• Doubt he’ll resign at this point. What would be his reason–for the good of the team/he’s become a distraction… something along those lines? Very few details to the story. Frankly, it really seems unbelievable that no one knew about it until one day before his court supervision ended.

    I’m sure Self can point to some personnel policy to justify whatever decision he makes, if it’s even his to make.

  • @brooksmd Sure as a frogs @$$ is waterproof…

    Bill needs to let Snacks go.

  • Just read 2-week suspension from all activities.

  • @mtwagonmaster

    Here is the link…

    We really don’t know all the details but my first reaction is disappointment…

  • @wrwlumpy thought this headline was clever. Nice work.

  • So he has already finished 6 months of pee test ordered through the court system of Peoria and paid his fine + a two week suspension. What kind of pressure are these recruiting coaches under? 2 DUI’s for Huggy’s boy that stayed at KSU before going to be with Turgeon and losing his job for his second arrest. I like the Jacque Vaughn idea. There must be some big fish he has on the line in recruiting, BIG FISH.

  • I feel bad for Snacks. He’s as much one of our own as Wayne Selden or Frank Mason, imo. Maybe more so being that he played four years for Bill Self at Illinois prior to two years of coaching for KU. This is a lifestyle choice, considered illegal in some parts of the country. Most of us have gambled in office pools, drank in public, trespassed and broken God knows what other petty laws in our life. It is my opinion that the government should only be dictating what choices I can make in so much as how they may harm others. You may disagree, but please let’s consider Snacks one of our own and hope this all works out for the best.

  • @brooksmd

    “You mean a small mom and pop business isn’t about profit? I’m sure Jayhawk Tire is about profit.”

    Hey… I’m a capitalist. And I don’t mind big business having financial incentives to innovate products, including medicine.

    But they control medicine now in it’s entirety.

    Ever wonder why America has one of the highest costs for health care in this “free market” system? There is nothing free market about medicine in America… absolutely nothing. Did you know the AMA is the #1 spender of lobby dollars in Washington?

    Have you ever had to pay out of pocket expenses for chemotherapy? Would you deny a loved one medicine if the cost of it was $5000 per month? How long could you afford to pay that?

    I’ve been in that situation, including with a loved one who was insured. This was before Obamacare… and I’m pretty sure big improvements haven’t happened since it became law.

    On the recreation side… if marijuana was hard to get and grow, and if a business could possess all the rights to it, we would have had legal (federal) pot ages ago because that corporation would have lobbied for it. Snacks wouldn’t be facing this issue, unless he bought his stuff underground.

    Just my humble opinion.

  • I’m not as bent out of shape by it as others on here. He should’ve told Coach, so I guess that’ll get him in the end. That is a deal breaker, even though the “getting busted for pot” might’ve actually helped with recruiting.

  • @drgnslayr

    The health care in this country is expensive because of lawyers. Why do we pay so much for medications? Because sooner or later the pharma companies will get sued and a jury whose justification is, they have money, they ca afford it, will award a plaintiff a shit load of money. Do you know how much the average doctor has to pay for insurance? A huge amount because sooner or later he will be sued and the insurance company will have to fork out the money. Why do doctors order all these expensive test for the simplest of conditions? Because if they don’t they might end up being sued; it is called practicing defensive medicine…very sad indeed.

    In the old days, most Americans used to believe that the best way to become successful and wealthy was getting a college degree and working hard. Now, according to many polls, American believe that the best and quickest ways to become successful and wealthy are winning a lawsuit or the lottery…oh, how times have changed.

  • @approxinfinity

    I believe that the long term relationship Coach Self has had with Snacks weighed heavily in the final decision.

  • 2-week suspension:

    Kansas University men’s basketball assistant coach Jerrance Howard will serve a two-week suspension from all team activities as punishment for a July 2014 arrest for possession of marijuana, KU coach Bill Self announced Thursday afternoon. The suspension is effective immediately. –

    Let the debate ensue 😉 (in a civil way, of course… nods to @CivilHawk )

  • @bskeet Fair enough.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I know that is part of it… but you don’t think the AMA gives all those millions to Washington for the heck of it, do you? Costs are high because everyone involved in the process goes for full profit. Insurance companies, lawyers, hospitals, doctors (and their groups), pharma.

    Capitalism is built on profiteering. I’m not against that. But who is in Washington lobbying for the consumer? Right… no one.

  • @drgnslayr

    The ABA makes the AMA look like pikers, plus most members of congress are lawyers in the first place.

