Reasons why Cheick decision is taking so long

  • Calipari is still trying to steal him away from us and is petitioning the NCAA to declare him eligible only for Kentucky.

    The NCAA can’t find Africa on a map

    The NCAA is too busy trying to make Cheick puns

    The NCAA is working on the tournament bracket for 2016 and trying to figure out how to get Duke to the championship game with the correct refs.

    Most of the NCAA staffers working on the case realized they are also alums of Our Saviour New American Academy and are busy trying to make sure they’re legal HS graduates.

    They all went to Misery and therefore are incompetent methheaded, meatheaded, motorheaded, metalheaded fools.

    They’re all in a Phog

    The committee is headed by my all time least favorite college coach Billy Tubbs who is still trying to figure out why he only played 6 guys against KU in that '88 championship game. He couldn’t coach and he can’t lead committees either.

    They’re watching youtube videos of those trick shot guys and are trying to duplicate the shots.

    They’ve adopted this as their theme

    Harm and malice intended

  • Still More Reasons Its Taking So Looooooooong!!!

    NCAA secretary can’t figure out how to override spell checker and allow “Cheick.”

    NCAA wants a little more time to exploit Cheick’s image without proper compensation, before having to make good on the recent settlement during and compensate him properly during his OAD season.

    Self slipped the paper pusher at NCAA clearance a five spot to drag his feet, because Self is trying scare Lucas and Traylor into thinking they will have to committee the five again and so learn to rebound and score b2b in the paint.

    Self knows all about @HighEliteMajor’s criticism of BAD BALL, and Self is getting even by holding Cheick out (he’s been cleared but Self asked them to delay the announcement) so @jaybate 1.0 starts predicting BAD BALL will rule again and @HighEliteMajor cracks and uses his frequent flyer miles for a one way to Osawatomie, Kansas.

    Hilary has asked the NCAA to wait until the eve of the election, so she can take responsibility for freeing Cheick to play and take all of Kansas’ electoral votes.

    It has something to do with a tear in the universe and Gakona.

    A Megaladon has been discovered in Lake Perry and the President’s National Security team is forcing a delay in Cheick’s clearance to try to distract eastern Kansas from a mass panic.

    Cheick’s Kayes, Mali YMCA coach is holding out for more tennies than adidas is willing to comp.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice, just lots of impatience.)

  • Come on, guys… there is a logical reason why it has taken 4 months. Chances are… the smuggler vessel that was carrying his Mali transcripts capsized in the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately, all the search cameras are still being contracted out by Malaysia Airlines.

  • @drgnslayr


    Smuggler ship carrying transcripts!!!

    Absolutely classic!!

  • @drgnslayr

    Question: How do you get rid of a commercial airliner?

    Answer: paint Maylasian Airways on it.

    Rim shot!

  • Seriously, based on Self’s most recent comments, the answer is typical bureaucracy (of which I am sometimes guilty!) :

    • The NCAA person handling Cheick finishes the previous case.

    • Now at long last (s)he starts looking at Cheick’s submitted documents.

    • And (s)he decides (s)he wants additional information from Mali.

    • So KU is left scrambling to get the info urgently, when objectively the NCAA could have asked for it months ago: but that would involve managing cases in parallel and not in sequence.

    I believe the technical term for this is “Now they tell me!”.

  • At today, Self was talking about additional information they were putting together from Mali. Sounds like it hasn’t even been submitted. Sounds like the NCAA just came back to KU for some additional items. Here’s the quote:

    “He’s cleared to practice pending on what they decide throughout the information we will submit to them (Eligibility Center) whenever it is all together,” Self said. “A lot of people wonder ‘Why wouldn’t it (academic materials) all be together yet?’ There’s a lot of reasons why … because they just told us recently some things they wanted. Instead of throwing it to them piece by piece, they requested we submit it all together. It may be a couple more weeks before we are able to submit everything. When you are talking about getting information from schools in Mali … we hope within two weeks. It may be three weeks before we have a definite answer. Right now Cheick is like everybody else. He’s practicing. He needs the time. This is all new to him. The fact he could be out there with us now will not put him behind when hopefully we get good news on him in the future.”

  • Seriously? Transcripts from Mali?

    They look at transcripts that far back? His transcripts from when he was 13-14 years old? Maybe further back?

    When was he potty trained? When was he able to crawl? All vital information to know to qualify him for university.

    Ooops… he spit up some rice… that’s gonna cost him!

  • @drgnslayr

    Still like the NCAA??

