KU's Conference Schedule Released

  • Interesting schedule with 3 of first 5 games at home.

    @Iowa St then Kentucky @ home then K-St at home is going to be some kind of emotional rollercoaster…

    Jan. 2 Baylor

    Jan. 4 Oklahoma

    Jan. 9 at Texas Tech

    Jan. 12 at West Virginia

    Jan. 16 TCU

    Jan. 19 at Oklahoma State

    Jan. 23 Texas

    Jan. 25 at Iowa State

    Jan. 30 Kentucky (Big 12/SEC Challenge)

    Feb. 3 Kansas State

    Feb. 6 at TCU

    Feb. 9 West Virginia

    Feb. 13 at Oklahoma

    Feb. 15 Oklahoma State

    Feb. 20 at Kansas State

    Feb. 23 at Baylor

    Feb. 27 Texas Tech

    Feb. 29 at Texas

    March 5 Iowa State

  • I’m not happy with the layout of this schedule at all. The two games I typically make it to each year (Baylor and Texas) are during the week this year and I work late enough on Friday nights that the 11:00 am tip for the TCU game is going to make it to where I can’t go to that game. It sucks that this will be the first time in 12 or 13 years I won’t make it to a regular season game.

    KU really needs to make the Final Four this year so I can make it to a game and hopefully two.

  • At first glance our last 5 games do us no favor, I’d almost trade some of those early home games for the end of the year.

    Start by traveling to what will be a terrible K-St but on the road none the less, @ Baylor which was a slugfest last year, easy home game vs T-Tech. Then we go on the road for Big Monday against Texas & then end the year with Senior Night @ home vs Iowa St which you could argue might be for the league.

    It’s definitely a tough schedule especially when you throw in Kentucky smack dab in the middle of it all. Starting with Baylor & Oklahoma @ home within 3 days is also interesting. As always we will have to earn the title again.

  • Texas

    At Iowa State


    All in one week. That’s as tough a stretch as probably anybody in the country will have. We will learn a lot about this team and whether they are ready for March in that stretch.

    Really, that stretch is an NCAA tournament type of stretch. Texas, day off, ISU, then followed with Kentucky, which is the same as a Sweet 16, Elite Eight, National Semifinal (and similar caliber opponents). I’m circling that stretch now.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 time for vacation!

  • @justanotherfan That is a brutal as I can remember. Hopefully we have enough gas left in the tank when UK comes to AFH.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 So take the time off & go!

  • As brutal as it is for us, other teams have to add us on their schedule twice!

    Free Chieck!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 @curmudgeonjhwk If had they vacation time I would. Problem is I’ve been in several weddings this summer and have a couple more in the fall that have used all of my vacation days and I don’t get more until late March after the regular season.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 stinks!! Sick days?

  • @justanotherfan

    I zoomed in on that stretch of the schedule, too.

    I didn’t look at it like a problem for being 3 games in 7 days.

    I don’t like that the ISU game is two days after Texas. Guessing that is one of those “Big Monday” games. So our boys battle the Longhorns then travel and two days later go to a quick ISU team at the Hilton. Can I spell “tired legs?”

    That’s the first problem I see.

    The second problem I have is having 5 days to prepare for Kentucky. It sounds great at first. 5 friggin’ days to get ready… yippeee! But once the season starts, when there is a long delay between games (like 5 days) we tend to come out flat. We should be very rested and prepared… everything says we should be setup great for that game… but we typically don’t do well with that much rest.

    I wish we had 3 days to prepare for Kentucky.

    I know we all want a perfect record and to smoke the B12… but I wouldn’t mind it all coming down to that last game in AFH against the clowns. Those pretend contenders can only win on their home court… something Kansas has managed to do for the last hundred years. Big deal…

    When is our game with Wichita State? (just kidding)

  • Should be A never interesting year in the big 12

  • @drgnslayr So you’d prefer a schedule set up that doesn’t help prepare KU for deep in the tournament?

    That stretch of games will pretty accurately (minus the neutral court and stadiums) simulate the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final Four for KU. Texas is absolutely a Sweet 16 caliber team (and only second time facing Smart), ISU is definitely and Elite 8 caliber team (and first time facing Prohm), and Kentucky with the recruits they’re flipping and reclassifying (something smells fishy there) has the depth now to be a Final Four contender. The number of days off also is the same time line as the NCAA tournament for those same rounds.

  • This may not be nice, but I can’t wait to celebrate big 12 champs and sr pm w/ISU. Heck, let’s have Niang give a sr speech!!

  • We have had brutal schedules before and they didn’t help us one bit in the tournament. What we need is a healthy team with all its parts (Diallo) & a team that has chemistry and an identity to make it past the first weekend.

    The biggest key to this schedule will be the road games. A lot of games for the team to draw back from last year as we can do better than this. The meltdown’s in Manhattan & Stillwater, poor 1st half in Ames, whatever it was we were a poor road team. Maybe the biggest improvement as a team in conference play will be to have that killer mentality on the road that we didn’t have last year.

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