KU Beats Duke...

  • That is all.

  • Love beating dook

  • Okay, there’s more to it than that. Overall a great Champion’s Classic. Even if we didn’t pull away there in the end, I loved the toughness the team displayed. I’ll cop to having some twitter schadenfreude with Julius Randle’s first half, but he displayed tonight exactly why I think he would have been a great get for KU and why he could very well be UK’s biggest liability. He’s a 6’9" 250 lbs Tyshawn Taylor: often amazing, but equally perplexing at times. I also loved the way Wiggins performed without having to touch the ball on every possession. Ellis was the man. Frank Mason looked like he belonged more than Tharpe (I’ll give him a bit of a pass, though, considering he didn’t get as many reps as he should have coming into tonight cause of that stupid rule). All in all, hard-nosed, never-say-die kinda game. My final thought is, as great a win as this was, I can’t imagine what it will be like when this team is actually good. When we can play D, when Embiid can stay on his feet and anticipate a pass, when Black can stay out of foul trouble (jk), when Wigs finds a little more stroke, we’re gonna be a force.

  • My brain is ready to explode imagining the capabilities of this team by conference play time.

  • #If…#

    …and it’s a big if this team plays with the uniform intensity that they played with tonight, they will be great.

    The reason that they will be great is because of the offensive balance of this team… You can’t stop just one player and hope to win. Selden and Mason had 15 and Wiggins had 22 and Ellis had 24. that’s good balance at the top, but I also like the contributions off the bench by Greene and Traylor… And Embiid will be a monster if he starts to produce offensively.

    Black was kind of MIA, but that didn’t seem to matter.

  • Remain calm and carry on… to beat the s**t out of Duke.

  • With Duke members in my family…

    I can’t wait until the holidays this year!

    “Would you like some crow with your turkey?”

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