HUGGY WINS $25,000,

  • This shot should not have counted, check where the clock is.


  • Send that to Jesse.

  • So Cliff should start against smaller teams that don’t press. Landon is getting the minutes now.


  • Forget that. I can deal with a close missed call compared to Staten’s blatant travel. Now we get to listen to how great this kid is all day even though it was a clear violation. He didn’t dribble once from the three point line to the rim. Did the refs seriously buy that?

    THIS PLAY BY STANTEN is a flat out embarrassment. Seriously, watch this video.

    I was absolutely disgusted with last night’s game. Still pissed off. KU did not play well. There’s no denying that. But for four points (and I think there was another close shot clock violation call) to be just gift wrapped to West Virginia is criminal. Hard to tell which loss pisses me off more, OKST, or WV. And for God’s sake, Perry, dunk the ball! How do you miss that?

    This isn’t about the Big 12. This is about seeding. About getting a path to the title. We’re starting to slip from the 2-seed line despite playing the toughest schedule and playing in the toughest conference. This season is infuriating.

    I’m in desperate need for someone to make me feel better '(

    I keep amending my post. I’m trying like hell to pay attention in this class, but I’m so GD pissed off. This game reminded of the Michigan game from a 2013. We were clearly the better team and gave one away in such a critical situation. Again, THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE BIG 12. This is about the tournament. This is about seeding. And giving away wins like last night on the road are a cancer. When Frank was trapped on our last possession, I was screaming at the TV to call a timeout. Thank god we did, but what the hell was with the play call. Just letting Frank run at the rim. I guess it’s not the worst, but you mean to tell me we couldn’t draw up a shot for pretty much anyone on our team (with the way we’re shooting) when the shot clock is at 1 second? That way we either get points, create a long rebound and time keeps running. Instead, we ran at the rack, created a short rebounding situation for a team that had dominated us on the glass all night, the ball goes out of bounds, and WV has an eternity to drive (travel) and score. I think we can do better than that. JMO. And of course this is all with the benefit of hindsight.

  • Knew that wasn’t good and they ignored the buzzer. Lots of things pissed me off tonight. They got away with stuff and we played like idiots who could not grab a rebound.

    Part of the time we dribbled INTO traps. Good lord my daughter learned NOT to do that in JR high. WTH. I lost count how many time we dribbled into a trap or picked the ball up as the second defender came up. I can’t remember ONE time we split the defenders.

    Yeah-I am in rant mode. Another game that was ours to win or we give it away-and we gave it away.

  • @wrwlumpy that should be on auto-looks to me like a human was manning the buzzer-home cookin

  • Perry was fouled on the layup… Wayne was fouled on the rebound…

    I didn’t see much of the game, but the little I did see looked like the officials swallowed their whistles. Maybe they can use some of Huggins’ proceeds to have the whistle surgically removed.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Nice detective work.

  • @bskeet

    WVU had 15 fouls and they average 24 for the season and 26 in conference play…no question a lot of fouls went uncalled.

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  • @RockChalkinTexas I pointed it out to Jesse on the live blog. I was amazed that they didn’t review it. I thought they could review it.

  • @wrwlumpy ya i replayed this 5 or 6 times in complete disbelief that it happened once. Let alone every time i replayed it. It kept happening. And i kept being dumbfounded

  • Sad to say but they’ll never call a travel in a situation like Statens game winner and they’ll never call a foul at the other end. My instinct was there wasn’t a foul on our next to last play (perry’s miss) but possibly a foul on whoever tried to tip it back in.

    On the inbounds play for their faux winner. The ball appeared to go out of bounds right in the corner. An inbounds pass from the corner is very difficult if you defend it with a tall player. But the refs gave them the ball just to the right of the basket.


    Next time someone wants to grab a rebound with authority fine with me.

    At least we could have tried to force Staten to pull up or pass to someone for a jump shot instead of a wide path right to the basket.

    I thought we were going to get blown out the way the game started and based on what happened last year. At least that didn’t happen.

    Still don’t like Huggy and never will.

  • @wrwlumpy Told @brooksmd last night it wasn’t really 25G-it was a keg of Keystone & a case of Boones Farm…

  • @globaljaybird and a lifetime supply of 5 Guys and Fries.

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  • @wrwlumpy

    I replayed that play several times and caught it. It was a clear violation.

    Totally blown call. Those are going to happen. This shouldn’t have been a game where that mattered. I’m pretty sure we still would have lost because of our submissive effort.



    I, also, replayed the last play a couple times (without barfing) to see if it was a ball Perry should have dunked.

    Hard to say. But he did the right thing by not bringing it down for a dribble first. He was running full tilt, had little knowledge of what time was left on the clock. Good chance if he brought the ball down he never had the ball back up to attempt the dunk.

    If he was a real leaper he could have dunked it without the dribble, but Perry is just not that kind of leaper.

