• vick.png Where does Vick fit in if at all this season? I didn’t get to watch the game so I didn’t get to see how he looked but the box score tells me he did better than all of the other guards on the bench. Will Vick emerge as the 4th guard by seasons end? I obviously want Svi to be the 4th guard in the rotation but Vick’s numbers looked really good. Could anyone shed some light on the subject for me on how he looked compared to maybe Graham or Masons first game?

  • @Statmachine

    He showed flashes of his potential.

    He should turn out to be the next Michael Cooper. I thought Vick was smaller (I call him “Mini Cooper”), but after a trip to Wiki… they are both 6’5" (warning: KU inches!) and Cooper was 170 lbs, Vick 175 lbs. I’ve stood up against the great Michael Cooper, and he is every bit of 6’5". They both have that same game… energy, fast twitch muscles, long arms, thin but strong, fast…

    For those who came after Michael Cooper finished his career with the Lakers… In 1987, he won NBA Defensive Player Of The Year Award, and he was in the running for that award for a solid decade. Eight-time NBA All Defensive Team. Bird always said he was the best defender he ever faced.

    Vick is a ways from being that… but my expectations are for him to be the steroid version of lock-down defender Travis Releford. We will see some of that this year. Very easily, by year’s end, he might be the guy brought in to shut down a hot guard. I hope we see him develop this season so we at least get a glimpse of the future Vick.


    MESSAGE TO VICK: Study all the video you can on Michael Cooper… he’s your man! In particular, study his defense. What people didn’t know about Michael Cooper was that he diligently studied his opposition. He would look at hours and hours of play from everyone he faced. He understood how to hedge. He understood at what point of a drive he could reach in and jab the ball away without fouling. He knew where his opposition liked to finish their shots… their magic spots on the floor… and he made sure to challenge them on that spot. No doubt, there is skill involved with playing great defense, but most of it is a mindset… hard work, hard work, hard work! Cooper was a work horse!

  • If he’s not in the regular rotation he adds depth to a team that may need it with the way fouls could be called early.

    He will make the rotation players better due to him at practice, pushing them and stretching them to work harder on non game days so going into a game the man who is guarding ten and visa versa might not be as talented.

    If he plays 8-12 mins a game or not his size, motor and skills will make this team better.

  • Vick should be a very good defender in time. He should be able to defend 1-3 with his quickness, size and length. The question is whether he can get to that point this year, or if he needs another season to get there.

    Offensively, he could also be a very explosive player, but I think that potential is also at least a season away. I would like to see him get minutes this year, probably the 8-12 that @JRyman is suggesting, as this will help keep Wayne fresh and also give the team a different look when he is out there.

  • @justanotherfan in my opinion Vick was the best defender of the wings, no contest. He can really drive the ball. Had an air ball, but I liked what I saw! He will fill out and get better w/time.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I liked what I saw as well. I can’t put a lot of stock into his slashing game against Pitt State because he isn’t being met by D1 quality bigs. Once he is being met at the rim by a 6-10 athlete, then I can make a determination. I do think he is better defensively than either Svi or Greene showed, which is critical because there will be a game where we need to cool off a hot perimeter hand, and Vick may be the only guy that can do that. He needs to play so that he’s ready when called on to cool an Isaiah Taylor or Buddy Heild.

  • @justanotherfan great point!

  • @Statmachine so do you think our players can get a guy to sign here?

  • @Statmachine

    Just want to say it is a razor’s edge you are walking and that I appreciate the integrity in which you are doing it.

    Love the insight you provide and respect that you aren’t disclosing anything that could get you, the players or the program in trouble.

    In the words of Ron Burgundy…“stay classy!”

  • Vick is a guy that I’m really high on. I think fans will be happy with him.

    As far as this year goes, unless someone gets hurt there’s little chance Vick plays more than a handful of games or gets more than mop up minutes in blowouts (if we have any).

    He might get some burn here in the non-con due to foul issues early on which would be his only chance to gain the trust from Self. It he lights it up on both ends of the floor who knows. But I consider that a major long-shot because there are so many mouths to feed. Maybe he could beat out Greene if Greene is just not able to come back from the injury the way he’s supposed to. I don’t know for all the issues Greene has he knows the system & has been in big games before, he has trust with Self.

  • I think Greene is really sitting on the hot seat this year.

    He’s a junior now… and Self already dropped the bomb on him by making a general statement about some players not “getting it.”

    He hasn’t screwed up enough yet to be in the dog house. But he is on the hot seat. And his future minutes are at stake (as well they should be).

    Time to play defense, BG!

  • @Statmachine dang it bud- - - -STOP THAT lol, not really keep it up just giving you hell. Is it Bolden or Udoka? pssssst just leak a tinsy lol or is it at the guard spot? ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @drgnslayr if he can’t guard Pitt state?