  • @drgnslayr He technically spent his first semester of HS in Mali. I don’t know anything about their school system there, but Diallo spent the equivalent of a semester there so those classes are relevant now for his eligibility.

  • His transcripts literally have to travel to Timbuktu and back.


  • Ok, maybe a positive spin here – if his American Heritage insufficient to deem him eligible, why bother with Mali records? Logically, this would lead me to believe that the American Heritage coursework was sufficient. Now, the NCAA to conclude the investigation wants certain Mali records.

  • I have to ask- Why wasn’t his stuff from Mali requested months ago. If in fact he took HS classes in Mali, wouldn’t any brainiac figure you would need that information to be sent to the NCAA. This whole process sounds Bush League & should have been dealt with before October.

    A new theory I have is he was denied initial eligibility.

    KU has appealed, during this process the NCAA has requested more information while letting him practice because the start of practice has begun & he doesn’t have amateurism concerns/just academic.

    KU appealed Ben & Mari’s cases to no avail & they both had cases drag on where it was getting close to the beginning of the year.

    We know that Self knows more to this story, he’s only relegating certain information to the public.

  • If Diallo eventually receives NCAA clearance as a “Partial Qualifier,” then the Big 12 just might lay down the hammer, as happened with McLemore and Traylor. Or not. Perhaps some of this paperwork holdup at KU could be purposeful, all the while allowing Diallo to practice now, even though the forecast portends that he might have to sit out a semester or a full season? If he were declared ineligible today (or last week) he might not get to practice now or for a certain time period. Crafty program decision?

  • This is the year of Hunter Mickelson. Say it with me …

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    This is the year of Hunter Mickelson. Say it with me …

    Even if Diallo is cleared!

  • The HS in NY must have considered his coursework from Mali to be sufficient to let him graduate, so what’s the problem?

  • @wissoxfan83 Ah, therein lies the rub. Maybe Heritage just took it on faith that he took certain classes that met with the core requirements? Or possibly they didn’t scrutinize the classes to a great degree. They have issues with the NCAA, so Heritage is not quite the pinnacle of higher education to begin with. If Diallo is counting core classes from Mali in the mix – eeeesh – that isn’t good. Was kind of hoping that he got all of his core stuff at Heritage (and that they were using updated text books, that the classes weren’t taught by chimps, etc).

    @ParisHawk How crazy would this be if Mickelson beat out Diallo? Anywhere else, crazy-talk. With Self, you never know.

  • @drgnslayr Oh yah! I actually heard about this on CNN! It got hit by Hurricane Joaquin on the way here from Mali.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I think you have it right. Surely, KU would already have his first semester of HS in Mali. Wouldn’t he need that for basic admissions anyways? All of your HS records are needed to prove curriculum and also GPA. At least… that is the way it worked back in my days when we rode horses to school!

  • Why can’t a KU grad working for the CIA declare him a vital intel asset in Mali and call NSA to hack into NCAA computers and get Cheick a set of forged clearance papers, maybe even some forged dual citizenship papers, and a US Tax ID number, then one of those SSNs that supposedly only the spooks get, then a CIA employment number, and then a DL?

    Then Cheick could play right now.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Oh,yeah,Banikane. They have a great water buffalo steak restaurant there. And a drink called a Diallo Dunk!

  • @drgnslayr

    I’m just not buying this smokescreen Self has put out there.

    Its October & they are just now asking for information dealing with Mali?

    I think they requested this info a while back but because they are appealing, its a logical runaround to use for the press that information is still being gathered before sending all at once.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    How crazy would this be if Mickelson beat out Diallo? Anywhere else, crazy-talk. With Self, you never know.

    That’s not really what I meant. If Hunter becomes one of the 4 rotation bigs and performs well in that role, he could be the most improved player - which is enough for me to declare this “Hunter Mickelson year”.

    I’m hoping for a tie among Mickelson, Selden and Svi!

  • *Self clarified a bit more tonight, and said it was not a negative decision that they are appealing, but that the NCAA is asking for more information before making a final determination.

    Self said the upcoming presentation should not be considered part of any appeals process — there has been no ruling as of yet — but it appears that the final decision could come down to information exchanged this month.