  • @bskeet said:

    2-week suspension:

    Kansas University men’s basketball assistant coach Jerrance Howard will serve a two-week suspension from all team activities as punishment for a July 2014 arrest for possession of marijuana, KU coach Bill Self announced Thursday afternoon. The suspension is effective immediately. –

    Let the debate ensue 😉 (in a civil way, of course… nods to @CivilHawk )

    I say, Fair!

  • My first thought, before I got to the bottom of the thread was that JH should be let go for not telling his employer about the offense. If he had told them, there should have been a stiff penalty. You can’t punish the kids for testing positive without severely penalizing a coach that does the equivalent. As I thought more about it, I thought about how we are a 2nd chance society…I agreed with the comment above about how he should be proactive and enter some type of rehab. Then, I got to the bottom and read that he has been suspended. That doesn’t mean he won’t ultimately be let go, but I think that won’t happen. I think I am OK with that given other transgressions that have occurred and how others have been given 2nd chances. I know that not telling your employer takes it to another level, so I am conflicted.

  • HR person here. Pretty certain that KU has dealt with similar employee issues in the past. Organizations have to deal out the same discipline to similar policy breakers regardless of their position. That said , Self as his manager can deliver his own unique thrashing. Oops should have typed message to JH.

  • @Paloma What KU policy, if any, did he break? None of this occurred on campus.

  • @drgnslayr First I’m glad to hear you’re a capitalist. Second, as my wife has worked as a chemo nurse over 20 years in both private practice and hospital, I’m well aware of horrors and the costs of chemo. I also know that while working in private practice she assisted patients in working with companies to get reduced charges for their treatments. I also know what she pays for malpractice insurance not only when she worked in private practice but even now in a hospital setting. If we didn’t have the litigation threat like many countries, we could bring drugs straight to market and sell them over the counter.

    I’m sorry for your family experience with cancer and unfortunately most of us have had to deal with this terrible disease. All the best my friend.

  • Am sure KU has a code of conduct that employees have to suffer thru annual training on. Probably has bullets on professional, truthful behavior and requires employees’ signature. Does not matter where the unacceptable behavior occurred–especially in this situation since he’s embarrassed the school along with himself and family. It’s easy to directly connect this issue to damaging his performance as well. Easy discipline decision.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I’d give ya 100 thumbs up if I knew where to get them. That’s because we have an entire generation that is totally comfortable to live off of someone else’s hard work & sit at home to watch Judge Joe, Dr Phil & Oprah on self help TV. In other words they are just too friggin lazy to get off their ass. JMO

  • @Paloma KU employees do not have annual training on code of conduct. I thought you worked at KU and had insight into some specific policy that JH violated.

  • @brooksmd

    Thanks… We lost my mother-in-law to breast cancer. It was tough in all areas… emotional and financial. I don’t want to single out anything in particular… I just wish there was someone lobbying for us. I appreciate the efforts of your wife! Through all of this we met many people in the health industry that was very kind and as helpful as they possibly could be.


    I know you are right on the money!

    Sorry for venting this out in here.

  • Checkout the Handbook for Faculty and other Unclassified Staff --section on committing an act that involves such moral turpitude as to render the faculty member unfit for his position. Not a KU employee but all organizations have behavior policies/standards.

  • This gives new meaning to “Beware of the Phog”

  • @wissoxfan83 good one!

  • @wissoxfan83 PHOF !!

  • @drgnslayr

    No problem. I have had relatives that had cancer and I know how expensive it can be. My sister in law had the bone marrow transplant procedure at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, one of the very few places that will do it, and I know the bill for the stay was around $300K. Fortunately she worked for the Social Security Administration and her insurance plan covered just about all of it. She was cancer free for close to 10 years and then it came back and she was gone in a couple of months. Pretty sad.

  • 2 week suspension. Well, we might not see the rest of the story until fall…if, indeed, there will be further maneuvering. The thing that bothers me perhaps most: Has Snacks hidden other illegal actions from his head coach? Perhaps recruiting entanglements? This hoops program is colossal; much grander than the judgments or misjudgments of those currently placed in charge of maintaining its face and continued well being. The program has been burdened with a few player blemishes during the Self Years, but no more than on any other topflight Div. 1 campus, and fewer than most schools, it appears. (Heck, just take a look across the Kaw, current turmoil at MizZoo!) But a compound mistake by a second or third year assistant? YIKES! The World of Hoops is broad and expansive. Lotsa sites for Snacks to land with uncluttered runways; sites w/o the reputation or historical significance of Kansas Basketball. I understand that it is in timely best interest of Bill Self, the athletic dept. and the university to move quickly in an attempt to leap beyond this breaking news. Gonna be interesting, watching for further crescendo or denouement. I will be surprised if Snacks is still in Lawrence by June 2016. But for his longstanding relationship with Bill Self, he has stepped close to filling J.R. Giddens’ dusty Adidas sneakers.

