Thx to all board rats covering the recruiting beat!

  • Sending a big thank you to all those covering recruiting for us. I used to not like recruiting gossip, but it seems like @statmachine and @truehawk93 and @konkyDong and @JayHawkFanToo and @Crinsonorblue22 and @wrwlumpy and several others that my cell phone is preventing me from naming have combined to find a new way of covering recruiting that makes it all interesting, connective and more investigative!!!

    Sleuth on!


  • @jaybate-1.0 When I feel it, I do it!

  • I’m with @jaybate-1.0 … thanks to all who do their homework and bring the real news to us!

  • Speaking of which, for someone who doesn’t follow every recruiting angle. We still have schollies available, right? What’s it looking like? Any gems in the rough still out there? I just saw the Badgers picked up a 6’11" Euro pro, who actually played as an amateur. While I’m excited about that, what about us? Who’re we still after? I don’t necessarily want Thon, but, is there any chance he comes? I’m excited for next season. We’re sitting pretty good but need more, more, more!!!

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    I’m not sure how the do it? I try to find stuff and get lost in the deep recesses of Google land, with no understanding of how to get out.

    Thanks guys for the work you do to bring us the latest on the recruiting trail.

  • @wissoxfan83 we have 2 schillies left and have 2 top 100 guards visiting this week.

  • I’m wondering if we’re still in on Papagiannis or has that ship sailed? Right now, we likely only have two bigs for 2016-17.

  • @DoubleDD

    Famous last quotes:

    “I lost my car keys and virginity in a Google search. Can someone help me out???”

  • @HighEliteMajor KU has not offered Papagiannis so I don’t think its going to happen? Its been real quiet in the twittersphere in regards to Papagiannis and his final destination.

  • @Statmachine

    Kind of makes me wonder if we have Thon tapped, but just quiet sitting on him until we know of his eligibility.

  • All the projection have Thon Maker as a strong KU lean; however, I just don’t see Coach Self taking him for just one semester. Amazing how all the Thon talk has basically vanished.

    As far as Papagiannis, it would appear that he will be playing in Greece for money while getting ready for the NBA…maybe he will join the Vegas team… 🙂

  • @JayHawkFanToo I do not think he’s coming to ku

  • Isn’t all the latest rage that Thon is headed to Arizona St.?? But the odds that he qualifies and makes it to college seem slim anyway.

    I heard the Greek kid was to make a decision in June…

    Another name to throw out now is Noah Dickerson who just asked for his release from Florida. 6’8 245. He was a teammate of Simmons the #1 player. Dickerson was going to get minutes there as a freshman. No word yet if KU will try and get involved with him.

  • ‏@KUsports · 50m50 minutes ago
    SG LaGerald Vick to begin Kansas visit | From @GaryBedore #kubball

  • Can you imagine how sickening it would be to have Thon Maker show up in December and play for Kansas? I can’t even fathom it.

    Is it a recruiting violation for a booster to have contact with a recruit and tell the recruit don’t come to Kansas?

  • @HighEliteMajor How much do you think he would be able to contribute in December having missed all of the offseason work and first few weeks of the season? I would love to have him either way.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I hear what you are saying… but none of us really know Thon’s intentions. We’d have to trust Self on this one. My guess is that Self will evaluate if he thinks he can keep Thon for another whole year. That would change the picture dramatically. Imagine if in a year he actually lives up to the hype? And we have most of our team returning as seniors. Keeping Bragg… and maybe even a long shot at Diallo.

    Using a Calipari sales tactic here… but… imagine the draft stock of all these players if they are rolling into the NBA draft with a National Championship?

    Does that matter? Who knows. But it is sales material all the same… not only for landing players but getting them to stay an extra year.

    I’m starting to think the real advantage in selling players isn’t just to land super elites. It is to get some of them to stay one more year. That didn’t work for the squid this year, but he isn’t a coach, he’s just a babysitter.

    Seemed to help us in 2008. BRush wasn’t really sold to stay (by Self), but his injury made his decision for him, and I’m doubtful we win in 2008 without him.

  • I was not very impressed with Thon’s impact in the spring hoops hoopla. And I would not be one bit interested if he planned to come to KU only for one semester of eligibility. But if he (and family) were to commit to a year and a half in Lawrence i might show inclinations to look at his videos and study his high school stats. Noteworthy size.

  • If he were eligible and interested, I would cherish an opportunity to see Kevin Young rejoin the Jayhawks for the Korean trip. Diallo could learn much, practicing against and watching that guy from the bench.

  • Regarding the WUG ineligibilities of Svi and Cheick to play with the Jayhawks in Korea, the NCAA would go down as absolute turd heels if those two were not allowed to practice with and against their KU teammates. And Jayhawk Athletics would go down as the very same if the two of them were not issued tickets to join the travel contingency.

  • @drgnslayr @HawkInMizery Personally, I do trust Self on recruits. But I won’t trust him if he brings Thon in for part of the season. Of course, whether I trust him or not doesn’t change anything anyway.

    I don’t think that if Self took Maker it would be because he thought he could keep him another season. He knows, no matter what, that this kid has little interest in college basketball. To NOT assume that would be naïve with most every top 10 guy. You have to assume that, and then just be pleasantly surprised if a kid stays.

