Bad Ball Beats Bad Ball in Meaningless Game for KU

  • Now the live rounds start.


  • @jaybate-1.0 But that’s the thing: it should not be meaningless. They should have some pride and play their best. Same goes for Self.

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    OK I’m not sure the Clones played bad ball? In fact they looked quite impressive to me. The problem with your bad ball theory is when a team that puts the ball in the hoop bad ball is rendered useless.

    This game may have not meant anything, but it is a tell tale of things to come. KU tried really hard in this game and they not only lost but blew a 17 point lead. HCBS was out coached by the Mayor. The made the adjustments by spreading the floor on the offense and let everybody just drive to the paint, and just packed everybody into the paint and dared KU to shoot the fools gold.

  • This was a game that would’ve looked dramatically different if KU had been able (schemed) to hit some more threes.

  • @ajvan 5/12 for over 40% versus 2/16 for ISU for 12.5%. 3 point shooting wasn’t our overall problem.

  • @ajvan That said though…some of our shots driving and or mid-range jumpers would certainly have been as good of shots passed out or taken from 3 pt range.

  • @Bwag Agreed, their flailing offense is the overall problem. But teams packing the middle and KU driving and failing to connect is symptomatic of that problem and shooting more threes is ONE way to alleviate those symptoms. (Watch me veer into doctor-speak.)

  • @ajvan Agree 100%. We shot 90+% FT’s on high volume and lost. We beat the percentages in a couple of our ugly wins down the stretch counting on 90% FT% and ugly drives to collect fouls.

  • It’s so frustrating to watch this team, I am at a loss as to find any silver lining. When you watch them play so well, and build a solid lead, then this happens, and it’s all too often. Sometimes we hold on but that’s just not how basketball should be played. You shouldnt get a lead then play prevent offense the rest of the game. Driving to rim with your head down is not a consistent winning formula. It’s like even HCBS knew walking into half that his team could not keep their solid play going.

  • @5541-james our go to man was on 1 wheel, that hurt!

  • Unfortunately “bad ball” has really not netted(see what I did there? :)) great results as a whole. When you look at the w/l columns. Perhaps it will yield greater returns in the dance . After all. What other hope is there?

  • @cragarhawk clever!!

  • Glad the Big XII tourney finishes on Saturday now. Maybe we’ll get a Fri-Sunday draw so we get six days of rest to heal?

  • @VailHawk that would be the best thing for us!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I upvoted you bc you agreed w me!

  • @ajvan When are we going to stop with ridiculous shizz about how KU would win if only we shot more threes or schemed for them. Who the hell would shoot them? I’m sorry bad question. Who the hell would shoot them and make them?

    Greene’s carriage unfortunately returned to its pumpkin state about 6-8 games ago. I don’t usually sit around moaning and groaning about Self’s substitutions except today. Why in god’s green earth was BG in the game today? He did nothing good and plenty bad except for the meaningless 3 at the end.

    Kelly has hit a few as has Frank but not much. Wayne finally hit one but he would be way better off taking 13-18 ft jumpers as would Graham. I know statistically that is a bad shot but a lot better than clanging yet another 3 so that the other team can get a long rebound and a layup.

    Maybe we should pray for everyone getting hot as they were in January. Unfortunately Jaybate was correct back in about October when he pointed out that we didn’t have many good 3 shooters.

  • Another potential learning experiance for the Hawks. If we allow our defense to slip, than we allow the win to slip. We straight fizzled out on D, the Clones took advantage, we couldn’t make plays down the stretch, and lose. That’s basketball. Let’s go boys. Let that fire burn, and play high octane ball buzzer to buzzer from here on out!


  • @PAYHEED rebounds killed us 2nd half too!!!

  • @sfbahawk I think people will keep on talking about it as long as KU’s post play is easy to scheme against. Maybe this team is subpar from three, maybe they’re loaded with slumping outside shooters. I think this team has plenty of serviceable 3 shooters. The reason they abruptly started missing everything is a question I have a hard time leaving alone.

  • @sfbahawk On this topic…you’re gonna love this post:

  • I think HCBS did not want to win the ISU game. I think he knows it is meaningless. He also knows that his Team always bounce back from a loss. I think he knows to rack up 9 in a row is hard for this current team. I think he thinks 4 is manageable. Why 4 and not 6? Because 4 is enough to justify his pay check and also enough for us the fan base.

    I think we will see 2 more Bad Ball games, then an Outside in game from Kelly, Seldon and Greene will reappear in the S16 game. When we win that, the next opponent will be left guessing which Kansas Team HCBS is going to send in for the E8.

    Call me an Ultra Optimistic Fan. RCJH!

  • @Shanghai_RCJH You really believe that coach Self didn’t want to win the ISU game? I’m puzzled.

  • @HighEliteMajor This is from KuSports’ Article "Jayhawks await NCAA Tournament: by Bedore:

    Of the NCAA Tournament, Self said: “I like our team. I like our chances. Who knows about the draw yet, but this (loss) isn’t the end of our season today. I told our guys if you play, you might as well win. There is no question that we didn’t compete to win and they (Cyclones) outplayed us. But hey, by 6 o’clock (Sunday, Selection Show starts at 5 p.m., on CBS) nobody is going to be thinking about this game and Iowa State won’t be thinking about this game either by 6 (Sunday). It’s the quickest turn on an emotional game we have all year long.”

    My reason is from what HCBS said: “But hey…all year long.”

    One clarification, I think if the Team will themselves to win yesterday, he will be happy. But, I really don’t think he was willing them to win.

    As I said above, we always bounce back from a loss. So, winning the next one is not a question. Thanks to Selection Committee (I think they wanted this game, if Mizzery is in, they will also want to schedule it) to hand WSU to us. I expect both teams would like to show who is the State of Kansas TEAM. It would be hard fight and I like our chances. With a win over WSU, I am the Team will be amped up for the next game. RCJH!

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