  • Interesting. I was visiting with a friend that works in HR and she indicated that depending on how his contract is written and who the contract is with, KU/AD might not be able to fire him…even if they wanted to. If he was fired, he could sue the KU/AD under the ADA since drug dependency can now be consider a “disability” and KU’s only recourse would b to send him to rehab (at KU’s expense. of curse) a few times before he can be fired…whatever happened to personal responsibility? It would certainty explain the relatively light punishment; certainly much cheaper than the alternative plus it gets the issue off the front pages and spares the program from further embarrassment.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Personal responsibility walked out the door when political correctness walked in.

  • Regardless what the future brings I wish him the best.

  • @brooksmd The idealistic, liberally anointed, politically correct world we now live in (Federal Govt) is now allowing anyone with a pet- examples: dog, cat, kangaroo (where legal), to register said pet as a service animal for the life of the animal for a $75.00 fee, qualifying as an emotional (therapy) support service animal. A US Govt ID is issued & said pet can accompany the owner anywhere in the US of A. Kinda like the hormone therapy thing you mentioned the other day-mind boggling to those citizens who try to be responsible & accountable, and work & pay taxes. The animal can fly, accompany owner to restaurants, go to court, ball games, whatever & wherever. Makes ya proud to be a taxpayer doesn’t it? Damn chills are starting to run up & down my wallet most every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner anymore. (Sarcasm).

  • @globaljaybird I did hear a story about a pot bellied pig on an airplane, pooped on the floor!! Gross! It was a service pet! She had papers from a dr. I always wanted to see if I could pass my golden off as a guide dog to get in somewhere. I didn’t realize it was rude. Anyway I never did it.

  • @globaljaybird I won’t go into detail, but read what the head of the IRS said could happen with the issuance of SSN’s as part of O’s amnesty program. How many billions that will cost not to mention the projected $22 billion for college loan forgiveness. I’ll have to come out of retirement so I can afford the taxes to pay my fair share. I’m considering renouncing my citizenship, leave the country and then sneak back in across the southern border to get in on all those freebies.

  • @brooksmd don’t fuel his fire!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That wasn’t one of those cute little pot bellied pigs. It was a frickin’ pot bellied hog. Monkeys, cats, and even miniature horses qualify as “emotional support” animals. Somebody boards a plane I’m on with a frickin’ horse, I’m getting off. Same with a pig.

  • @brooksmd I did know there was a difference!! I’m w/you!!

  • @brooksmd A guy showed me his Fed ID for his service dog the other day-a pit bull, & told me that there was no Dr’s recommendation or medical requirement whatso ever involved in the process. I’ve no problem with the breed, or any breed for that matter, but now the dog is legal anywhere he goes-with the stroke of a pen & 75 bucks. What the H is this country coming too? If you have excellent, employer paid healthcare under the AHCA, you may have to claim it as a taxable benefit as a “Cadillac Healthcare Plan” & may be subject to a FORTY % Tax on said benefit !! Google it to see if you will get nailed. That’s a huge reason why I took early retirement. Taxable income was going up as per paid healthcare by appx 23K per year without one additional penny on the check, but taxes were going to go up about $8500 per year anyway.

  • @globaljaybird so if it’s not medical why can he have it? Can I have one? I wouldn’t have a pit, afraid of them!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Doesn’t take much to rattle my cage about taxes !!

  • I know! I tried to stop him!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He said there was no Dr involved in the process. You download a PDF, fill out the form, & pay the $75 bucks, & shazamm-you’re in. The US Govt mails you a service animal ID card describing the animal & you & pics, & states “emotional therapy pet” on the card. I looked at the ID card myself. Also asked if it were counterfeit & answer was no.

  • How do you expect everyone to have the biggest flat screen, broadband internet/cable, smart phones if we don’t pay our fair share?

    I kept my health ins when I retired and I pay almost $500/mo for it. Guess I’ll find out when I do my taxes if it qualifies as a “cadillac” or not. Only did it to cover my wife as her employer healthcare ins sucks.

  • Boy this thread certainly has meandered from topic to topic. 🍺

  • @brooksmd Let’s talk about tattoos. Or our favorite songs. Or our favorite songs about tattoos…

  • @brooksmd Some of us old people tend to ramble angrily while we wander. When we have to drop bread crumbs to get back home we’ll really be in deep crap. Service dogs will be eatin the crumbs !!

  • @nuleafjhawk How bout scars leaf ?- Scars are tattoos with stories .

  • @globaljaybird but what is the purpose, to take the dog anywhere? Sorry!

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