Conner Frankamp Abandons Jayhawks News headlines

  • Conner Frankamp leaves Jayhawks

    Kansas sophomore guard Conner Frankamp is transferring elsewhere.

    Conner Frankamp decides to transfer

    Kansas University sophomore guard Conner Frankamp has decided to transfer, coach Bill Self told the Journal-World.

    Newell: Connner Frankamp leaving KU basketball

    “What it does, we’ve lost a good player. We’ve lost a fine young man. We’ve lost a very good shooter,” Self said. “But we may have also gained (on) some chemistry issues, where now, I think guys will be more locked in and more able to probably figure out what their role will be, because there will definitely be anywhere between 10 and 20 or 10 and 23 whatever minutes there would be to go around amongst the other guys.”

    Smith: Bill Self: KU losing ‘fine young man’ and ‘very good shooter’ with Conner Frankamp transferring

    KU players express surprise at Frankamp transfer

    There were unconfirmed whispers last spring that Kansas University guard Conner Frankamp was considering a transfer to Creighton.

  • @dylans Sounds like these guys were fighting tooth & nail, just what Self wants. CF just too small a pup to scrap with the 6’-7" Greene & 6’-8" Svee for the 2 & 3 leftover bones. Maybe he posed, but never really a threat to Frank or Devonte at point so maybe Bill’s right about the chemistry issue.

    To run & play with the big dogs you gotta be a big dog. I wish best of fortune to ya CF-we all like to root for the underdog. That’s what America is all about. Get back in the fight & show what pick of the litter can do !!

  • I don’t think Conner ever got the respect he should have. By the coaches and by most of us fans. I am gonna go out on a limb and exclude myself - I think Self screwed up last year by not playing him a LOT more. The Stanford game drove that point home for me.

    I hope he goes for 30 a game where ever he goes.

    Yes, I’m pissed.

  • @nuleafjhawk I’m w/ you on this.

    HCBS is the best but he’s not infallable. CF could have had every one of Naa’s minutes last year as far as I’m concerned.

  • Can he transfer in the B12 and play next year? WSU?

  • I hope HCBS knows what he’s doing… My perspective from the outside is that we lost more than we gained. @nuleafjhawk – he definitely deserved to play more last year.

    I suspect that wherever Connor goes, if he gets the chance to match up against us, he will stick it to us. And I don’t think it will be grudge like revenge… it will be more like… “I’m just doing what I do!”

    Just hope he doesn’t go to Missouri. Most likely spots: WSU and KState. Also possible: Big 10 country.

  • Man that sucks, but it will suck less if he goes to Wisconsin.

  • @bskeet He’s perfect for Creighton. They made the 2nd most 3s in the NCAA last year- they run that perimeter offense. I’ll bet old man McDermott is already chomping at the bit.

  • If the goes to a big 12 school, he sits two years.

    As of now, since he is enrolled this semester, he sits until second semester next season. He can’t play first semester of the 2015-16 season, much like Withey did with us.

  • Certainly a surprise. Conner was always huge Jayhawk fan and his dream was to one day play for KU. Unfortunately he came at at a time when KU had a surplus of players at his position and until the very end, he was not able to show that he was good enough to earn big minutes at KU. Conner is in many ways a one-dimensional player and Coach Self like players that are more versatile and maybe a place like Creighton is better suited for his game.

    I feel really bad for him that his dream to be a star at KU is not going to happen; I am sure it was a very difficult decision for him to move away from what he had worked towards for so long. He seems like a real nice kid and it is sad to see him go; wherever he lands, I hope he has the career he had hoped for. Best of luck Conner.

  • I’d like to hear a tape of the player/father/coach discussion. To wit, did Conner opt for a red shirt but get turned down? A real shame that he has lost this semester of eligibility and will have only 2 1/2 seasons at his transfer school. I noticed in the Bedore announcement, Conner is still listed at 165. After a year and a half of college, he appears not to have gained more than 5 pounds. Hard to imagine a 6 footer playing major minutes at that weight for a top tier Div. 1 program. Conner seemed destined only for spot duty unless the newbies bombed. In years 3 and 4 body likely would not have packed the additional 15 pounds necessary to compete competitively for KU. I wish for him the very best. Appeared to be a terrific kid, a solid team player.

  • Strange loss.

    Mason, Devonte and Svi better play pretty well, because CF will elsewhere.

