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  • This has nothing to do with sports or KU, but I know there’s a lot of friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people on here and I’d like to ask a favor. My son is going to be working in the KC area very soon and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a nice, safe apartment complex within say 25 miles or so of the Legends area. His budget right now is probably about $1,000 per month. He was thinking of Overland Park or someplace like that to start. Any ideas or suggestions you have would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you very much.

  • If he is comfortable staying in the Western part of Wyandotte County, there are some good complexes out that way that will give him some pretty good bang for his buck. Some of the places off 435 in Johnson County are also nice, but they are going to be a bit more pricey than the western Wyandotte places. I would recommend he check out a couple of places and see what he likes. Ultimately, picking a place to live is up to personal preference.

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    The Legend has brought incredible development to that area; Western Wyandotte County is now starting to resemble Johnson County. Obviously staying in Overland Park, Lenexa or Olathe give him a lot more options but he should be able to find a decent place near the Legends. Lots of new developments and subdivisions off Hwy 7 and particularly I-435 South of the river in West Shawnee and Lenexa.area which would be a short commute to the Legends (10 minutes). I live in East Olathe and I am about 25 miles from the Legends.

  • Thanks guys! I appreciate your input very much.

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    I recommend he stay west of state line.

  • @VailHawk good suggestion😄

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