All in on Brown

  • I believe for the WUG’s this summer with Greene out and Svi not eligible KU NEEDS him. I think after researching everything I have looked at KU is where he will end up. Not only that I just really want to get one more on UK and PUKE. I want KU to be so loaded next year that nothing can stop us! Just sayn

  • @Statmachine I thought michigan in the lead?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 There has been A LOT of talk about him wanting to go to an Adidas school and now add in the WUG and the fact that if Brown follows Diallo its been said KU would be Pre season #1. The favorites to win it all next year!

  • Recruit Hawk ‏@RecruitHawk · 4m4 minutes ago
    I fully expect Self to land one of SF Tevin Mack or SF Jaylen Brown. Both could help in different ways. #kubball

  • Both Bragg and Diallo were recruited by Coach Roberts and Coach Self…I wonder who was Snacks recruiting? I thought Snack was supposed to be the “recruiter” but this term he brought nothing…not good.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 and as of this morning Michigan was gaining momentum BUT with the Diallo news and the possible preseason #1 pending his recruitment to KU I think the tide is turning!

  • @Statmachine

    As per ESPN KU is not even in the list for Mack…

  • If Brown comes to Kansas, then what is the fallout? Greene transfers or redshirts? Svi leaves?

    How in the world does a player of the caliber of Svi or Greene risk being the 6th perimeter guy (odd man out)?

  • dam my post got all screwed up loo, but I too also agree I think our chances got ALOT better with the commitment from Diallo. come on down Jaylen Brown, and yes its been stated we are Very much involved a serious contender on mack. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo KU wasn’t in the mix for Wiggins either. It was FSU and UK if I remember right? I will get some intel tonight! I will have a full report by tomorrow.

  • @Statmachine If we DO win it all next year, it will be because of who’s already there WAY more than who’s coming in.

  • @nuleafjhawk So you are saying that Traylor, Lucas, and Mickelson will have more of an impact than Diallo?

  • @Statmachine Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

    Except substitute Ellis, Mason, Graham, Selden, Traylor, Greene…

  • @Statmachine

    Diallo moves us from top 10 to top 5 team; with Brown or the Greek footer KU is a legitimate top3 team.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    There is the potential that Greene may not be ready to go in November. That is a real possibility.

    Checking the calendar, Greene is supposed to be out five months before he can get back to running, etc. That means he can’t even run until mid to late September. If there’s any setbacks or delays at all, he isn’t involved in contact practices until late October.

    I wouldn’t play Greene next year until he was 100%. There is no sense in burning a year of eligibility until you know that hip is ready to go with no risk of further injury. I think this is the one thing lurking out there that makes it important to get one more perimeter guy. Greene may not be ready at the beginning of the year and may not be able to contribute at the level we are hoping until much later in the season.

    And if that is the case, Brown is a heck of an insurance policy.

  • I would rather have the Greek footer on the bench next year and ready to go in 2016.

    Next if we do get a perimeter player, I would rather have Mack who can play behind Svi and Greene, and contribute in his 3rd and 4th years.

    Getting Brown means displacing Svi and/or Greene (even with a bum hip). Don’t want that.

    Svi is a stud and will help the team more than Brown. Even if Greene is a step behind, we have enough pieces to manage. Depth is over-rated.

  • @FarSideHawk

    I agree.

  • @FarSideHawk Right there with you. I do not want Brown at all just as I did not want Ingram. I think we got what we needed today by landing Diallo. Now we have our pieces.

  • @FarSideHawk I agree too. Big Greeks good.

  • @justanotherfan If Greene isn’t playing, sure. There is room for 5 and only 5 perimeter players in the rotation.

  • @HighEliteMajor, @FarSideHawk , and @joeloveshawks

    I agree that if Brown comes, it tightens the rotation.

    My issue is that Brown is better than Mack, and likely better than Svi, Greene and Selden, which means that Brown will likely make next year’s team better than what we currently have.

    Mack is a nice player. He can definitely shoot it, handles it adequately, decent athlete, etc.

    But is there any guarantee he isn’t Andrew White III at the collegiate level?



    and then

    Mack, and tell me how we know Mack won’t be White. Both good players, but we know what White was at KU.