    “I don’t know all the ways the legislation runs, but this is one in which, based on the information that (the NCAA) had, it probably wouldn’t be a good outcome for us,” Self said. “

    And it’s our job to pull together more (information). They’ve requested more things, and we’re working on that.”Self added: “But by no means has there been an answer one way or another. It’s basically: ‘This wouldn’t be a good presentation yet, because we still need to see A, B an C or X, Y and Z.’ It’s our job to get that stuff together, which we will. It just takes a little bit of time.” * I see my Appeals theory could be incorrect. But the line about what they have probably without his Mali info is confirmation of all our fears…

  • @BeddieKU23

    I’m starting to think that advisers have told Kansas to go slow. Perhaps they get a better result that way. Sort of like the IRS. In theory, they challenge less late filings than those on time. Maybe it works that way. Maybe the NCAA has a heart and knows Diallo’s future is at stake so they are trying to hurry up (or their legal department is worried about a lawsuit). Maybe… all the planets will align and our planet will become one super happy place. Wish I had a dime for every “maybe.”

  • @BeddieKU23

    All ill feelings towards Kentucky aside, (and there are many!) what a travesty. The kid is from the poorest country in or hemisphere, survives the earthquake and someone gets him here and either:

    A. Uses Skal for his own personal gain as his guardian.

    B. Has a legitimate heart for Skal and is just doing whatever he can in order to help him capitalize on his enormous potential

    C. Somewhere in between. I don’t know anything about this Thompson character, but my guess is if the NCAA is looking into the relationship it wasn’t all good.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Taken from your link:

    “Labissiere arrived in the United States in 2010 from Haiti after the devastating earthquake that hit the country. Hamilton has moved Labissiere from Evangelical Christian School to Lausanne Collegiate – both around Memphis, Tennessee – where he was ruled ineligible to play. Labissiere wound up playing for Memphis-based Reach Your Dream Prep, which Hamilton formed to give the talented big man somewhere to play for his senior campaign.”

    Seriously? His agent FORMED a school, basketball team, and scheduled opponents for Lab’s senior year? Is that legal? Sounds like total rubbish. Who was his educational teacher(s)? The same guy that took the SAT for Rose? Did Cal set this up for Lab during his junior year of HS? Why wouldn’t he attend a real school?

    And Cheick’s past looks fishy? Lab wasn’t given HS eligibility clearance in Memphis.

    Wow… check out this link. It is a year old but still says plenty. Surely Lab will never see a D1 basketball court. A court room… perhaps.

    Hoops recruit announces he’ll play at prep school that doesn’t exist

    I will bet hard cash that Cal helped Hamilton set this up. I can smell his stench on this, even after a year…

  • @drgnslayr Seriously? His agent FORMED a school, basketball team, and scheduled opponents for Lab’s senior year? Is that legal? Sounds like total rubbish. Who was his educational teacher(s)? The same guy that took the SAT for Rose? Did Cal set this up for Lab during his junior year of HS? Why wouldn’t he attend a real school?

    This is a factor in why he hasn’t been cleared yet. The guy who’s his handler sounds like an idiot that’s taking advantage of of Skal for his own personal gain which is also why him making money related to Skal is being investigated. I do feel bad for Skal in this situation because I haven’t seen anything that he personally has done wrong, I just think he’s getting taken advantage of.

  • Listening to this stuff, and folks think the NCAA is the bad guy? Geeez.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I’m not a Kentucky fan, and even less of a Calipari fan. But I also hate to see a young, gifted player get “worked” by someone who is clearly out for themselves. If he had put Skal’s interest first, he would have helped him go to a legitimate school from the getgo.

    What is amazing is these “handlers” really do mess up recruits’ futures. If they knew anything at all about basketball (or life) they would turn them in the right direction and then perhaps hope the kids grow up and realize how they helped them and perhaps throw a few bucks back their ways later. Of course… people out to do good usually aren’t thinking about getting paid for it later.

    Hamilton is about to be smashed like a bug on a windscreen. The question is HOW LONG and HOW MANY MILLIONs have to be lost before Skal realizes Hamilton is not helping him but hurting him.

  • Like I said all long, and having first hand experience in the subject of getting foreign academic records, it sounds more and more that it is his paperwork from Mali that is holding the process.

    As far as Skal, he transferred his senior year to Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis , but because of the transfer, he was found to be ineligible to play basketball for Lausanne Collegiate School, so his guardian created the “Reach your Dream” Prep School so he could play basketball his senior year…as a team it was pretty bad. Again, he only played basketball for Reach your Dream and he did his academic work at Lausanne Collegiate School…and that is the rest of the story…

  • @wrwlumpy Like that Bilas a former Dukie is goin to bat for a KU guy.

  • Does anyone know if he will be able to play in Late Night on Friday?

  • @drgnslayr @HighEliteMajor

    I have to ask a question as both of these cases drag closer & closer to the start of the season.

    What exactly is the NCAA trying to prove with either case??

