• Since the days of Sherron, our last 15 second ISO play has been a four corner clear out for The best driver and dish artist. In the Double overtime championship game it was used at the end of the game and in the first overtime. The play is very simple and very beautiful with unlimited number of options directed by Frank. At the end of the first overtime Frank does what Sherron used to do most of the time and take it to the rack to score.


  • In my mind, Frank has surpassed Sherron in this category. I can’t think of anyone else besides Frank to run this play.


  • @wrwlumpy and TT!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 TT made that play a zillion times. Except against Kensucky.

  • The 4 flat look is only effective if there are 3 other perimeter players and an excellent weak side post player. This prevents the person running the iso from being double or triple teamed with no option. My biggest issue though with Frank running this play is that he doesn’t have the greatest court vision and he does miss a lot open players with better scoring opportunities than he has.

  • @wrwlumpy Great observation! You are right. There is probably footage of Sherron and TT in the same position doing the same thing many times with the same result.

    And this should fill us all with warm feelings for the 2015-16 season.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Looks less like a “4 corners” iso and more of a baseline iso.

    I see why Self would run this iso set. Definitely one of the biggest reasons is how well spread out our guys are. Typically, iso sets will push guys tight together and then they run screens out of it. Problem is… very unpredictable. It only takes one mistake or one defender getting in the spot that neutralizes all our guys clumped together. In this set, players are spaced out and the defense doesn’t have many options on where to stand and defend from. This makes it more like a chess game and we can practice this set with different outcomes based on the chess moves made by the defenders. If the low post defender tries to prevent Frank’s drive to the rim, he will need to either push out the post player he is guarding, or step out of position to fill the driving lane. If he does that, Frank should have an easy assist by rifling a pass into the low post for an easy score.

    This iso set helps prevent the defense from making layers of defense Frank has to drive by. As long as our bigs are able to execute the low post screen, or get help from a wing screen by running a cross-up screen, Frank basically has to beat only his man to have a clear path to the rim.

    Looks like an easy set to scout and beat with a little practice. Looks can be deceiving!

  • The key to this is that both of the guys in the corners have to be credible three point shooters, otherwise those defenders will sink into the middle and clog everything up. If Selden continues to shoot well, he has some gravity here that will hold his defender on him, giving Mason precious space to operate in. Running that when you are not surrounded by shooters is a turnover death trap because the whole defense collapses into the lane with zero options.

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