claimed. Imagine the NCAA Having to face critics regarding a recent champion with an ineligible player the NCAA didn’t fully investigate? The NCAA is fighting for its life. It can’t chances on likely tourney teams.

  • I think it is really important that he has officially been cleared by the NCAA to travel with the team to Maui and not leaving him in Lawrence by himself especially since the hostage situation is taking place in Mali as I write. Imagine him being all by himself while that is going on in his homeland. He’ll most certainly be worried about what is happening there but it will be good to be surrounded by his second family. Hope that all ends well there in Mali with no more blood shed.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Then why bite the hand that feeds you?

    The only harm has been to Cheick himself, Cheick Diallo is fighting for his life let’s not lose sight that the only person losing out here is him.

    Fully investigate? 6 months worth buddy. You would think they were trying to solve a cold case with how much time its taken.

  • @BeddieKU23

    They couldn’t be sure it was cold.

    They could only reasonably expect that UK with Skal and its roster and KU with Diallo and its roster might go deep, and given both had competed hard for Diallo, and given some apparent big shoe tension between the programs, and given some residual tension about Memphis’ defrocking after Bill and Cal met, one side might pay to rat the other out if there were any skeletons in Diallo’s closet all the way back to his bassinet!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    I heard he used a banned finger painting substance on a 6th grade art assignment. He received a zero grade and the NCAA is trying to verify whether he needs to re-take finger painting again or not

  • @BeddieKU23

    Some memories of Memphis die hard.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I agree completely. Certainly in the best interest of the student athlete to be with his team right now …for a lot of reasons.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Great comments.

  • They need to clear him soon so he can get the in game experience against lesser opponents before we get to the Big 12 season. Would have been nice to have him for the MSU game as we would have had more rim protection.

  • @Statmachine I read your referenced article noted above with a “sick kind of feeling”. I was also thinking of @jaybate-1.0 and his frequent reference to the “Big Shoe Companies” and the influence they play in poisoning college basketball.

    Quoted Paragraphs below from the referenced article.

    "Williams initially entered the recruiting circuit with some misgivings, but he soon developed a natural talent. Scan’s best player, Cheick Diallo, was spotted playing a pickup game in Bamako by Tidiane Dramé, a Malian-American, who had started a venture importing players from Mali. After hearing about Diallo, who was 6-foot-8 and still in middle school, Williams agreed to pay for his plane ticket to New York sight unseen. According to one of the numerous websites that rank teenage athletes, Diallo came into the E.Y.B.L. season as the second-ranked high-school basketball player in the country. When one reporter asked Diallo what he liked about living in the United States, he revealed both his still-maturing English and single-mindedness. “I love here because — N.B.A.!” he said. “My goal is to go to N.B.A. That was the only one thing I’m looking for is N.B.A.”

    "“I can get paid for a lot of things,” Gary said. “But Tyus Battle’s not one of them.” For those who do wish to be paid, the money could be significant. The largest figure I heard being offered in exchange for one top prospect spending a year in college was $125,000, paid by a combination of an athletic department’s boosters and a sneaker-company sponsor. The money is nearly impossible to trace: A recruit’s mother might receive a box in the mail filled with $250 American Express debit cards; a father accompanying his son to a Las Vegas tournament might find a stack of chips on his bed. “Most college coaches were also players, so it’s in their blood to be competitive, and unfortunately, sometimes they compromise their values and ethics,” Rick Evrard, a lawyer who has handled N.C.A.A. investigations for more than 20 years, told me. “This is not going to stop.”

  • @Red.Rooster I think this is exactly what we are dealing with in the Diallo situation. I bet big shoe companies are lining Diallos legal teams pockets to get this situation taken care of pronto if that’s how they work?

  • Is it possible Diallo’s legal representation is waiting for a big pay check from “Big Shoe Companies” before they go after the NCAA? How long after they get their big pay check will Diallo get his freedom?

  • @Statmachine I guess I must be a little “slow upstairs” as I read @jaybate-1.0 comments for the past couple years about “Big Shoe” and it really didn’t click with me. Right now … the light bulb finally came ON and it is shining Bright over a very “dim situation”! Thanks Stat !!!

  • The Chips in the bed really hit the nail on the head! How many summer tournaments are held in Vegas? These kids parents get reassured that they are going to have all expenses paid and then some in chips. That’s how all of these kids turn up in Vegas! talk about turning a light on!

  • I thought this seemed to fit the part. I also found it humorous that people are comparing the way the NCAA’s handling Diallo’s eligibility to “my best 3 guys”.

  • Maybe we should replace the NCAA with pep boy’s employees lol

  • Banned

    Cheick speaks four languages? I don’t care what happened in high school. The kid can speak four languages and is about to make the honor roll in his one semester at KU.

    I can’t even speak or type one language with out messing it up.

    I bet there is no one that works at The NCAA head quarters that can speak 4 languages. Talk about irony.

  • @DoubleDD

    “I bet there is no one that works at The NCAA head quarters that can speak 4 languages. Talk about irony.”

    Or think in one.

  • @DoubleDD I don’t think the NCAA even exists. It is a figment of someone’s imagination. Have you ever met anyone that worked for the NCAA? Me neither. lol

  • Should never do this, at least until they declare him ineligible… but it would be fun to wait unti we are having a really bad game and the likelihood of scoring a victory is remote.

    Discreetly send Cheick to the locker room, suit up and have him charge out of the tunnel straight to the scorer’s table to check in.

    If we come back and win, we vacate a single game we thought looked doubtful to begin with and we flip the NCAA a giant double bird in the process!

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