Azubike, sets visit

  • just read where Udoka Azubike has set his visit to come to Ku. he will be in the week or weekend whatever it is on the 18th of September, the same weekend T.J.Leaf Azubike is 6ft 11 and 265 pretty good size, right now says Flordia State is leading, but Ku making a strong push. we shall see.

  • @jayballer54

    He’s the Cadillac of girth men!

    I’ll even take the 14 yr old version -

  • @drgnslayr I thought you meant a 14 year old Cadillac, that would be an upgrade from what I currently drive.

    Was it Bolden that is making a visit without any other recruits?

  • Looks like me playing against my 8- and 9-year old nephews on an 8-foot rim in the driveway.


  • @clevelandjayhawk yes, Bolden is makin 2 visits, 1 by himself and then the other at late night with others

  • @jayballer54

    Udoka = Udunka!

  • Does anyone know anything about this young man? Is he another Cheick in terms of academic question marks? Is he African? Is his transcript going to be called into question? I’d love to see him come to KU, but could do without the drama.

  • @wissoxfan83 He’s from Nigeria. I found an old article (here) that suggests there could be some issues/drama regarding his age.

  • @DanR Recruit him with a 10 foot poll then I’d guess!

  • @clevelandjayhawk said:

    I thought you meant a 14 year old Cadillac, that would be an upgrade from what I currently drive.

    Didn’t Cadillac still use the Northstar engine back then, if so then there’s very few cars you could drive that are worse than those things.

  • Udoka is an absolute beast. At a recent big time all star showcase, all the players voted on accolades for their peers at the event. Udoka was voted most difficult player to defend. The kid seems to like to block shots, rebound, and dunk in a way that intimidates opposing players. Watching all the footage available at this time it’s clearly evident opposing post players get noticeably frustrated or even straight deterred from banging with Udoka on the low block. His teammates are wide-eyed with laughter every time he throws down a ferocious dunk… almost breaking the basket on several occasions. You can’t teach great size and athleticism, and he has both in spades. He is a space eater galore who seems willing to put in the work to polish his game. Hudy will transform his body. Its not hard to see him being the biggest & strongest player every time he steps on the court. Hopefully Diallo lives up to the hype and reaffirms to all that KU is still “Big Man U.” KU is pretty strong with top prospect in the 2017 class, seven footer Deandre Ayton, Udoka played very well against him at I believe the “NBA Top 100 Camp”

  • I sense the KU faithful here are starting to warm up to Udoka!

    I’ve caught the fever!

  • @drgnslayr

    I think we would warm up even more if he signed… He definitely could play as a Fr next year, just hopeful that his development of skill/shooting would take a steep curve up while here. A true brute force Center is hard to find in this age of ball.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I think this guy is the rare exception where we never want him bombing 3s. Shackle his feet and bolt him down in the paint!

  • @drgnslayr

    Correct, I was more leaning to his FT% which basically can’t get much worse at 40ish%. A nice Hook around the hoop or the ability to use his feet to gain leverage on a defender is what I’m most thinking would be his greatest strengths to learn if he came here. Let’s face it, he can’t dunk everything, guys in College will guard him even if they fail they will hack him. Can he pass out of a double team, some highlights show he can but they were obviously easy passes to make when 4 guys collapse on you.

  • @BeddieKU23

    All we can do is hope we can get his FT% up to at least 65% or so… but there are the exceptions where guys just can’t get it down, even when millions of dollars are riding on it.

    A guy this size… dunking alone should bring him many points every game. It sure worked for Shaq! If he can use his size like Shaq used his, anything in close gets dunked regardless who is standing there or not. Shaq just went over everyone and had such force that no one could defend his dunks. Udoka seems to have that kind of power and he appears to have a long reach and some serious hops. I bet he can grip a basketball like one of us can grip a baseball!

  • Visit is scheduled for this weekend as confirmed by his brother. Sounds promising, maybe we can close the deal??

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