  • The way Selden, Greene, and Svi looked, anything is possible – but it was only one game. I really liked what I saw from Vick in the WUG. Proved he could contribute if numbers permitted. I do think he could be a redshirt candidate, because he’s likely a four year player. Low chance on the redshirt, though.

    Regarding Greene, I was really shocked at how immobile he was. Really more immobile than ever.

    Self said the following before the PSU game, when asked if Greene did not have an instinct for getting back on defense: “I guess you could make a case for that. Maybe bending knees, anything like that. So, no, I’m joking. But Brannen’s had, he’s had a good camp. I just don’t think his health (coming off hip surgery) has allowed him to be at 100 percent.

    “I told our guys the other day, ‘Hey, as a freshman, you’re learning. As a sophomore, you’re stubborn. As a junior, well, you just don’t get it.’ I’m not talking about Brannen. I’m talking about anybody in general. So if you’re still fighting certain things as a junior or senior, then it’s not stubbornness, you just don’t get it.”

    He was talking about Greene, don’t ya think?

  • @Statmachine

    Temptation is a killer…but next week is just around the corner.

  • @Statmachine

    As I said, it’s a razor’s edge…so tread carefully

  • @Statmachine

    You want to be careful what you post here, also not wanting to look like you are recruiting players. That is a big no-no with the NCAA.

  • My dad and brother were and still are HUGE KU fans and I grew up watching KU basketball. When I joined the Marine Corps watching KU hoops was the only thing that made me feel at home. I don’t think I have crossed any boundary’s or broken any rules and I don’t plan on it.

  • @Statmachine You’ve probably explained how you are able to IM KU players in a previous post (or two), but any chance you could fill me and other clueless board denizens on the history behind your communication? (Im of course too lazy to do a previous thread search 🙂 Thanks

  • @Statmachine

    Let’s reduce it to basics.

    Svi was thought to be a 17 year old phenom able to play instantly in D1 and likely go to the NBA after a season.

    He could not stay with a man over a pick and he could not make his treys.

    LaGerald also came out a year early so he is nearly as young as Svi was.

    So far, he contributed significantly to winning the WUGs.

    When he comes in, he is productive, even if not yet polished.

    He is a serious talent that will contribute this season, but will be a phenom next season if he stays.

    LB had him pegged two years ago.

    LB doesn’t misread many players.

    Vick is the real deal.

    Svi is in a bind.

    There is no substitute for foot speed in any sport.

    Vick has it now.

    Svi is going to have to develop it the same way Tyrel Reed had to develop it.

    Some players can develop foots speed, and others cannot.

    Time alone will tell.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    If he has one game where he chips in double-digit points the media will be screaming that he will be a lottery pick this summer. Hopefully, he is a bright enough kid to see through the bs.

    It seems like Self’s only way to get some realism into these kids is to throttle their minutes. They all think they are the next Michael Jordan. I would probably think the same way if I was a teenager today and the press was stroking me like a prized kitty cat.

    I can barely watch D1 ball these days. It takes all my 50+ years of dedication to KU to hang in there and watch the media circus of complete nonsense that surrounds us and infiltrates our teams.

    Guess I miss the good ol’ days! I’m just old flatulence!

    Back to the topic… Vick was one heck of a great snag for us! If he can stay healthy, he should develop into prime time superman!

  • @Statmachine said:

    I have some interesting news for the buckets folks. Our KU team is currently waging an all out recruiting battle trying to close on a couple guys. Cant say who but they are trying to CLOSE on a guy atm. Pretty cool and exciting to me that they are involved.

    I am going to bet those two guys are Josh Jackson and Marques Bolden.

  • Statmachine, if you really have established a trusting insider relationship with KU squad members or student assistants, I would advise you to tread very cautiously in exposing inside info. To wit, I think you have said enough about any current recruiting info. You seem to have gleaned potent stuff in past and current threads. Please keep it cool, and in no way jerk processes in negative directions. Don’t give opposing programs fodder for heading off or undercutting Jayhawk maneuverings. BIll Self is a guy who at one time took away or shut down use of the cell phones of his complete squad in his early days of ascension to the throne. A current member of his staff no doubt remembers that decision quite clearly.

  • @SoftballDad2011 well we can only hope bud. If we were able to land those 2 it would be sweet, the signing period starts next week, hopefully we can get most of it out of the way early. I just feel Marques will sign in the early period, not so sure about Josh. The only thing that really scares me on Josh is the hometown factor, with Izzo pushing hard, more worried about Michigan State then Arizona. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Ok Buckets I will keep a lid on it!

  • @Statmachine

    You can always try to imitate Self and release poker hand clues meant to puzzle everyone. Seems to work pretty good for the Riverboat Gambler! 😉

  • @HighEliteMajor I think he was definitely talking about Greene.

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