    He gave it the old college try, and it just didn’t go in. At least he was there to give it a shot. We can’t blame the loss on that. This was a game we should have manhandled control from the opening tip.

  • @drgnslayr

    You’re right, 4 seconds isn’t much time to go full court. I watched it afterwards and realized he still had several seconds to get something up decent, but I also know he didn’t have oodles of time to draw up a play in his head.

  • @wrwlumpy Just a general question -

    Has everyone that’s ever beaten us rushed the damn court?

    😠 😛

  • @wrwlumpy I know!!! I mean we literally and figuratively got screwed by the refs. The horn very clearly sounded waaaaaay before the ball left that guys hands. Way before.

  • @MoonwalkMafia “And for God’s sake, Perry, dunk the ball! How do you miss that?” My point exactly. KU was soft AND the refs were really extremely very obviously biased towards WVU.

  • @Lulufulu I RARELY ever blame a loss on the refs - and I won’t this one either - BUT I did find myself saying " hmmmm - how come when we shuffle our feet, or look like we shuffle our feet it’s a walk, but when they take 11 steps - no call? ". That and a whole bunch of other calls like it. It was pretty obvious to me early on that if it were up to the refs, we were going to lose.

    Too bad we had to make it so easy for them.

  • Rewatched final few seconds. Obvious travel. Refs almost always swallow whistles at the end of the game. “Got to let them play” is what most puns"idiots" would say. I say call the first 39:50 like you call the last 10 seconds. (And they did just that! Bias wvU)

    Agree with the part of wvU avg of fouls dropping off too. Seems odd that they cleaned up their play for one night. I commented on that during the live chat. Did officials go away from the emphasis on hand checks and grabs that killed us and others all of last year???

  • @Kip_McSmithers good question!!!

  • Anyone notice how Devonte uses a stiff arm to keep the defense from reaching in for steals. I guess it’s legal since I’ve seen no one make a call against.

  • Spin it either way y’all want:

    Staten travelled. Perry missed a layup. KU allows 2 wide-open-look 3s late. Wayne coulda had stickback dunk off Perrys miss. Perry coulda taken 1 dribble to gather himself better, but it was very bang bang finish as clock was running…Jamari heaved a perfect pass that had almost 1sec flight time, Perry was under extreme duress to get that ball off hhis fingertips before the buzzer (he had a bit more time than he may have thought).

    WVa with 10 less fouls than their season avg…this simply means we got their best game.

    Despite getting their best game, KU blew a 10pt lead late. Thats not on the officials, thats on us. We labored like hell most of 2nd half to build that 10pt lead, then gave it away. FTs. Frank with a rare t.o. late…

    Moral of the story: learn to preserve a lead late. OkieSt lesson, folks. These teams gotta have some pride in their own barns, so we have to expect runs, bad calls/no-calls, & stay focused.

    P.S. Turnabouts fair play. Now we got the BigXII officials publically admitting errors–that favors us in AFH! Watch WVa commit close to their “proven” foul avg of mid20s in AFH. And, last but huge: we solved their press… so see a 15-20pt beatdown of WVa in AFH.

  • Remind you of Mich loss and OkieSt loss? Sure it does! Each loss represents a three-part perfect storm of factors to beat ku: KU quits doing what built the lead, then opponent makes critical plays, and finally officiating blown call(s).

    Michigan: EJ got jobbed on the “10sec” call, more like 8.8-9sec. Never had that in his career. Burke makes guarded trey, nice not-quite-Mario moment for them. And KU simply blows it themselves: EJs falldown midcourt gift turnover+Ben’s ridic missed baseline bunny (1ft miss-- how about dunk that?), EJs lone FT miss, and inexplicible final career play limelight-avoidance, and Withey+KYo not going far a clear 50/50 ball, allowing a quick McGary reverse layup. KU built a lead, KU blew it, with a little help from Burke and officials. See that earlier nutjob technical became immaterial as KU built that big lead deep into the 2nd half–>then we proceed to give it away. Its about 60% on KU, of which half is on EJ, and the other 40% is to Michigan’s credit + a blown call or two by officials. You gotta see the final 3min to see the de-construct happen, play by play. Answer that inner anger with tale-of-tape facts, for any that need to.

    OkieState? Shee-yat! That wasnt even the same KU team the 2nd half, was it? Looked like a panicked high-school team. Worst meltdown I’ve seen by a KU team in years, as that one’s mostly on us. ChokieSt is undermanned, Ford is underwhelming at best, yet we gift 'em the cliche of ‘it aint over til its over’. Bill, why dont you tell those kids wearing our uniform that Div1 basketball games are 40min of regulation, not 20 or 36 or 37min? (laughter)

  • @ralster

    Correct me if am wrong but TTBOMK, the largest lead KU had was 6 points (49-43) and not 10 points…

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