Brown Commits to KU, Cuonzo Talked Down Off GG Bridge!

  • Psy-Ops.

    Counter Psy-Ops.

    I am making this up.

    But I just Cheicked ESPN and they don’t have it posted that Brown has signed anywhere.

    And ESPN is always quick to report any news adverse to KU’s interest. :-)

  • Maybe its all smoke & mirrors…

  • @globaljaybird Who cares? No one will see him out in the hinterland of tv sports.

  • Gotta say, this is the biggest surprise of the recruiting season. Months ago I predicted Brown would be wearing yellow. I was just expecting it to be UCLA or Michigan yellow. Cal? I had no idea. Good on Cuonzo Martin. He put together quite the class. Does it make the Golden Bears a Pac-12 contender? That remains to be seen. I’d put Utah and Zona ahead for now, but Cal has this pieces to be good. The question is, do they have the coaching…

  • he has committed to cal

  • still doesn’t make cal a good team

  • @jaybate-1.0 Something tells me that we are all in for a whole season of tongue and cheek word play on Mr Rock Cheick Jayhawk. Too Funny you guys!

  • @brooksmd Soooooo, could this mean that Nike-Nike or Nike-Jordan is looking for another west coast team to stack since AZ cant getter dun?

  • @Lulufulu But stack a team with just a second year HC? Would think they’d pick someone with more experience. I’m gonna stick with the immaturity of teenagers.

  • I think he meant to Cal as in Calipari and not as in California but once he realized the mistake it was too late. He didn’t want to look like a fool and explain that one so now he’s loading up the car and moving to California for 9 months.

  • So now that Austin Hatch has ben cut loose and Brown committed to Cal what’s next for this kid who has been tossed aside to make room for someone that didn’t pan out? I feel bad for him and the UM program should be ashamed of them selves for their actions. Its a slime ball move that they probably took out of the UK recruiting hand book! Disgusting!

  • So this prima donna goes from going to a non-adidas school. Of course, it was just about a month ago where Brown said he was “definitely” going to and adidas school – see 2:18 of this video. Brown even said something about if the college was in Switzerland, he’d go there so long as it was an adidas school.

    What happened?

    None of the kids talk about the shoe stuff as boldly as Brown did. Yet Brown reverses field and commits to a non-adidas school?

    This is the one recruit where I would certainly believe there was some behind the scenes, rule violating, deal. Why would this guy go to California?

    What’s nice here is I just don’t care. Like some others, it was at least semi-pleasant to see that it wasn’t UK.

  • @Statmachine What’s the story with Austin Hatch?

  • Ok I did some googling and did they pull his scholarship ? If they took that from him that’s pretty low of Michigan.

  • @Statmachine

    I hear what you are saying, but actually Austin was evaluated to be unable to run at full D1 speed. They have given him a medical redshirt, which will allow him to graduate on a full ride and not have to pay from his pocket, even though he won’t be dribbling the ball this year. Turns out to be a pretty classy thing to do, instead of just cutting him from the team. Those appear to be the options, but it just came about right in the middle of the Brown recruitment so it looked bad.

    BTW: Michigan, like Kansas, isn’t losing sleep with the Brown loss and are down to the wire on other recruits, trying to fill that one spot.

  • The bright side about Brown… he’s not going to Kentucky!

  • Having a 5 star going to Cal reminds me too much of the movie "Blue Chip." Something very fishy about a top player who wants to go to a school that won’t be on TV until after midnight for most of the country. Maybe a shoe company wants to expand to the Northern California TV Market. This makes no sense at all.

  • Love the image Kusports used on this story…😊


  • @wrwlumpy

    Hypothetically speaking, in a metaphysical land, if after a MetaShoeCo 6-10 stacked a meta basketball program for 4 meta seasons and only came up with 1 meta ring from that meta program, while nine stacking another meta basketball program only one season and coming up with a ring, the Metashoeco might consult a statistician, or better yet, an odds maker, to find a better way to achieve full spectrum dominance in the Final Four. In this metaphysical land, it is quite likely that the meta odds maker named Benny the Numbers, would quickly advise hedging. Meta Rock Chalk!

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