    And when Self brings in the next Top 5-10 point guard this offseason,

  • The Truth Shall Set You Free

    Conner obviously wanted to know the truth, and was then set free. One player has never defined Kansas Basketball. Everyone is replaceable. The addition of a 17 year old 6’8" guard that can shoot spelled the end for Conner Frankamp at KU. At 6’8" Svi can pretty much get in an opposing guards path and get his hands up and play decent defense. Conner cannot do that at 6’0". As much as Coach Self liked AWIII, Tharpe, and Frankamp, they were all defensive liabilities, and therefore expendable. I love watching Frankamp play and will continue to watch him wherever he transfers to. If we can let Conner go, we must have a pretty good team this year.

  • This is the biggest disappointment for me ever regarding a kid leaving the program. Mostly because he is a home grown product and in the age of the OAD he appeared to be a 4 year player who would really make an impact this junior and senior years while striking fear in the hearts of our opponents with his unlimited range. I obviously can’t comment on the exact reasons for his departure but it is odd that even his close friends Wayne and Perry were shocked by the news. Seems like if anyone knew it would be a close teammate who has a locker right next to you.

    Really hate seeing this happen to another shooter as well. Losing CF and AW3 back to back makes me hope Greene and other pure shooters can get it done from 3.

  • Self is normally the consummate politician, but I think he said something really stupid (at least insensitive) the other day.

    “We’ve lost obviously a very good shooter,” Self said, “but we may have also gained some chemistry issues” (italics added)

    Why? Just say we lost a good shooter. A hard worker. Nice kid. Whatever. Keep the chemistry issues in the locker room - not to the press.

  • Here is the line that bothers me: per Benton Smith Self had a starting five for Monday’s exhibition. Frankamp would’ve started. But as of Friday afternoon he hadn’t decided on the starting five versus Washburn.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    That was the exact same thing I thought. Sometimes it is better to leave somethings unsaid; this was one of those times.

  • @wissoxfan83

    I would love to see him land at Wisconsin. But what about his size playing B10 bruise ball?

  • @nuleafjhawk

    "Self said, “but we may have also gained some chemistry issues” "

    Kind of makes me wonder if Conner was nudged out the door. I don’t mean that from the perspective of Self trying to make recruiting room for next year. I mean that from the perspective that Self just wasn’t seeing minutes for Conner this year. If it is the latter, Self is being a very good coach by thinking of Conner’s interest first, even ahead of the team. All players really want is a coach that will be straight up with them… and not string them along.

    As far as helping chemistry, it is bound to help chemistry because more opportunity will now be available for all our guards. Even though these guys will be losing a friend on the team, they will be gaining a better shot at more minutes… something that is bound to get these guys even more motivated.

    I feel sure that Self played this right, especially with a home-grown always-Jayhawk, Conner Frankamp.

    I feel that adding Svi to our team, late in recruiting, was the final blow. He represents too much for Conner to challenge for minutes. Even though Svi has his issues, mostly needing discipline on when to shoot, everyone is raving about his ability to shoot.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I don’t believe a student had to sit two years; from the Conference rules it looks like one year. Maybe I am reading them incorrectly?

    This is from the conference rules…

    6.3. Intraconference Transfers. The eligibility of a student-athlete who transfers directly or indirectly from one Conference Member Institution to another shall be determined by NCAA regulations and the following Conference requirements. In the event NCAA regulations require the student-athlete to complete one full academic year in residence before being eligible to compete in a sport, the student-athlete shall also forfeit one season of competition in that sport. The waiver of a NCAA transfer regulation for a student-athlete does not negate the need for a waiver of this section.

  • @nuleafjhawk I think this is one of those times that it’s good riddance. If he was a chemistry issue by his presence alone (not his actions) then so long the program is better off.

    Naadir Tarpe, JR Giddens, And now Frankamp. They no longer rate. Anyone who would leave the team without good reason is not now nor will they ever be a Jayhawk. It’s unfortunate as I thought Frankamp would be a difference maker, but if he wants to be the man he’ll have to do it on a mediocre team.

    Think of the time Releford put in or the walk-ons who never see the floor. Frankamp was scheduled to start the first game and average up to 25 minutes per game (according to Self). So playing times not the issue. The problem is he was never going to be the star on the team as he was his four years in highschool.