    Are they trying to prove that Skal was shopped around like a piece of merchandise? Are they trying to prove that Diallo didn’t take enough classes to the NCAA standards for playing sports?

    In the end the only people that are being hurt or going to be hurt are the kids themselves.

    Something just isn’t right here. Why is it the kids fault (by default) if both are naive to either situation that has been brought upon them.

    If a Handler has shopped Skal, why not make it impossible for him to have contact with other potential HS players?

    Why not strip him away with a no-show clause so that he can never do this again. The answer is because the NCAA is not the police, the only people they can control are the one’s at an university. So by default an innocent kid could be punished? Sounds about right don’t it.

    With Diallo, the kid speaks 4 languages. Most have a hard time mastering 1, much less 3 more. You have a degree of intelligence if you can juggle 4 languages. So what are they trying to say about Diallo? Your coursework isn’t enough to let you play basketball but you can continue to go to school? Nobody is benefiting here, except that the NCAA can huff and puff about their rule-book. I get it rules are rules, they are enforced for “integrity of the sports”.

    If Diallo was just a student (you know the other 10’s of thousands of students that are just a blip on the map) this would be a non-issue. There’s no dragged out clearinghouse process, he would be off in his own world going to school like the rest of the kids. But because he wants to put a basketball in a hoop and make some $ for himself down the road, he’s being probed for information.

    His profession is basketball but there’s a chance the NCAA is going to tell him “son you can’t learn or perform your profession this year, but maybe next year”.

    Imagine a medical student being told “son you have to skip a year of medical school because your High School’s didn’t provide you enough classes to learn & perform medicine this year”. But next year you can try.

    So again what is the NCAA trying to prove?

  • @BeddieKU23 AND, wouldnt it benefit the NCAA’s piggy bank to have both Diallo and Skal on the floor on January 30th??

  • @BeddieKU23

    I feel your frustration.

    The NCAA has to be the police for this membership structure. Without these cases where recruits are denied, it would just continue to push it further and further, away from the overall needed standard they are reaching for. I do understand that part.

    What I don’t understand is their laziness in publishing info for young players to steer them away from handlers. Give them info about how to identify people who are trying to exploit them. Explain more about what is allowed and what is not allowed. They could spread the word through the AAU circuit and HS ball, especially the schools where many elites go.

    It doesn’t seem like they do enough to protect the athletes.

  • @drgnslayr

    I’m extremely frustrated, I can only imagine how Diallo & Self feel about this.

    It’s a distraction for Cheick, one that’s going to affect his play in practice until he’s either given the good news or the hammer. I know if I was 18 and my fate rested upon a panel or committee of people, I would find it hard to focus on what’s in front of me.

    I don’t disagree that there has to be a governing body in place. I just wish there was a much clearer way & faster way of determining these things.


    Great point, that game does have a lot of $ associated to it because its going to be a big game.

  • @drgnslayr

    The NCAA has tons of publications on the subject and they are readily available to student through High School coaches, academic advisers, internet, social media…you name it. I hate to be blunt but any kid that has aspirations to play college ball and does not know the rules, should not be going to college in the first place; it is the equivalent of smoking and then claiming you did not know it caused cancer.

    We have to stop the culture of blaming someone else for individual shortcomings. Why is it that we fixate on the handful of incomplete applications that do not go through smoothly and not in the 100,000 other properly submitted applications that sail through with out a problem?

    I am sorry, but a kid that takes money or improper benefits in this day and age, when every single one has a cell phone with access to all kinds of information, and then claims he did not know, he is either not telling the truth or is not college material.

    I believe that a kid that wants to play pro-ball should not have to go to college…and many don’t, but if he chooses to go to college as away of preparing for the next level, then he should follow the rules in place like every other student-athlete. It is really that simple.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I agree. Totally. Everyone needs to be held accountable these days and we need to stop the blame game.

    But I think this is important enough to take extra measures. Many players are foreign and I doubt they understand how touchy the rules are.

    Also… HS kids have been groomed into being totally unaccountable. Our society somehow thinks it is horrific sweat shop behavior if a kid has a job before turning 18. If a kid waits until 18 to finally do some work, chances are he/she will never really have the right work ethic.

  • “Reasons why Cheick decision is taking so long”

    I hope the final result (Cheick becoming eligible) will give him the realization that playing basketball at Kansas is pure privilege and an honor and worth losing a tooth or gaining a black eye defending the honor of so many great Kansas fans, some living today for over a century!

    I’d like to see this team realize their identity… take a trip out to see Naismith’s grave and realize how important they are as a branch of the deeply-rooted Jayhawk tradition!

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