    I’m not saying Mack can’t be more. I’m just saying that we have recently had a player at KU that is very similar to him in build (White was 6-6, 195 out of high school. Mack is 6-7, 200), ranking (both ranked 48 in their class by ESPN) and game (perimeter shooting wing players). If I have to choose between Mack and Brown, it’s not really a choice.

  • Brown is likely gone to Michigan as the family connection looks legit.

    Mack would be great depth for any situation and a body to throw into Korea as we will be lacking them. Probably the only safe recruit that won’t scare our 2 off.

  • @justanotherfan Ah, you are being tempted by the OAD Kool-Aid.

  • Banned

    If we’re going to recruit another?? I want another big.

    Last year our paint play was such an eye sore. If KU’s motto is to go inside per HCBS then lets get another big. After all we have enough perimeter players.

  • @justanotherfan I don’t think we have seen the last of AW3 in the college game. To me he is a casualty of the OAD craze. He could have been a 4 year or 5 year player with a red shirt who we all loved and talked about like Releford. Instead we got Wiggins and Oubre who were obviously too hard for him to deal with when Greene was part of the same mix.

    It is hard for me to argue that Wiggins was not a great sign. We may have lost in the 2nd round to Stanford the one year he was at KU but the kid is already a legit stud in the NBA and could be part of the reason guys like Bragg and Diallo want to come to KU. But that is the only presumed OAD example I can say I am happy with. You can’t count JoJo as he was not supposed to be an OAD. Same with B Mac. Those just happened to come together in one year. But Selby, Xavier and Oubre don’t do a whole lot for me. I’ll take a AW3 type player or a Releford or Russ Robinson any day of the week over those guys.

    All that said, I am excited about Diallo and I know that the OAD kids are simply part of the new normal. They are not going anywhere until (or if) the rules change. I have to get used to it but I will still always hope that we have 4 year guys like Perry Ellis more often than 1 year guys like Xavier Henry.

  • @BeddieKU23 Wiggins family connection to FSU was legit.

  • @joeloveshawks I’d never put aw3 in the same shoes as Releford. Loved the D and intensity he played w/!

  • @JayHawkFanToo Snacks likes “certain” types of fudge brownies…Maybe while Norm went eastcoast, and Selfie went south to the Gulf states, Snacks went west to the Colorado Rockies vicinity…

  • I just want to see our latest 2 McD acquisitions actually play at the college level in Bill’s system. Part of me is really excited to get these kids, and part of me is dreading the dumbed-down offense and 3 quick fouls on a frosh big (ala Shady and TRob).

    ESPN described Diallo as needing a lot of work offensively in half court sets. As in needing A back to basket move…Although he did win the MVP trophy in the McD game, and that’s against pretty decent competition. (2yr player)

    Bragg, the other McDAA, self-described himself as a bundle of nerves before the McD game. (2-4yr player)

    Zimmerman looked pretty slow, and Diallo went right by him more than once. 7ft playdoh.

    When has Bill Self done anything great with ANY freshmen? Other than Cole’s Miracle 10min vs. PsychoT of UNC? Cole barely played as a frosh, and most of those 35 wins by the 08 guys were from tough, veteran upperclassmen, 2 Jr McDs (Rush, Chalmers), and 2 soph McDs (Arthur, Collins).

  • Chek Deallo ‏@ChekDeallo · 37m37 minutes ago
    Does anyone know when Jaylen Brown commits?

  • @ralster I think Wiggins counts. Sure he could have let him loose on more than one occasion but Wigs broke records at KU that likely wont be broken again any time soon.

    P.S. Dont think we need Jaylen for the season. Sure he would be nice to have over seas

  • That being said, I fully expect Wayne Selden to play as a Jr like the McD that he is. Time to count him as one again.

    Svi isn’t transferring anywhere due to Greene’s hiatus. Perry may play a bit at the 3, and as the “skilled” stretch-4.

    We may not play with a true 5. Arthur and DJackson were 2 starting 4s. Kaun was a 5 of the bench, while Cole was busy high-fivin’ the walkons like Spoonie…

  • @Lulufulu Agree on Wiggins, but Self and the program didn’t get very far with Wiggins’ team. That’s really not on Wiggins. But there wasn’t much chemistry on that squad, nor much defense (other than Wiggins & Selden).