    It’s unfortunate as I was looking forward to watching him develop into a major contributor. I had high hopes for conner since he signed with KU and followed his HS career. My opinion may change as more details come to light, but for now good riddance.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I think you’re right on one year, but see the part about forfeiting a year? I was thinking sit two seasons, but a kid it looks like sits a year and forfeits a year of eligibility. I knew there was some penalty for intra-conference stuff.

    For all interested in rules stuff, here’s the link - always handy stuff.

  • @dylans

    Aren’t you a little (or a lot) tough on Frankamp?

    I follow Jayhawk Basketball as much as anyone and I have never heard or read that Frankamp was anything other than a good student, a good teammate and an overall really good kid. Lumping him with Giddens (of stabbing fame) or Tharpe (of selfie fame) and implying that his presence alone created chemistry issues is grossly unfair to a homegrown kid that has always been a loyal Jayhawk. As far as I am concerned and unless he does something untoward to prove otherwise, he will always be a Jayhawk.

  • @dylans A couple of things … I think Self’s “chemistry” comment wasn’t meant to be derogatory towards CF. Just more that now we only have 6 perimeter guys, thus it will be easier to slot guys in. That’s all.

    On starters for Monday, it made sense that Self would start CF – Mason, CF, Selden, Traylor, Ellis. I am nearly 100% sure that’s what it would have been. No freshmen. Now the question is who starts instead of CF? Maybe Graham because of the ball handling thing. Maybe Oubre. One thing we won’t see – Ellis sliding to the 3, and Cliff starting alongside Traylor. That I can pretty much assure you won’t happen (I kid because I care).

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Yes, I saw the part about forfeiting a year; I guess the conference really wants to prevent intraconference transfers…pretty tough and I wonder if this has ever been used. I would think that a student could sue the conference and prevail as it would seem to be an extreme and discriminatory penalty.

  • @drgnslayr Bo has had guys like him. Brust last year, Jason Bohannan to name a few.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I wanted him to work out, but he couldn’t hang. If the fires too hot in the kitchen get out. That’s what Frankamp did.

    Not enough kids are willing to sacrafice for the greater good of the team. Hopefully this means PT would be scarce next season as another stud HS student slides into the rotation.

  • Found the following on Baylors site. Sounds like there is a two year period. I’ve always heard that. Figured it was true. The wording on the big12 site is vague.

    Pursuant to an NCAA rule interpretation from May 1988, universities have the right to place restrictions on the Permission to Contact. It is the general policy of Baylor Athletics to place the following restrictions on all student-athletes who are wishing to transfer, regardless of their sport:

    • Generally, the student-athlete may not have contact with any member schools of the Big 12 Conference, and • The Head Coach of the program, at their discretion, may impose further restrictions on the Permission to Contact.

    Please also note that the Big 12 Conference has an “Intra-Conference Transfer Rule” which may affect the eligibility of a student-athlete wishing to transfer from one conference member school to another, depending on their chosen sport.

  • @wissoxfan83

    You must be psyched for this year! I have a good friend who is all about Badger ball and he can hardly sleep in anticipation for this year. I’m not quite as fanatical about them, but Badger ball is definitely growing on me!

  • If he goes to a Big12 school he sits a year, but it can not be his redshirt, he loses a year of eligibility. If he transfers outside the conference he just sits a year, and it can be his redshirt and he would still have three years left to play, instead of just two in the Big12.

  • @dylans

    But we really don’t know if this the case…do we? At this point we are all just speculating and as I mentioned in another post, we will have to wait until the next “Beyond the Phog” comes out to get a better insight into what really transpired.

  • @Kip_McSmithers

    Some schools/coaches will impose additional restrictions in order to grant a release; without the release, the student-athlete is not eligible for a scholarship at the his new school. These are not NCAA or Conference rules and schools/coaches that have done this in the past have received a huge backlash of bad publicity such as Ryan at Wisconsin and Gundy at Oklahoma State.

    Read more…

  • @drgnslayr I am stoked for sure. It’s always great to look at the rankings and see UW and KU both in the top 5. CBS did one of those top 1o0 players lists and actually had Decker #4 and Kaminsky #5!

  • Conner’s at Wichita state game.

  • I’m not surprised.

  • @JayhawkRock78 don’t know what to think!

  • I see where people are saying Svi will play minutes for Bill but I say, just watch. His minutes will go away and he will be the next player transferring or going back to the Ukraine. Bill will then say that solves another chemistry issue because we are loaded at that position. Yeah Right.

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