Wow, seen some interesting Predictions

  • just got through leafing through ESPN home, on College basketball. they listed a bunch of predictors, on the final 4, pretty much EVERY ONE had KU in the final 4. Seven of them have KU winning the National title, they are : Myron, Metcalf , Andy, Katz , Gasaway ( didn’t get 1st name ) , Joe Lunardi , Laphonso, Ellis , Sean Farhan , & Dino Gaudio thought to myself hmmmmm, sounds ok by me lol. Metcalf final 4 is , Kent, Virg, Gonz, & KU. Katz’s final 4 is KU , NC , MSU , & Cal Gasaway’s final 4 is Ku , Nc , Duke , & Wsu , Lunardi’s final 4 is , Ku , Kent , Gonz , & Ind Ellis final 4 is Gonz , Duke , Mary , & Ku Sean F , final 4 is Mary , Ku , Kent , & Nc and then Gaudio’s final 4 is Ku , Mary , Pur , & Nc. . One thing I found interesting was how many times Cal was listed in the final 4 them and Gonz, but then what do I know lol anyways there you go guys, we shall see ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    It was interesting to go back and see the publications that had the Royals finishing 4th in the American League Central this year and the Indians (.500) winning the World Series! While it’s an honor to see our name there, I am taking a less optimistic approach. I believe it can happen, but based on this cores results the last two years, I just am not sure how it will happen.

  • In order for us to make it the final four we’re gonna need some rim protection cause I’m just not confident our guys can can stay in front of their man. We need Diallo! Just my opinion.

  • @phoghawk33 Diallo’s not a great defender, his biggest attribute is going to be his rebounding ability which KU will need as they are not a good rebounding team. Mickelson, Ellis, and Traylor are way below average rebounders, Lucas is avaerage but is easily moved out of position, and the jury remains out on Bragg as he hasn’t gone against players his own size yet. This is where Diallo can have the biggest impact for KU in an area where they really need help.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I was hoping with that wingspan and athletic ability that he’d be a solid shot blocker along with rebounder

  • @phoghawk33 He might be one day, but hus reputation from HS and based on KU practices is that he has a habit fouling a lot on defense which is why I say he isn’t a great shot blocker right now.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Well hopefully I’m wrong about our guards keeping their man in front of them.

  • There is always a bond developed between the fans and the core players who stick around long enough to not transfer/go pro. Whether it’s Taylor, Robinson, Withey, and Relaford. Sherron and Cole. The whole 2008 gang and so on. And this core group is no different. I appreciate everything Selden, Madon, Ellis, BG, and so on. But if we flame out again without an identity, I am ready to start building with another core and seeing this pass.

    It’s not because they have simply lost early. And even though the Morris twins were studs, their trash talking and dirty plays got old. I was ready when they left as well.

    It’s the fact that we have not had a true identity in awhile. We aren’t an inside out team, we don’t lock down th paint, we can’t hang our hats on keep people in front of us, it isn’t toughness, and even though it could be shooting, I feel like we all realize that simply won’t happen.

    Again, I love the players and I am glad they are Jayhawks. I just am tired of going into the tournament and not being sure that we are better than any team we play in one aspect.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I don’t know what your basing that assumption on other than 1 comment from Self that Diallo would be the first to foul out.

    Have you watched any of Diallo’s actual HS games??? I know that I’ve seen dozens and @konkeyDong have watched him for years. He’s a dominate defender. He utterly dominated top competition on defense, blocking shots, rebounding, rim running.

    It’s his aggressive nature & motor that will need to be quote on quote “tamed” to play within the rules. He fouled a lot in High School there’s no question of that and every freshman big man needs to adjust to the next level.

    But whether he’s a good defender or not is pretty much useless to talk about if he never gets to play a game here…

  • @BeddieKU23

    I agree with your post on Cheick’s ability to defend.

    I am under the belief that he is one of the better post defenders we’ve ever had at providing weak side help. In fact, he has been too aggressive offering help, hence his potential for foul trouble.

    This guy plays in hyper mode. He will be a great help defensively, as long as he can stay out of foul trouble! Still… if you wonder his impact… he can’t play right now so essentially he is starting every game now with 5 fouls. Even if he has some foul trouble, he should help us as long as he can stay on the floor.

  • @BeddieKU23 Being a great defender means defending without fouling. You even said in your own post that he fouls a lot which is my point. Diallo has the tools to be a great defender, but when a kid fouls a lot while defending the rim (especially with the rules changes this year), Diallo is likely to struggle on the defensive end of the floor while he adjusts and if he’s gone after this year, I doubt he develops into a top defender.

    If Diallo gets cleared this year, I would expect him to look a lot like Tarik Black did. High energy guy who has a tendency to pick up fouls at a pretty quick rate.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 u Your post is accurate and well articulated.

    I would however offer two observations:

    Our sheer number of available post players will help mitigate any propensity for foul trouble that Diallo might have. And while it would be ideal to have him on the court as much as possible…any minutes are better than we are getting right now-even… if it is just 7-10 minutes per game of free-for-all at a frantic pace. Until he learns better.

    Secondly, the perception of a shot blocker can also be a strength. That perception can alter shots or cause the dribble driver to retreat or pass the ball out of traffic. I would contend that Joel and Withey altered / prevented far more shots than they ever blocked and they didn’t even have to draw contact to do it. Just having that wingspan on the court will benefit us…especially if he has a bit of a reputation as an enforcer because of his aggressiveness.

    I just hope we get the chance to see him prove us right or wrong!

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