Texas and Butcher Barnes Get Taylor Back for B12

  • Thank heavens.

    I didn’t want to have to face them without them being at full strength. 🙂

  • @jaybate-1.0 I like seeing UT at full strength. It will allow KU to play a top 10 team twice and see what we are really made of. I think we beat UT at AFH and lose at their place regardless of who is in the starting lineups.

  • @joeloveshawks

    I agree with that statement although the home game will be tuff as well. Them and Iowa St are the only conference teams that have played KU hard in Allen. We will have to bring our big boy pants inside against Texas in both games. They are just so much bigger.

  • @BeddieKU23 okie state played us hard last year!! And dirty!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    You are right, and I’m sure it won’t stop this year. Not a fan of Forte, feels like Nash has been their forever and both of these guys give us fits every year.

  • We need to show the tape of Texas beating us at home after TRob lost his mom.

    That was a gut-wrenching loss.

    I recall seeing many fans crying. We so much wanted a ray of sunshine to help lift the clouds, and Texas brought rain.

    That should be a motivational tool for the next 100 years every time Texas comes to AFH.

  • Texas pulled a bit of a KU yesterday in Lubbock and let a 20 point lead down to 6 in the second half. It is nice seeing that our main rival this year (so we think) can also go to sleep for 15 minutes and struggle to put a game away. That lack of focus may actually result in a loss or two against teams that are not the high school team that is Texas Tech.

    In other Big 12 action I was pretty impressed with OU yesterday. Baylor is a very solid squad as well and it was a pretty fun game to watch.

    Pretty simple what will win or lost games for ISU. They go down yesterday hitting 1-18 for 3. Not sure how that even happens but it is a reminder that as great as Hoiberg is and as scared as we are of that team they are essentially 1 dimensional.

    WVU and TCU both look like far improved teams.

    KSU and OSU was a battle of two pretty bad teams in my opinion. OSU took advantage of being at home. Nash who was once and OAD is in his 4th year and looks solid as does Forte. Not much else surrounding them though and the coaching is sub par as it has been for years.

    Big 12 title still goes through Lawrence. That is my take on watching a few games from my couch.

  • @joeloveshawks

    The problem with ISU is that they dont shoot 1 for 18 when they play KU. Its a whole different ball game when they play us and we can expect them to shoot lights out ala big 12 tournament last yr. We actually matchup better with them better on defense because of our limited size. But we are historically a poor 3pt defense team and haven’t been stellar so far this year.

    OU is good, Baylor doesn’t have that go to guy so they rely on the team aspect to win games.

    WVU still shocks me although I didn’t think they would lose yesterday. TCU played them tuff.

  • @BeddieKU23 You are 100% right but I don’t think that is an isolated issue with just ISU. We are KU and have dominated the Big 12 and before that we dominated the Big 8. We are the only pure basketball school in the conference and we get every teams best shot. Every team has the KU game circled on their schedule and guys are up to play us in a way they are not up to play the likes of OSU, KSU, etc. It makes our decade of dominance even more impressive knowing that teams play their best when they play KU.

  • @drgnslayr I couldn’t handle that!! But what pi$$es me off the most and fires me up, is Ridley throwing Embiid down!!! And then I’d show the Tarik dunk on Ridley and the bench reaction!! Fun times!!

  • How many wins will we need to win the Big12 this year? Has anyone done a recent projection of how many losses the rest of the teams in conference will have?

  • @approxinfinity

    Some where someone was saying they expected the winner to have four losses. But I really haven’t tried to think it through, because KU is such a wild card in all of this. Hard to tell from game to game whether to take us as a threat, or not.

    I know Texas getting that talented point guard back is not a positive for anyone that is already going to have trouble contending with their size.

  • 4 loses will be about right. As tough as the league is anything less can be considered a great conference season.

    We will learn a lot about this team starting January 17th-24th. @ Iowa St which sounds like its going to be the Gameday game. Either that or WVU vs Texas. Then 2 days after on big monday against Oklahoma, then Saturday @ Texas. It’s the toughest stretch for any team in the conference so its bigtime that week. If we take care of business before hand a 4-0 start going into that week would be crucial. We better bring it wednesday against Baylor to start though.

  • @approxinfinity My take, at this juncture: If our league is won by 3 losses, Longhorns win it outright. But more likely 4 or 5 losses to win the title; with KU in the mix for a tie with Texas and maybe one other squad. If Self wins it outright, hand him another $5 million!

  • I’m going to say at least 4, maybe 5. The contenders have to win at OU, ISU, WVU, Texas (substitute KU for one of the 4. Not automatic that someone loses those 4, but there are other tough games as well. Agree that Baylor is a big game. Lose that, and we could be 1 down vs. any contender that ends up winning in Waco.

  • Have my tickets for the UT game here. In years past you could buy single game tickets for that one game but because it is the only one they sell out for the entire season, this year you had to buy a 6 game package just to get KU so I went through Ticket City and plunked down money to get tickets behind the KU bench. UT is only as good as their bigs stay out of foul trouble.

  • @RockChalkinTexas that would be so fun!!! And, worth it. Texas didn’t look invincible yesterday at TT.

  • I would be surprised if the League winner has less than 4 losses and it would not surprise me for a team(s) to win with 6 losses. Other than Texas Tech., KSU and maybe TCU, every team can beat any other team at any time, particularly at home. Yes, the League is that strong from top to bottom

  • First team to 14 wins the league, probably wins it outright.

    Just too many difficult games on the slate to really think anyone is losing fewer than 3 games in conference. The following teams will likely be above .500 at home - Kansas, Texas, Iowa State, Oklahoma, West Virginia. Baylor and Oklahoma State will also be tough at home. The more I watch K-State, the more I think they could be headed for a six win conference season. Weber has just done a horrible job there. He’s dropped them from title contention to possibly fighting to stay out of the cellar.

    If I told you right now that KU went unbeaten at home but lost on the road in Austin, Morgantown, Stillwater and Ames I don’t think anyone would be completely shocked by that because those are all tough places to play. As @JayHawkFanToo said, “every team can beat any other team at any time, particularly at home.”

    If you survive with just 4 losses, you’re winning this conference outright.

    The big thing to watch will be small injuries. The injuries that keep guys out for a game or two could be what decides the league. Let’s say Holmes rolls an ankle right before Texas plays at Iowa State, or Spangler from OU bangs his knee in practice before Bedlam at OSU. May not keep those guys from playing, but could be just enough to shift the game in favor of the home team. Or alternatively, let’s say somebody for KU goes down with Texas or Oklahoma coming into Lawrence. That could be just enough to allow one of them to steal a game in Lawrence.

    The margin isn’t very big this year in conference. Literally a handful of plays could determine the Big 12 title.

  • @justanotherfan I agree about 14 wins… and would add that any team that wins all their home games at least ties for the conference title. (probably an obvious prediction)

    I still expect Rick Barne’s team to fold up at some point as usual. ISU is my biggest worry.

  • @DanR

    Oddly enough, I am most scared of West Virginia. Their home court will probably be the toughest to win on outside of AFH. They can win on the road because a Bob Huggins team will always pack their defense. They aren’t very likely to give away a random game. And they could give KU problems in the Fieldhouse. That translates to 10 or 11 wins, with the possibility if they play above their head once or twice on the road to be in the 12 or 13 range. With 14 as the goal, that makes it very interesting.

  • Does anybody think kstate can win Texas and get new tshirts?

  • @justanotherfan You hit the bullseye re injury factor. KU MUST keep Frank Mason rolling. 38 minutes for Frank scares the hell out of me.

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