    What I meant was, make a F4 run with frosh playing major minutes? Aint seen it yet in the history of Bill Self. (Not dogging Self, but making a point about his most dangerous teams being experienced AND tough, neither attribute attaches well to frosh.

  • @ralster Good point. They totally underachieved that year, and last year. Not sure if Coach Self could go 38-1 like Cal did at UK with 9 presumed OAD/TADs. I think he needs more of a balance. Talent high level athletes with experienced upperclassmen. Im guessing most on here would agree with that.
    We dont need Jaylen Brown at this point. We are good. If he happens to pick KU then fine. He is a very good player, we’ll take him. But it will alienate Svi and Brannen and possibly Selden in the process. In those 3 guys we have 3 very good wings. Id take Junior Selden over Frosh Brown any day and thats what we got. Brown comes to KU we risk losing one of our 3 more experienced guys then we are down even more experience the next season when Brown bails for the League.

  • @ralster that changes this year! If Embiid wasn’t hurt, I feel strongly we would have seen 2 Frosh get us to final 4.

  • @Lulufulu well Svi, Selden and BG better pull their heads out and play!

  • OK Buckets! I have my stuff in place to figure out who’s going to fill our remaining scholarship? Jaylen Brown, Tevin Mack, or Georgios Papagiannis. I know some of you are hopeful we get Mack because there is a far less chance someone leaves KU for Bluer skies. I also know there are some of you that would trade our 11 straight BIG 12 titles for another championship season. I want another championship NOW so bring on Brown force a medical rs on Greene and add Georgios Papagiannis. LETS DO THIS!!!

  • @Statmachine

    F – Chieck Diallo

    F – Carlton Bragg

    G 0 Frank Mason III

    G 1 Wayne Selden, Jr.

    G 4 Devonte Graham

    G 10 Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk

    G 14 Brannen Greene

    F 31 Jamari Traylor

    F 33 Landen Lucas

    F 34 Perry Ellis

    F 42 Hunter Mickelson

    Unless I missed someone KU should have 2 scholarships left. So sign both players with no regrets!

  • @Lulufulu

    If UK played in the Big 12, ACC or Big 10 he does not go unbeaten in conference play. He almost lost a couple of games in the weak SEC.

  • @HighEliteMajor "If Brown comes to Kansas, then what is the fallout? Greene transfers or redshirts? Svi leaves?

    How in the world does a player of the caliber of Svi or Greene risk being the 6th perimeter guy (odd man out)?".

    We signed Bragg a while back. We just about crapped our britches worrying about Diallo but no ones going OMG what about Mickelson, Lucas, or Traylor? I believe we call it depth.

  • @ralster

    I guess there were no decent “brownie” loving prospects available… 🙂

  • I’m loving this get on a few levels. KU gets back into the face of the neg nancy media analysts, and we just stole two highly coveted UK recruits…If that doesn’t make you celebrate, you’re dead.

  • @Statmachine This is a good problem. I see Greene taking a med redshirt, Svi getting some good pt, and Brown will likely jump. It’s a win win win. Svi and Greene had their chance to leave. They stayed. They bought into Self’s system. If you want a NC, you do what the coach says, especially if he already has a NC and 11 rings. If either Greene or Svi leave, this will tell us quite a bit about them. I don’t see them leaving. This team has grown together and are sacrificing for the team.

  • @dylans I think you got it. Let’s give one to Brown, and keep that extra for something special or just take it into next season.

  • @Statmachine Bring it on home cause UDAMAN @Statmachine !!

  • Other than Wiggins, and Sherron, Self’s best McDs have been ones with 2+ yrs in-system.

  • @ralster was Embiid?

  • I like the lineup with …

    Mason, Graham and Selden at the two most critical spots 1 and 2.

    They can support and give Brown some great experience. I’m sure Greene and Svi will do their part to teach him.

    Ellis and Traylor can school Bragg at the 4.

    Lucas and Mick can school Diallo at the 5.

    I like our mix of experience and classmen. It’s a great fit.

    Of course, it only works if we land Brown. If not, Svi is working hard.

  • My goodness there is a TON of Jaylen Brown to KU chatter in the twitterverse! I’m starting to believe guys I really am!

  • I don’t have it locked in on when he will commit like I did on Cheick but I will do my best!

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