Nike Stinking Up The Place!

  • Memo to the Shoe King, Sir Jaybate:

    “According to this count by Chris Littmann of The Sporting News, 43 of the 64 schools in the field were sponsored by Nike, meaning Nike had twice as many teams in the tournament as other shoe companies combined. But the non-Nike schools came to play. Under Armour saw two of its six teams make the Sweet 16. Adidas has four in the regional semis despite starting with just 11 overall. And one of the two Jordan brand teams is still alive. Having so many teams playing, Nike was bound to eat itself alive, but the sneaker giant started with 67% of the field and now has 56%.”

    While on the subject of stink… I recall back in my later days of basketball and it seemed like Nike shoes always stunk more than Adidas. I always had to leave my Nike shoes outside the house, and would have to shake them out in the morning because spiders would nest inside. Anyone else have that experience?

  • In case you missed it, Adidas is dropping out of the NBA sponsorship business:

    BERLIN — Sportswear group Adidas AG will not renew its contract to supply kit to the U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA), saying it feels it would be better to invest its money in new products and players.

    Will be interesting to see if they back away from all basketball sponsorships.

    Rumor has it that KU is very unhappy with Adidas and will return to Nike at the end of our contract. Maybe another year?

  • @drgnslayr

    When does our contract with Addidas end? The reason I ask is I saw now its an open bidding war for the NBA jersey’s. I wonder if they will pull away from the NCAA game as well.

  • @reader22

    beat me to it by seconds I guess.

  • We may as well have played barefoot.

  • @BeddieKU23

    The NBA contract is money loser for Adidas. Apparel brand in the NBA does not have the appeal that it has in College sports; the previous contract was with Reebok that was acquired by Adidas. How many people actually know that Adidas has the contract with the NBA? not many; on the other hand, most people know the Nike and the Adidas schools. Currently Adidas pays the NBA roughly $40M per year and the number is likely to be much higher on the new contract; with that money, Adidas can get at least 10-15 additional major programs…looks like no brainer to me, particularly when you consider that the real money maker, shoes, are not part of the deal and NBA players have their own endorsement contract and war whatever shoe they want.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Adidas makes money on all NBA jersey sales. It doesn’t matter that they are the brand. They get paid a small percentage for NBA jersey sales worldwide. Sales of college apparel are big in the US, but not so much on foreign soil. The NBA gets sales around the world, especially with the more global appeal from having foreign stars like Nowitzki, Gasol brothers, Ginobili, Yao Ming (who was the most popular jersey in the world for a couple years when he was active), etc. That’s a much more lucrative market than the apparel for some U.S. colleges.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I’m not sure… that is a question for others in here. Anyone know?


    If they back away from all basketball sponsorship, aren’t they just folding tent in their basketball-related products?

    I’m lost in the world of shoes, but really appreciate all of you who follow that world and post on it. It has become a fascinating read, even though I’m more interested in Xs and Os instead of $s.

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