• Starters Min PPG Height Weight (Key 3 Pointer 😵

    Michael Cobbins SR 28.3 9.3 6’8” 230 (41.2%)

    Le’Bryan Nash SR 30.9 17.6 6’7” 235

    Jeff Newberry JR 16.3 5.8 6’2” 190 (44.8%)

    Anthony Hickey Jr. SR 28.7 9.3 5’11” 185 (33.3%)

    Phil Forte III JR 33.0 17.7 5’11” 185

    Key Reserves

    Jeffrey Carroll FR 15.2 4.8 6’6” 205

    Tavarius Shine FR 11.8 3.5 6’6” 195

    Leyton Hammonds SO 11.1 2.5 6’7” 205 (33.3%)

  • Yesterday I read a post in which someone quoted Travis Ford declaring that OSU was determined not to allow the Jayhawks to “run their stuff” against his Cowboys. HA! I wonder what “stuff” he refers to. Heck, Bill Self might not even know what stuff his squad will run Tuesday night! Jayhawk Nation awaits the continuing development of our offense with bated breath.

  • @REHawk Hope to see the Battle of Small Guards. I think whichever combo (Mason/Graham or Forte/Hickey) that has the better Assist and TO shall prevail. I am pretty sure our small guards will outdo them in REB column. It would be fun. RCJH!

  • @Shanghai_RCJH think oubre will guard Nash?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I sure hope so. Freshman dueling Senior. I think the 2 small guards duel is key. If the small guards duel is a tie, then, the Duel at 3 will be key to win. Sure hope Oubre KO Nash. RCJH!

  • Nash will be guarded by Ellis since starters go 5’11", 5’11", 6’2", 6’7", and 6’8". If we go with are usual line up, and Self will because we don’t let people dictate what we run, that would put Ellis or Traylor on Nash. And I don’t think we want Ellis or Traylor guarding a 6’2" guy.

  • After saturday I wonder if we see more minutes of a lineup with Cliff and Mari inside. With Ellis still in the game. KO and Mason. Then subbing Graham and Selden for those. Perhaps not against okie state. But a longer taller team I think it could be effective. This would be short minutes. Not gonna want to risk foul trouble with the big guys. I think the more Ellis hits from outside, the more defenses will start to key on him for that. Which should open up passing/driving lanes to the hoop. Its really how Ellis can get us more points in the paint even if he doesnt score them. I could see Self going to this maybe 4 or 5 possessions per half when we really need a few buckets and arent rebounding well.

  • Wow, an experienced team. They may not be as talented as OSU teams of the past, but experience against youth evens the playing field. Then the prospect of beating a team like KU means they’ll be amped up, not to mention it’ll be one of their few sellouts of the year. We haven’t handled environments like this very well in recent years. Danger KU!

  • @wissoxfan83Game The game is at home BTW. We don’t play in Gallagher Iba till Feb 7th.


    Big advantage for Nash if Ellis is guarding him. He lives off of FT’s and mid range jumpers. I would like Oubre to guard him but I’m afraid he’d get in foul trouble. Same with Traylor, he owned Mari last year in their meetings especially in Stillwater. We don’t have anyone to really guard him. Nash hasn’t played well in Allen Fieldhouse over the years so hopefully he remembers that.

    In General to win this game we just have to limit Nash & Forte from doing too much damage. If they score over 40 combined we are probably in a dogfight. Nash has been turnover prone this year so it would have been nice if Oubre could guard him and get a bunch of steals but I’m worried Nash would bait him into some freshman fouls.

    Forte has also had a penchant for making 30 footers in Allen. He’s added to his game this year and we have to be very worried who’s going to limit him. Will we put Selden on him and have him chase him or will it be Mason’s job? Clearly from my perspective the biggest question mark in this game.

    We haven’t played a team with more than 1 go to player so it will be important to see in the first 10 minutes how our defense is playing to these guys.

    Hickey has been pretty good at getting into the lane for shots or kickouts which we will have to worry about. They love to penetrate and dish for 3’s. It’s basically their whole offense other than Iso Nash. It’s a big advantage to have Graham back and already a game behind his belt because we are going to need his Defense. Shine & Newberry don’t do anything but shoot 3’s so it will be key to limit them as well from outside shots.

    I think we will win this game but I’m expecting it to be very close til the end. Forte has been an absolute thorn in our side in every meeting. It’s like we smacked up his mother or something and he’s coming for revenge. Nash & him average almost 36 pts a game and matchup wise it favors them in both cases. Will Mason cover Forte or will we put Selden on him and have him chase all night. Nash has either Ellis or Traylor to start and that’s a mismatch. We will need Cliff a lot in this game. For KU, having Graham back is huge. Mason will have his game, hopefully the real Perry Ellis is back again. Just continue doing what we are doing.

  • @BeddieKU23 I would guard Forte with Mason over Selden. Maybe I’m crazy, but I prefer Mason’s defense to Selden’s at this point.

    But here’s actually what I’d try – guard Forte with Oubre. Self routinely put Brandon Rush on point guards. I don’t think Forte is quicker than Oubre, but Forte can get a step on most anyone. Oubre could cause him distress on his jumper, and could cause problems on Forte’s drives from a chase position, if Forte gets by him, with his long arms.

  • @BeddieKU23 Thanks for the heads up! I thought I’d read it was on the road.

  • @BeddieKU23 : Ellis d’ing anyone up is a mismatch 😉

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I like that idea, but again I’m worried about how fast Oubre can get over screens. Forte is pretty crafty at hiding behind screens. I do like the fact that he could bother some shots with his long arms, but Oubre has yet to block one shot this year. If I’m truly that worried then Mason it is because he’s been pretty consistent fighting screens all year.

  • On ball screens, play over, switch under? I don’t like switching though when it can be avoided. I think we could switch with anyone, including Traylor and Ellis, but not Cliff.

    Interesting on the blocked shot stat.

    I’m quite sure Self wouldn’t start with Oubre on him anyway – only if damage has been done.

    If Mason’s on him, then good thing Graham is back. Mason will be working hard. Mason never gets tired, though – the best conditioned Jayhawk I’ve seen, and the best dribbler I’ve seen here.

  • I don’t think Oubre can keep up with him As Beddie said, I don’t see Oubre fight through screens the way he would need to to keep up with the ultra-active Forte. If you recall the dude doesn’t tire. He will run non stop and Oubre is foul prone as it is.

  • @ cragar I was thinking the same thing. I’d like to see how Traylor & Alexander play together for an extended period of time. If Perry cannot score down low, what is he bringing to the table that Brannen Greene isn’t.

    I do feel bad for Perry because he believes he should be playing the 3 but he’s forced out of position. His shuffles are obviously not good enough to guard any 3 though. He’s about like Greene in that regard except at least Perry doesn’t get out over his skis when he guards like Greene does. I’m hoping Hudy can improve Greene’s defensive slides the way Tyrel Reed did over time.

  • @Blown If we look at their line up, i think they play mainly 6 guys and the 7th is not really rotation minutes. Therefore, I like our Options we can have at 1/2, 3, and 4/5. We have 2 viable options for 1/2 (Mason/Seldon and Mason/Graham), we have a solid 3 in KO and BG and Svi as good back ups, we have Traylor/Ellis, Traylor/Cliff and Cliff/Ellis at the 4/5. We can throw many things at them but they can’t. RCJH!

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