• With Stave Nash’s departure Tuesday, Jacque Vaughn is back to being interim coach of the Nets.

    He held a similar role in the COVID-shortened 2020 season after Kenny Atkinson was let go, then went back to being assistant coach (with a raise) after the Nets hired Nash.

    All I can say is “good luck.” This team that was supposed to be a title contender has crashed and burned spectacularly. Trying to win with the so-called Big Three of Durant, Simmons and Kyrie was always going to be a recipe for disaster due to the egos involved…and that doesn’t even include Kyrie’s bizarre off-court behavior.

    To make things even worse, the buzz is that the Nets’ next coach will be Ime Udoka, recently suspended as Celtics coach for what was called an “improper” relationship with a female Celtics staff member.

    Meanwhile, once again Jacque, ever the good Company Man, won’t get a realistic shot at the job full time.

    If Jacque can do anything with this mess and even come close to turning things around, he needs to jump off the sinking ship and go to a team that doesn’t take him for granted.

  • Durant wants out. Kyrie is causing distractions. Simmons is broken. And basically the entire bench is off to a poor start.

    I’d probably start by moving KD and see what you can get in return before deciding what to do next. In theory, they need to get Simmons back to his 16 ppg and then see if they can trade him. Right now he’s worth a box of saltines.

  • The Nets never should have brought in Simmons. Simmons has lost complete confidence in his shot, but still wants to play on the perimeter. If he were a rim running 4, he would be playable, but he doesn’t want to play the 4, so he’s ineffective. He could be Draymond Green plus, but he wants to be a star that can’t shoot.

    They have to blow this whole thing up. Durant traded. Irving traded, Simmons traded. Tear it down to the studs and start over.

  • Looks more and more like Udoka for the nets

  • @Kubie said in Jacque:

    Looks more and more like Udoka for the nets


  • @Jethro said in Jacque:


    Well, it is the Nets…so not really.

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