    It would cheapen our team for 2015-16 and it would cheapen our program. I have suggested that OADs are only worth it, ultimately, if we win a national championship that season. With a half season guy, I don’t even care about that. Even if he would come in and lead us to an NCAA title (or help with it), I don’t want it (and if my prior posts are any indication, that’s a big, big deal for me). You have to draw a line somewhere and that’s my line.

    Heck, I might protest … go to a game at Allen, dressed in all black, with a shirt that says: “Kansas Jayhawks - Whore Makers”. Stand up quietly until I’m kicked out.

    Let’s think about this a bit. What is Kansas basketball? What are we? You can’t just sell out and say win at all costs. When you do that, you are a whore.

    If we don’t draw the line with this, is there any line?

  • @HighEliteMajor When you put it that way, it makes a lot of sense. I would applaud you for wearing that shirt. I wish this NCAA would put a stop to all this madness and guarantee scholarships and if they are guaranteed make it a stipulation that they have to stay for 2 or 3 years or they can find somewhere else to play.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    “You can’t just sell out and say win at all costs.”

    This is the state of college basketball. Many say Calipari will do anything to win. And so our 2012 team became just a footnote beyond Lawrence… falling to Calipari and the unibrow. The story for college basketball in that year was the story of Thomas Robinson. And how a team and community gathered around him with support. The cherry on top of that story was to win a National Championship… but we were denied by a revolving door team.

    I know many in here don’t like WSU. But two years ago… they deserved a shot at winning it all but faced that same franchise school… there to erase everyone elses history… Well… karma is a b#tch because those same franchise clowns tried to set their own history this year and were denied. There must be a God.

    College basketball is one big sell out. This is a freight train with no brakes. And we are fans that can’t expect any breaks moving forward. The Goliaths have been anointed. Kansas appears to be one of them. We are one shoe deal away from running a complete stake. Whoop-tee-dooo! We can be another Kentucky!

    I hope Thon’s story becomes huge. Because it helps expose several problems in college sports all at the same time. Why was he directed to a pathway of ineligibility? Why can’t he be fast forwarded through the process in the fall to jump right into classes and have an entire year of D1? Why can’t he have proper agency now so amateur nutjobs who represent him don’t botch his PR before he even makes a buck at basketball?

    How can anyone be prevented from making a living at what they do? How can the NBA legally restrict players from earning a living?

    This Thon kid sure looked like he was going to explode onto the basketball world. Now it just looks like he is going to explode. A big chunk of what is setting him back is exploitation. In the “land of the free” and “home of the brave” we’ve managed to give the keys of just about everything to monopolistic corporations or institutions.

    I’m not ready to blast Thon for being a kid. I was a kid once, too, and capable of exploding my own life without even a drop of the dynamite Thon has in his world.

  • Another new name. Kyle Washington transfer from NC State has KU on his long list so far. Would sit and have 2 years left…

  • @drgnslayr @HighEliteMajor

    The way this whole Maker situation has been handled so far has his handler written all over it. A lot of rumors and things have been said about his involvement with both Thon and his younger brother. We’ve all talked about how Self has seemed to stay away from kids who might have a hard time qualifying. Even if he graduates this summer he will have to wait out the clearinghouse. Moving from HS to HS will raise a lot of flags. Self will give the remaining scholarships if there is any to walkons if Thon isn’t eligible by the fall.

    He’s mentioned KU as one of his 4 schools but Self and his staff haven’t been anywhere near him in months. So I wonder at this point is he just saying KU is on his list because he wants to.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I believe there was fake Twitter account that listed UK and Indiana as his final two schools (post with school shirts) but I understand that has been corrected and the original four, KU, ASU, IU and UK are still it. Keep in mind that Indiana offered to his younger brother Matur Maker as well…no news on what his handler “Rain” Maker thinks. 🙂

  • Jon Rothstein ‏@JonRothstein · 60m60 minutes ago

    Missouri’s Jonathan Williams III told @CBSSports he is now considering Kansas. Will visit Georgetown this wknd. SMU and Gonzaga also in mix.

  • @RockChalkinTexas I saw where that BUT he is restricted from going to the SEC, BIG12, Arizona, and Illinois. I think we are out lol

  • @Statmachine

    How is that legally binding? He’s already played two years at Mizzou, and every year in college sports is a new “contract” year. The way I see him is he is fair game but must sit a year regardless where he goes.

  • @drgnslayr

    If I understate correctly, technically if you want to transfer, even with the 1 year wait, you need to get a release from your current team. This is one of those thing that are currently being mentioned as being grossly unfair, particularly when scholarships are binding for only one year. Many coaches will limit where you can transfer and if you remember, Bo Ryan had huge dose of bad press when he places large number of school in the list of non-approved schools for a player wanting to transfer a couple of years ago. I seem to recall that the Big 12 has a 2 year wait (conference rule) when transferring within the conference; maybe someone can verify this?

    I personally would not want anyone that played at MU coming to KU.

  • @Statmachine

    They lifted the Big 12 ban because of all the media coverage they are getting on his transfer. truly a bunch of bitter babies in the Mizzou administration. I don’t blame the kid for wanting a different situation, they have been terrible both years he was there and its not going to get any better in the next 2 either.

  • As a sophomore Williams had no one to balance his skill set in the front court and the backcourt was either injured or inexperienced. He couldn’t single-handedly make up for all of MU"s deficits but he tried.

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