Favorite KSU Material

  • I grew up closer to Manhattan than Lawrence so beating KSU was always more important to me than mizzery until I attended KU and learned the history of slavers.

    But I digress…what’s everyone’s favorite KSU jokes/references?

    Here’s mine:

    Hoop arena- Hawktagon, Octogon of Dumb or AFH West.

    Joke (apologies to our Texas Hawks)- remember when K-State played in their first Cotton Bowl in 1997 and took some 30,000 fans to the game? Interesting fact, it actually raised the IQ level of both states!

  • Liberace playing his same tune, now in a different venue…Weber down-draft spiral now commencing…

    Foster disillusioned, game suspensions, Weber calling him out in public. Foster likely transfers. Gipson is on an island, no help. Defections with Rodriguez playing for Miami, and that tall slender latino post player (name?) who also transferred. Weber this season brought 1 3star 6ft guard.

    They went from leading the conf. early, to almost cellar dwellars. They are headed down, while the other purple (TCU) is playing with pride and passion, heading up. Watch KState have another lackluster season next season…and Weber gets fired. Also looming on the horizon, darker than a tornado, is the impending retirement of that not-quite-Urban-Meyer, not-quite-Nick-Saban football coach Snyder. Then the purple pussies (cats) will be right where I’d like them…little puddytats, on a platter, wrapped in foil, ready-to-boil…!

    Let’s turn the heat up on 'em! Its time for FRANK to take his rightful place…(not Martin, but Mason). Like all those who came before him: Sherrontagon-O-gloom, Tyshawntagon, Elijahgon. This Mason doesn’t work with “bricks”: he will de-construct their octagon “swish” by swish. Yes, a mason who specializes in breaking you down.

    I want to see Purple’s feelings in the gutter, because I care that little for a large segment of their fan base. Wichita State, with Ron Baker and Tekele Cotton and Fred VanVleet would easily drain that purple into a light shade of pink. Appropriate, as ever since the other Frank (Martin) left, its been Manlesshattan. So, fitting, that its time for a new Frank in Manhattan.


  • I like having a strong KState. I forget the year, but a few years back we went there for a game on a Saturday night. It was the biggest game of the day nationally. The place was pumped as much as I’ve ever seen it. I believe we pulled it out by 2 points. It was a lot of fun, and probably would have been even if we’d lost. Not having grown up in KS, I don’t hold the animosity towards them as some do, although I did pick up a hatred for Missouri.

    The rivalry would be better if KSU was relevant nationally. To my memory they haven’t even made the elite 8 since we beat them there in '88. They’ve been strong, but not elite. That’s the difference between this rivalry and a Duke/UNC rivalry. If KSU had some rings, it’d be must watch TV for most of the country. Unfortunately for us it just becomes a lose-lose situation. We expect to beat them, they hope to beat us and consider the season to be successful if they beat us.

    I don’t have any jokes except the familiar Silo Tech reference.

  • I think K-State missed their opportunity by making Frank Martin so disenchanted that he left.

    K-State hasn’t had a good basketball coach that actually wanted to be there other than Martin since Lon Kruger in the late 80’s and early 90’s. K-State literally went two decades without landing another good coach that wasn’t trying to leave, and they bullied him out the door because he had a different personality than Bill Snyder.

    I say they deserve what they got - a mediocre coach that will have them back at the bottom of the Big 12. It sucks for KU because we need a real rival, but K-State did this to themselves.

  • Biggest Wildcat Joke?

    I’d say that it is right now… the present-day Wildcat basketball situation. It’s a humiliating joke of where their program is going. Weber is proving once again that he can coach other coach’s players, but when he has to build his own team, the problems appear. He doesn’t seem to have a solid grasp of his own identity. Teams should match the identity of their coach.

    I miss Jack Hartman. I miss those days in the B8 when you could count on every game between the Kitties and the Jayhawks being monster games. We were often fighting it out for the top of the league. In 1981, Hartman was National Coach of the Year. He brought class and tough teams to AFH. He helped build respect for our conference. He was a guy that was true B8 stock… having played at OSU under Iba, a well-respected HOFer.

    Hartman was respected, and he gave respect back.

