Tom Rob working hard.

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    Thanks for the link. TRob is the one player I would really like to see succeed and make it big in the NBA. I believe that every Jayhawk fan has an emotional investment as we were all affected by his personal situation.

  • Good article… Long and detailed. I think he has a lot of folks pulling for him.

  • great article about the beast. If he could just find a place to unwind, seems all he’s gone through is still weighing on him too much. I’ve been shocked that a team hasn’t invested the actual time to help this guy out but its a business in the NBA. I feel like the Suns should take him like they did getting Marcus to pair with his brother. Imagine those 3 together again! Seems like the Nets are interested in him but they signed McCollough in the draft…

  • @BeddieKU23 better stay away from twins!! They may be in big trouble!

  • Nice article.

    It is clear that Thomas has been on a whirlwind, chaotic lifestyle since losing his mother. It seems like he doesn’t have time to process anything… go through the grieving process of losing his mother and sit down and take a long hard look at where he is in perspective to league play.

    His first focus has to stay on rebounding, defense, and setting hard screens. That alone will probably buy him a ticket on some teams. Then, over time, develop some offense. Develop some tools that are useful with the team he is on… specifically.

    You can pick up the anxiety of what he is going through just from reading that article.

    Slow down, Mr. Robinson. Sister is going to be okay. Focus on what you have to do. It’s a job like being an employee at any other job. Get the job done!

  • I’m not worried about Thomas Robinson and his F.O.E brothers Marcus and Markieff Morris. It must be recalled what a positive role Angel Morris stepped up immediately into a “motherly” role after TRob’s mom passed. She stayed in Lawrence another year, just for TRob’s sake, after the Morris guys left in 2011. TRob + Tyshawn lead the 2012 Champgame run…

    If either of the Morris guys wants to make the same mistake going down that “street cred” machismo path that Allen Iverson so infamously did 15+yrs ago, hey that’s their business. But that isn’t them, as Angel documented nicely that she moved residences 2 or 3 times in the Twins’ teen years, to keep them away from trouble. It is also publicly documented how the Twins would cross to the other side of the street to avoid unsavory or questionable street characters in Philly.

    Don’t let their look fool you: The Twins are way more scowl-&-grimace than any actual bite. They stick to basketball, they’ll be fine.

    Plus, the Twins and TRob are grown men, with lives to manage. I think TRob gets it, and I think the Twins do too. But, everyone matures at different rates, especially when large amts of $ are involved. Rock stars, pro players, young actors/actresses, yada, yada, yada…SSDD.

  • Banned

    I don’t blame the twins. You mess with the woman that brought me into this world, and I’ll end yours. Just Saying.

  • @DoubleDD Nice way to put it. I’m sure in a serious moment, Marcus and Markieff know exactly what kind of trouble Angel Morris strived so hard to protect her boys from. They likely owe everything to her, first, and maybe a bit to Bill Self & D.Manning. And I think that fact keeps them out of serious screw-ups. They are smarter than KU people think they are.

  • Twins have been split up again. Marcus to the Pistons.

  • Thomas Robinson signs 2 year contract with Nets….link here.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Awesome!

  • I see Marcus is headed to Detroit.

    Maybe it is best to separate the twins. Give them more of a real life experience having to make it on their own. Less focus on both going out at night when they are on their own.

  • @drgnslayr

    On the other hand, they seem to play much better when they are in the same team…

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