AFC championship

  • Go Chiefs!

  • whoa, chiefs given a free play to sustain the drive. Cincy has right to be livid.

  • @wissox the clock missed up, nobody could hear the whistle.

  • Holy crap! Come on butker

  • ❤ ⛽

  • Super Bowl baby!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in AFC championship:

    Super Bowl baby!

    My heart wants to explode.

  • Thank you Chris Jones and Cinn-- for giving KC the Superbowl - and umm it’s not Burrough Head it never has been - -never will be - it’s ARROW HEAD LOL

  • Not a Chiefs fan but congrats to all of you who are! They might still be playing if that bengal dude hadn’t lost his head and pushed the guy out of bounds.

  • @wissox Patrick got enough, butker had plenty on it. Hate to put it on that dude.

  • It’s never one play.

  • Talking heads said our D was the worst of all 4 teams, psssst, rooks showed up! And Chris Jones and Frank Clark!

  • The run!🥰🤩🏃🏻♂🏃🏻♂👑 the last Td 🏈🧵🪡 ! In the end zone wow! Good catch too. Have a seat. And sky Moore on the kickoffs😱 was this the first time he’s been back there since he dropped 2?

  • Never one play true but a play that turns a 45 yarder into a 60 yarder is a very large mistake by the Cincy dude. I try to congratulate you all and get an argument!

  • @wissox I just don’t want to blame the guy. His teammates were on him. You can do what ifs all game. Butker cleared it by more than 15 yds, wasn’t arguing.

  • @wissox said in AFC championship:

    whoa, chiefs given a free play to sustain the drive. Cincy has right to be livid.

    I have read this lots of places, and I don’t get the whining. It wasn’t a free play. The prior play did not happen. If the Chiefs had scored, it wouldn’t have counted. No different than any other official time out except the players wasted energy. Just like an interception after a false start doesn’t “gift” the offense anything.

  • Scared me silly to see Skyy Moore returning that punt. Wowza did he perform though.

  • No Mahomes fumble and we don’t get this wild finish either. Fun game.

  • @mayjay When a play happens, the Bengals get a stop, the punt unit is out for both teams, and the ref says, nope, sorry guys, we have to do it again, well the optics of it is just really bad. It reminded me of the OSU-Georgia game when the buckeyes earned a first down and the ref called a TO after the play had started.

  • Great weekend

    KU and Chiefs won

    Feels so good, lets go Chiefs

  • OK, I now take back all my criticism and bad language about Butker. A couple of games ago, I was calling for him to be replaced, benched, left at the away game stadium, anything. Now he has fully redeemed himself. Super Bowl bound.

  • @wissox The optics were indeed bad. But no one heard the whistle and the head ref screwed everything up by calling it a do over instead of saying the play had been blown dead before it began. The guy who actually blew the whistle was near the side in the defensive secondary, I think, so no one saw him (maybe including the other officials) or knew what had happened.

    Crowd noise disrupted everyone, but it didn’t really matter since the Chiefs didn’t score anyway.

    As for the Bengals being deflated, apparently successful plays turn out to be replayed all the time due to penalties. I have seen claims it messed them up horribly. I’d have thought they learned how to handle confused officials back in Pee Wee fb.

  • You all know Chiefs not my # 1 team. yet I do like them . Now I’ve been hearing all these Cinn fans on social media talking about how the game was rigged - -the calls. To that I call BS.

    It’s like I have said for many , many years - - Winners just Win and Losers make excuses… - If Cinn is looking for reasons why they lost - - look no further then your STUPID obvious penalties. - Like the last or one of the very last penalties where is was blatantly clear I mean how stupid are you - - -the guy clearly hits Maholmes when he clearly already out of bounds. - How stupid are you ?- -what there was like a little or a minute left - that idiot play right there cost you the team the game - you just turned a long, very long Fg attempt into a chip shot to one of the best FG kickers in the league. - -Did you think they wasn’t calling that ? My GOD

    Cinn just had stupid really dumb penalties throughout the game - -so instead of whining about how you think game was fixed - – talk to your players - -take all that sniveling BS all the way back to Cincy. - -Will say this you can get some really good seats right at the 50 watching the Chiefs - -just think - - -there is always - - NEXT YEAR

  • I think Veatch and staff deserve tremendous credit for making some tough decisions in the offseason that paid dividends.

    Last two rookie classes have been solid.

    I was concerned with our rookie corners going against Bengals super-duper WRs but they did well under the circumstances.

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