    “Wildcat” Weber… he seems full of spite. He gives backhanded compliments. You can sense a self-esteem issue. Doesn’t seem head coach material.

    How long until he drives Kitty basketball down to the bottom? He coasted in here and shared the crown a couple of years ago with a solid Frank Martin team. When will he replicate that again? My guess, is never!

    I hope the Kitties bring game tonight. I want their best shot. I want our team to have to fight and scratch for #11. We seem to be coasting in to another league title, and that is exactly what I DON’T want to see (in preparation for March).

  • @drgnslayr The thing that’s interesting is that he was very successful as a mid major coach at Southern Illinois. He took his team to at least one sweet 16 and his teams were ranked most years I believe. He also gave us fits in one of our trips to the dance in 01 or 02 I think.

    There are coaches that just seem to thrive more in the mid-major role. Some obviously move up successfully, such as Bill Self! Others, and I’m thinking Groce at U of I is starting to be a bust as as well. His Ohio teams were tough as nails, drove us to the limit one year I believe, but he can’t recruit for the U of I and his teams look as dead as Webers teams did. I know, I watched them last night. Awful.

  • @drgnslayr Congrats on the new little girl. How’s the sleep situation?

  • @drgnslayr I can remember in Ahearn when State used to throw dead chickens on the court during Jayhawk introductions. I remember Big Ed Nealy who played 12 years in the NBA using his big fat Butt to knock players to the ground with his screens. They did have to put artificial turf on the football field because the K-State cheerleader kept grazing at Halftime.


  • @VailHawk No problem. It’s a good joke and my skin is way too thick. Also I remember ski trips back in the 80s to your area. I didn’t get much heat as a Kansas visitor, but I remember folks weren’t fond of Texans even back then.

  • I think we the wildcats bring it all tonight. They cherish the opportunity to knock KU out of a title. The only way they make it to the dance is beat KU and pretty much win out or win the Big 12 tourney. Both of those are very unlikely. So, tonight is their Super Bowl, and if they beat KU it makes it that much tougher for us to,win #11.

  • This is my favorite KSU joke:

    Kansas leads: 188-92

    Kansas leads in Lawrence: 86-35

    (Wikipedia) sorry - in a hurry today… Kansas leads in Manhattan: 75-46

    Largest K-State win: 29 points (38-9, on 2/2/1917)

    Largest Kansas win: 45 points (90-45, on 3/10/1995)

    Longest K-State streak: 5 games (3 times, 1918–19, 72-74, 82-83)

    Longest Kansas streak: 31 games (1994-2005)

  • @drgnslayr - Read that you have a brand new daughter. Congratulations. Enjoy every minute. Is this your first girl?

  • @drgnslayr I was actually a KSU fan with Hartman as coach before I was a KU fan. I used to love Chucky Evans back in the day… Once I went to KU, my thinking got straightened out…lol.

  • @wrwlumpy The dead chickens were a staple at Ahearn. I had a buddy that committed an egregious assault at Ahearn…just laid a dude out. We got the hell out of there, and hightailed it to Lawrence. Reason number 8,000 why you don’t go get juiced at Aggieville before the game…

    ( Disclaimer: this act happened over 35 years ago…way past the statute of limitations)

  • We can all differ in our feelings towards Kstate, but personally, I could care less if there was a rivalry with them or not. People here trying to spin a positive if ksu has a strong bball program, but why? NOBODY outside of half of Kansans care about Kstate. Doesnt matter what banners they have/dont have, but people seriously: we are in too small of a TV mrkt for it to matter. KU matters on the national radar only because of Self keeping us in the top10, Self’s hi-profile recruiting, our RPI & SOS, and the fact we routinely schedule big mrkt east-coast teams. Beating Duke, UNC x 3, MichSt, Gtown & battling FL & even KY ('12) helps our exposure. You dont get an invite to the Champions Classic without being one.

    KSU can suck, suck, suck for all I care. And I will surely twist the knife/dig the talons DEEP (or whatever other picturesque-yet-disturbing metaphor conveys the sentiment), the minute Snyderfossil retires. Back to the stone age for purple felines…

    (As usual, my apologies for offending any jayhawks in a house-divided household)

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